Reviews for Nightfall
Baahubali321 chapter 6 . 9/5
rlly like the idea of naruto training the sound 4 to become a team. also like the relationship between orochimaru and naruto. also excited that naruto got the snake contract. plz update this fic cuz its rlly good:)
renextronex chapter 6 . 8/26
I love the dynamic you have between Sasuke and Naruto, don't think I've seen it before
Guest chapter 6 . 8/13
pedrofdiniz chapter 6 . 8/1
amazijg story, truly a masterpiece
nater0730 chapter 6 . 7/29
Perfect work
Tobi chapter 6 . 7/26
This story is amazing and I hope you don't abandon it
Guest chapter 6 . 7/22
Bruh pls update
camilaflordeloto chapter 6 . 7/18
This is interesting and I need more. I'll be waiting patiently for the next update :)
camilaflordeloto chapter 2 . 7/17
Wait, but really. How was Kimimaro's clan killed/massacred?!
copet chapter 6 . 7/4
Interesting chapter. I like this progression with Naruto learning to teach a team to be better actively. Also, with the teachings of Orochimaru one can hardly know what other changes will come to Naruto. And it really builds expectation of what Itachi must think of his own actions after all is said and done. Have a nice day!
Joker Army chapter 6 . 7/1
This and the stories prequel are both amazing. I’ve binged through them the last 3 days and damn. You’ve succcessfully crafted a unique story, with characters who are unique from their originals and a brand new idea that’s actually well written and readable. I’m hooked wanting more. Hope u update soon
Arrexu chapter 1 . 6/22
will this be updated?
Arrexu chapter 1 . 6/22
will this be updated?
Bakuto Masaki chapter 6 . 6/9
Can't help but feel a Vader and Palpatine relationship between Naruto amd Orochimaru. Though, maybe Palpatine and Plagieus be a better comparison.
Polina Ustinova chapter 6 . 6/1
Wow, this story ir really cool. I'm waiting for the sequel :)
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