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SendMeSpam chapter 6 . 3/19/2021
Just binge read Patriot's Dawn and this. Excellent work as always. Thank you for sharing it with us :)
AG732 chapter 1 . 3/14/2021
AG732 chapter 6 . 3/14/2021
it would be dope if the next chapter had a time slip
Nofacedgamer chapter 6 . 3/11/2021
cant wait for more of this awesome story
Guest chapter 6 . 3/10/2021
I really do hope you come back and finish, your work is amazing.
Cal Poly chapter 6 . 3/9/2021
Blasted through the prequel and this story in a few days. Came from hurricane suite because your writing is just so good. Can't wait for an update and hope you're doing well!
KenHz chapter 6 . 3/7/2021
Man, I started reading Patriot's Dawn because it was complete and here we are now. The moment Asuma was decapitated, I was hooked on this story. Your writing has gotten better as the story's progressed. The fights were always well written but now they are easier to follow. The plot borrows from a few tropes that are popular, but the execution has been completely original. Most writers would've sped through everything to get to the defection as soon as possible and the story would've been worse for it. A huge fan of the way the action follows Naruto primarily; who wants to read Garaa crushing Lee for the 500th time anyway? I only wish updates were more consistent. After finishing this thing in a couple of days I feel like a hostage.
suryamgangwal63 chapter 6 . 3/7/2021
Any news on the update
Guest chapter 6 . 3/6/2021
Thank for the chapter, will there be a time skip?
StressedByAMountainofBooks chapter 6 . 3/4/2021
It's my first review for this story so i will start by saying that you have a nice writing style, the story is original as it can be and that awesome,the story go on the event not to slow no to quickly either.
For this chapter i would like to say that he did contain logic in the writting, it's hard to judge more than this because each chapter is nice but feel like we need more x) for example, the team work naruto will have to do is a good idea, having sasuke apart on Orochimaru idea also nice but to really be pertinent i need more of this story and once again it's amazing so please continue. Life can be hard and stressfull but if you ever find time and motivation to continue it me up xD !
Guest chapter 5 . 2/28/2021
Ino should know that naivety is what defines Naruto. If you are not naive, you will not understand what happens to him or who he is.

Omg, I really wanna see her face, when she notices that she hasn't believed in him. That he was more or less innocent all this time... I want Ino to really feel that burn man!

Anyway, great work here. I will always prefer Naruto with the toads, but I like this more than some fox contract lol. It's a interesting concept, but hope you will move forward soon. The training is getting a bit tedious.

Also, I love how you wrote Minato before! Just so epic! Great job! Keep it up!
SMFox1987 chapter 6 . 2/21/2021
Loved the chapter. Glad to see movement.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/20/2021
I love how alive this story feels
Promistor chapter 1 . 2/15/2021
Heh. Apologies. Was writing the review and accidently pressed the post button without finishing. Thus, let me continue my review on this one.

As my previously mentioned on my previous review, your characterizations were exactly on point. Characters like Asuma, the Third, and Orochimaru being perfect examples. Seriously, I praise you for the well-done job of characterizing Orochimaru. Over the many fics that I have read, people usually just portray him as an insane scientist (sometimes even a pedophile) who wants immortality. They never give him any more depth than THAT or just see him as 'the man who attacked Konoha, killed the Third, and is a Sannin'. Rarely do I see an author such as you who ACTUALLY tries to show his thoughts and portray him as the complex individual that Oro actually is. Your outlook on him makes this story even more ORIGINAL and unique. Its a breath of fresh air. Oh. And your Kabuto and Sasuke as well.

Now, on other things that I mentioned on my previous review, your originality while following the canon timeline is lovely. Having no fear of killing off characters when necessary to further your own plot is an unprecedented, but not unpleasant surprise. In fact, it make this fic EVEN more unique! Seriously, you are amazing and I cannot say enough to express my admiration through just this simple review.

One thing that I want to highlight is that I really, and I mean REALLY, like this 'Naruto training under Orochimaru' Arc. It seriously gives me an exhilerating feeling due to its uniqueness. Never have I seen something similar (or at least not as detailed in the descriptions as you have done). Naruto beginning to see Oro's POV on why he cut loyalties with Konoha. Oro giving his wisdom along with being ruthless with Naruto's training. And lastly, which truthfully, was my favorite part so far in this fic was the Ryuchi Cave scene. I had never seen it before being written in detail, or if ever, in a fanfic and it was just AMAZING. The fact that you made Naruto a snake summoner as well was just the cherry on top (I swear, that part where he signed on the scroll was the most enjoyable, I honestly fanboyed HARD on that scene). Another great part: Oro telling Naruto NOT to try senjutsu just yet because he cares about Naruto in his own twisted way.

Overall, with how the prologue portrayed this snake-summoning Naruto, you have caught my undivided attention, my dear author. Though you make wonder what you will do with Sasuke's plan on killing Oro after the time for Oro to take over Sasuke's body comes. As mentioned by others, right now its pretty clear Naruto WOULD support Sasuke in killing Oro. However, even now we are seeing glimpses of Naruto beginning to warm-up to Orochimaru and even go as far as to feel SATISFACTION at gaining Oro's approval (as seen while he trained with Oro and felt a momentarily sense of happiness when Oro looked at him with pride). 2 and a half years is such a looooooooong time for allegiances to change, wouldn't you agree?

Last thing, on the subject of romance. Well, I didn't mind the NaruIno that you showed throughout your fics. Even though it was a bit lackluster on the side that it all began with a crush (Heh. Doesn't really make it a reason to dislike), the pairing still made sense in a way. However, to be honest with ya, I feel like it would be better if Naruto didn't have too much focus on the relationship (exactly as you have been doing so far in Nighfall). The focus of the plot on him trying to survive against OP ninjas doesn't really give time for him to be in one. Though if you want to include it, be my guest. My only hope is that this pairing wouldn't end up with the classic 'Boy meets boy/girl. Boy/girl convince Boy to go back to the 'good' side'. THAT, would honestly be cliche. Though you do you author, I'll be happy with what you do either way, after all, this fanfic, both Nightfall and Patriot's Dawn, have been a hell of a ride so far. And I'm confident that this masterpiece of yours will continue to be so no matter where you take it. Pairing or not. This is YOUR take on the Narutoverse, and I'm here to stay. Excited for the next chapter. Ciao

Promistor chapter 1 . 2/15/2021
Dear author,
You have left me breathless. This work of yours, Nightfall and its prequel Patriot's Dawn, have been some of the greatest fanfics I have ever read. And let me tell you, I have read a lot (more than 30). I would even consider these works a masterpiece. Here is why:

One can easily see how well-thought out both of your fics have been so far. Every chapter had something new to bring to the reader, always keeping us entertained. There is NO cliches as far as I have seen. Even though the story follows canon with events such as the Wave Arc, the Chunin Exams Arc, etc; you are able to give each of them your own twist and making them completely original and unexpected. Each of the characters you wrote of, such as Asuma, the 3rd Hokage, and Orochimaru (ESPECIALLY Orochimaru), seemed to be exactly on point with their characterizations. Asuma with his Father-Son troubles with the Third. The Third with trying to be a pillar to Naruto while showing his emotions and thoughts regarding him and others such as Asuma (making him more relateable to us readers instead of making us look at him as just 'the wise foolish old man who allowed Naruto's childhood to suck' look In fact, you even mentioned on Patriot's Dawn that your ending of Naruto ending with Orochimaru HAD already been planned.
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