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sugoijack9 chapter 34 . 5/11/2023
I'm liking more and more of this fanfic.
Guest chapter 86 . 3/14/2023
When is next chapter?
Guest chapter 1 . 1/18/2023
No me termina de gustar esta historia, creo que en lugar de lo que escribiste aquí lo que debería haber es más historias como Halo Mass Effect trials and Tribulations o Divergent Pasts, no ESTO
guestinator chapter 55 . 12/23/2022
Other issue is how Saren when he transformed had undergone cybernetic enhancements by Sovereign beforehand. So either the combined UNSC and Citadel can't find cybernetics in a possible POW they have locked down to a medical bed in a medical bay...

Or these Reapers can magically convert nothing but energy into this, when they very clearly never could in canon. So yet another power hike for them.
guestinator chapter 53 . 12/23/2022
Really hyping of the Reapers. Too much here I think, we have seen Edi take on Reaper controlled ships and win. We have seen once AI themselves Geth revolt and attack the Reapers.

We have also never once seen a Reaper do what this one did here from a single small artifact. Even full sized we never saw them do this in canon.

All in all you seem to have given them a massive power spike, meaning ME normal would have been steam rolled by them easily. Sovereign would have won it himself within a day if just a small fragment could do this.

In the end at this point of reader? Halo side a slight to mild nerf, ME side a jump in power and capabilities.
naotw chapter 86 . 12/20/2022
" pur files.." sod breaking that they'd be in her ship.

"ONI was planning to.." halsey was a large part of that, which he, the genius soldier, conveniently forgets and fails to discern.

" fire of hope..fight against tyranny..." too naive as a leader.

" lost cause.." holds most population and industry. And he's only confirmed 2 of the over 5 different national factions.

" deprive ONI of fuel.." ONI has the facilities, not them. They'd run out first before they destroy enough transports.

"..tactical nuke.." under 10 kilotons only possible if the round is dropped vertically. It'd still wipe out cities.

" dangerous line...human beings..." emergency governing powers were a thing they had and evidently misused, directly and otherwise. NO ONE in that room deserves to make such choices and they're all smart enough to know it.

" cabinet..constitution.." assigned teams would do so not just him. Too many nuances.

" reduce the power...bureaucracy, checks.." main UEG issue was the senate's slow politics and CMA freedom.

Good note on Turians. Good story overall.
naotw chapter 84 . 12/20/2022
Hood's actions are rather idiotic. He incited all of human space into civil war without finding out if ONI acted first on any other planet. Poorly handled outcome; why would Strauss believe Hood's data? Why did ONI use the VERY expensive and time consuming probe launcher over building its own comm buoy network, that you alluded to when you first introduced them? They have the ships and it's cheaper and efficient. Just too much leading without enough supporting reason.

Good showing for Nazara. Disturbing implications in its indoctrination. Hope Onyx's sentinels have subroutines to track it should it escape.
naotw chapter 83 . 12/20/2022
Good sequence and flow. Reaper looks about to escape if it triggered the aggresssors
naotw chapter 81 . 12/20/2022
"..from a subversive.." too much asskissing. He'd note that they aren't trained for indirect wetwork.

"..racist.." speciesist.

"...Far Isle...two kilometres...dreams..kicked..." suspense was largely lost with her repeated irrationalities but good enough.

Good pace. Nice horror, though dubious that the reaper would have only a door lock keeping it in contained.
naotw chapter 80 . 12/20/2022
" kill every.." most of their code only applies to asari jurisdictions. Beyond it, they acknowledge other governments' authorities. This is a sore point. A lot about justicars evidently glossed.

Good presentation of S2s.
naotw chapter 79 . 12/20/2022
Good chapter. Getting 40k horus heresy and founding vibes.
naotw chapter 78 . 12/20/2022
Prelate review; only experience determines what can happen in nature. And nature is virtually limitless in what it can enable.
Disposable weapons; or just focus on EMP-modified or harder hitting rounds? You're forcing a lot of logistical and governing changes when easier alternatives are present. From entire ship redesigns, to gun mechanics, to the geopolitical changes that Orlenda's making, etc. It's been less than 3 years since the coalition started.

How is whitcomb still on the Council with his demeanor and attitude? Why hasn't he been trialed or removed? Most of his showings so far are rather sod breaking as he's VERY obviously unstable.

Parangosky's apparent interest and focus in making the UNSC the most capable military also a sore point. Why exactly would she do that, it doesn't secure human survival, only pushes them towards and against the turians. And apparently every Coalition leader can very easily conclude and at times, preclude, that she's a basic bitch. Why would they even care about human internal affairs to that extent? Her talk with Tevos has little political expression. Mostly basic manipulation that any civilian can learn from psychology. Same for Tevos talk with Hood.

Orlenda choosing irrationally, reparations from an already crippled world, in civil war no less, over the likelihood of human extinction by the next year by Xytan is another sore point. At this point I only see likely indoctrination, like Whitcomb.

ONI has no section 5. Section 3 handles research.

" we all rights.." more irrationality.

"..reasonable.." it isn't due to how it started. He'd see that as much as he sees her malice.

" match ships with the Covenant.." didn't they get info that they're currently fighting non-combat oriented ships from Zhoist? Warships matching civilian-analogue ships? They can't just rise by about 40x effectiveness all over, going by Cole's first battle.

" stripped of weapons." Dubious that they'd even know what they look like or where they'd likely be.

Tevos being apparently the shadow ruler of the republics with just the broker's support alone, another sore point. Her alone vs every other matriach?
Aethyta's position is good and well supported though. Suppsoe it balances out.

"It's a bluff.." no basis, very unlikely. He didn't specify how many children would die. He can raze a few worlds. He's politically correct and that makes his threat more paramount.

" even our odds.." they know the execution fleets have some basis in reality. A few dozen ships does not even any odds.

" took the trade ship.." and no one else raised a fuss? When they have a joint research endeavour group?

" advice for.." reacted to a fact everyone should know about salarians by then.

No mid point in most interactions and comparisons. Switching between relative extremes; Turian overreach vs. Turian sop, UNSC oversight vs UNSC laxity. Others are good so far.
naotw chapter 61 . 11/25/2022
" before or after..." how does any government intel agency screw up this bad? That's a VERY big tell.

" well disposed towards..." idiot ball on using actual open ONI affiliates/members as local heads.

" a weakness..." not a weakness. They didn't check the code before activating? Idiot move. Moreso on halsey.

"Damn it..." odd of her not to expect such a move.

" discovered these.." replaced discretely? Are the buoys unprotected?

" rouge state.." not seeing why they're so keen on this. Being preventive would likely be enough. They already have the UNSC economically subdued, have the covenant backtracking and covenant tech samples to work on. Why would they care over who rules humanity(internal affairs) when they still have the most effective cards over it; resources, numbers, economy, industry? Stg yes, others why? Distance alone is a big limiter to ONI expansion and travel.

"Charum Hakkor..." translation?

Excellent history take. Very formative and logical. Especially monikers. Hope they find a monitor to clear things up.
naotw chapter 60 . 11/25/2022
" if we settle it with refugees..." you're really stretching the refugee crisis. In canon, it was mainly due to the rapid loss of worlds. Here, it's a stable-ish front. Plus all the already destroyed colonies, even at 5 billion refugees, 1 garden world is more than enough for all. Easier logistics to support occupation and growth into a self sufficient colony.

How far is the planet? Even with relays, schedules, piracy rates and distances may largely hinder effective logistics, which hinders everything else in turn.

" Infinity would..." how come they're still designing it? Why not narrow goal to species continuity, given its cost and present situation? Do the imports offset this enough to still be viable? If so, any changes or expansions?

" second Reach..." big exaggeration.

"twenty trillion..." how much value is in a credit? doesn't seem like much considering shepard's rough 4 billion cost.

" non-lethal.." rather naive to ask and near improbable given point in time, likely actions and goals involved.

"Far Isle..." dubious that it'd still be used as a reference given the near non-impact it had on the civil war. Plus likely a UNSC Officer corp training/recruitment issue over an ONI one.

" without the long term effects...prone to systemic corruption" near impossible given human nature and Murphy. All members there would know that main catalysts were no ftl comm. and CMA, both of which have been dealt with.

" excise the parts...rise of...weaken our ability..." open lie and no one's noticing it?

" corporate structures...colonial instability..." only for outer colonies. Inner colonies was mostly rebel sympathy and reaction to UNSC indiscrimination. Plus huge risk of spiralling to affect production given corporate sourced unsc equipment.

" and the UEG senate.." minority.

" indecision.." largely from not getting up to date info.

" repeat of before.." is whitcomb indoctrinated? Seems like it given his flawed opinions.

" megacorporations.." will definitely cripple production. Was a near constant exacerbated by CMA corruption and no ftl comm to update UEG.

"...firing squad...extrajudicial..." bit of a leap.

" senate of.." very presumptuous of them to discuss politics at the moment. Easier to postpone till after colony reclamation's complete.

" martial law so we.." UEG gave it governing powers, martial law's different.

" cliques form...pre-war political..." then you survive by talking or fighting, or both, as you have for the past 400 years. He's VERY vocal.

" left of the..." all senate members died? The bureaucrats and government agencies that went to UNSC control? Easily contestable.

" on their boards..majority stake..." too aggrsssive, no solid reason in wartime for it, backlash too large of a risk. Also easy to circumvent by boxing unsc sales as revenge and focusing on citadel markets.

" planetary governments do nothing..." in the largely UEG loyal and stable inner colonies?

" build cities...infrastructure..." he would know the objective differences. Same reason army engineers aren't in civilian work.

" substandard..." pissing off the military is something anyone with a good brain isn't likely to do, moreso as a business.

" political and corporate.." may work long term if they get turian advisors and sell it well to civilians; like rephrasing mentions of social restrictions. Would be more comparable to ancient humans ironically.

" new world the Turians..." movement of prominent people easily noticeable and preventable/adapted to. Also too close to front line to put high profile figures. Very obvious.

" colonize..." radiation issues. Infinity was meant as its own colony, not a colonizer.

"ONI would die..." likely has continuity backups in place.

" deals with..." very bold given internal affairs. Comes off as overly desperate. Overused at the moment.

" and philanthropic..." would likely start with turians. Salarian politics a noted factor, asari unlikely to interfere, unless large caveat and risk to them; internal affair.

" power base..." that'd take decades to make let alone exploit. Why not support and leverage on section 0? It's near depletion was partly how Parangosky got carte blanche. Section 1 also has navy overlaps he may tap with stg help as he focuses on 0.

Good pace.
naotw chapter 59 . 11/25/2022
" voice broke..." unlikely. Sorrowful tone and sad expression usually enough of a standard.

" at 20.00" which planet's time?

Good take on Roselynn.
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