Reviews for United we Stand
naotw chapter 58 . 11/23/2022
ONI came after the ueg not before.

Why would other agency names be wiped from history? Given their common reputations at the time, it'd be near possible and not worth doing for the sake of fearmongering alone.

" shadowy ruler" only postwar.

" small and insignificant..." citadel space is not just asari, slarians and turians. Past those 3, ONI largely lacks experience, which they would know and hence not have attempted their omega setup without first getting an actual picture of at least the politics in the region.

" how nobody had done so..." and not asking herself why? The SU likely already knew and had contingencies given their niche and how easy it was for shepard and liara to find kechlu, with the cerberus data. Broker survives majorly by proving to be more useful than detrimental to most of his clients.

" equal player" she's smart and practical, not delusional.

" promoted... to me" promoted for what outstanding act? Why get involved, after discovering possible intel leaks?

" compromised" only the citadel buoys. They are used to having no ftl comms. you know?

" crack our decryption..." happens commonly, among every intel agency. That's why the keys and schemes regularly change and update. It's standard.

" be challenging..." use a prowler as bus service? Much slower but still more secure.

" lowest possible.." nothing to compare to given 0 prior experience. Just settle for cash.

" grow our efforts.. pre-emptively...foreign intelligence..." most roles present, in different focuses, in sections 2 and 1 in overlaps.

" attempts to..." dead drop with a prowler? Entire terminus region to choose from.

" blocking...export..." the longterm economic results of the security council's long-winded speech on not caring about debt and tech exchanges.

" construction and..." why use people over automation?

" trainers... close quarters..." unlikely to yield useful results. Very different biologies that lead to different techniques. Against a stronger melee enemy, why not work to create and keep range. If they get close, why not make more powerful shotguns, as someone likely fucked up?

" low-level garrison..." aren't the turians already doing that effectively?

Why go for slaves over automation that presently exists?

Why would she explain her reasonings to mithras?

" human labor needed..." with present refugee concerns, most of those colonies being outposts or remote mining centres and the expected baby boom post war, that's impossible. 2 million can occupy 200 worlds in 20k batches.

" has agreed..." without investigation, deliberation or any form of consideration?

" five different time deal and..." most logical decision by far.

" dies in her sleep.." too obvious to any intel agency or military body.

" signed the kill order..." that can be accessed by another should its storage be compromised. An illegal, unofficial assassination, having a direct paperwork trail?

" disliked Halsey..." long rant without elaborating on why she dislikes her.

Why such a vested interest in Onyx? It borders obsession beyond her capacity.

This ONI is definitely Traviss. Sad that, and curious why you chose that depiction.
naotw chapter 57 . 11/23/2022
Broker introduction was rather pointless. Even as a statement. Why would he bother?

Aria setting ground rules just after highlights Broker rivalry more than her power. Why didn't she do so when they arrived? Another near pointless act.

Where is it said that Omega's eezo is the largest deposit? If it were, it'd be taken and owned by the Citadel, not left for Terminus factions.

Swinging along extremes here; at this point ONI members come off as idiotically irrational and the Broker an undisputed observer and procurer.

Why would a field station report directly to CINCONI? Why would they attempt to introduce AI with different and easily noticeable digital architectures into foreign systems? Why are they expecting to find government dirt on backwaters and public sites? Why would they go through the extra steps of giving up the prisoners to Collectors over shooting them and torching? Or dropping their bodies near a star? Or any other more credible and logical means? To attain a near unattainable goal? Citadel species not trading corpses for collector technology implies a lot against ONI doing it, minus their dispositions.

Why would the Broker highlight himself so openly over simply proxying himself as a very ludicrous client? A single intel drop would be more than enough to intice ONI and he has more than enough muscle to use when it inevitably tries to strike at him.

"...control over AI..." what about the morning war highlighted that as an actual solution? Geth evolution was a near fluke due to adaptive networking. Quarian attempts to control them led to their fall.

"...without Rampancy..." what threat? The override commands would still be present and other security AI would still be present to act if needed.

"..banning of all..." did he just read an extranet article/blog on the morning war? Sounds like it if this is his opinion.

"self-determinate..." Only rampancy or overrides would make them go past restrictive codes.

"AI uprising.." what for? Risk all of humanity to perpetuate a presently weak opinion?

This ONI's more Traviss than Nylund, with the near crack it implies. Reasoning and perspectives almost completely discarded to emphasize "ONI bad".
naotw chapter 54 . 11/20/2022
how did Kirrahe get the clearance to use the engine room monitor for the copying, given standard procedure and the system changes being made? Dubious that he was granted system access.

Ha! Elite reaper's a tech priest.

"bat the projectile" why did it wait for him to arm and throw it? Why didn't it use its guns to detonate it? plot armor showing.

"no heavy weapons..." the pelicans.

"ripping the chaingun..." or he could get in the cockpit, or more likely have someone else do it, and fire it from there?
naotw chapter 53 . 11/20/2022
the arc's big brother and slipspace-exploiting reapers.

Great chapter. Nice seeing the reapers making actual use of their age.
naotw chapter 52 . 11/20/2022
Well done.
Looks like the warp has been breached.
naotw chapter 47 . 11/13/2022
" powered armor" not seeing much use beyond mounting the artillery on its back.

" each of its arms..." how is it moving then? If strapped to joints, how can they be accurate?

"SUCK ON THIS" hope it's a translation.

Great elcor showing.
naotw chapter 45 . 11/13/2022
"eight light years away..." and they weren't detected?

"forty ships..." understrength or? An expeditionary fleet that small against every retreating covenant ship has an obvious outcome given that they'd be singled out first.

"escorting the ship..." one hell of a way to know how utterly screwed they are and how important the war has been to the covenant so far.

"take down its shields..." too optimistic. Simple scaling from a CAS strongly hints otherwise. Plus unlikely that the Punic's MACs have the exact same specs as Reach's; yield, fire rate. Why not use one of the automated citadel frigates or drone fighters as an ftl ram? That should be more than enough to kill its shields. Maybe another to follow for its armor.

"most of our theatre forces..." then he remembered that it's against 1 ship, and that there are more.

"upto 15,000 ships without..." how many do they have in their space? Looks like they're strip mining systems or PMCs are getting rich.

"every dirty trick in the..." quite a surprise no one's thought of an ftl ram, or modifying an upscaled warp bomb.

"best point defense..." arguable. They go for effective short term gains. PD easier to overheat in same time as others, even with range boost.

"during the Rachni Wars.." largely by Krogan.

"orbital assault is doomed..." slip in the best specops units from out system for sabotage (commandos, headhunters, spectres, stg); ME shuttles can ftl. Why the full ground assault with predicted near full losses when only specops strike units usually work with such risks?

"find out about..." an informationally and strategically effective covenant. Damn that's scary.

"additional patrols...flotilla" not any specialized anti-stealth units seeing the relations?

"should erupt." or level out and sink the above ground into the hollow, if present. Pressure draw may be artificial.

"using prowlers on loan from..." a stretch without an exchange.

"cause fissile materials to..." drop is still a system-wide ping from blueshift. Main issue with that was in warhead shielding.

"nothing that will..." stillsurprised that no one's thought of using eezo ftl to ram a 10kg piece of metal and thrusters at it.

"focus in engaging the..." should focus on the CSO. 4 Punics won't be enough. They don't yet know this, that's gonna be a loss.

"suicide drones...high speed and laden with..." not different to mounting those on missile bodies. Still get shot down easily. Why not ram a fighter at ftl?

"cover for..." and the anti-orbital guns won't respond against them?

"allowed to operate..." or stagger retreats with constant hit and runs to force them to slowly advance as they redeploy forces to respond? Unless it travels as one fleet.

"vindication..." first sighting was retconned to 2554.

nice note at the end.
Guest chapter 41 . 11/11/2022
" shelling" implies solid projectiles.

" shut down for a few minutes to..." backup systems and redundancies exist for exactly this reason.

" adapting to...was chilling" largely shows pride and underestimation by coalition forces. Why wouldn't they adapt to fight better and survive?

" plasma in artillery.." standard tactics. Why did they underestimate them to this extent?

" were rare" with how many times they've been mentioned, from Ghent to here? They're standard MO.

" encrypting the.." military data wasn't encrypted? Or is it past access points.

" our heatbeats..." not immediately wipe it or secure/ensure backups remain?

" instantly wipe..." Wouldn't be instant.

" couldn't see.. " doubt that the helmets are screens over being tinted.

" secondary command post" they really need to rethink their ground command structure if this is the norm.
naotw chapter 44 . 11/12/2022
Great battle showings.

How's UNSC Bnet faring? Any worse?
B312 chapter 63 . 11/11/2022
Ultimately it’s never made sense to keep Kurt as a Commander or Leader of the Spartans given his lack of experience with him having gone missing pretty early on. He’s better suited as Mendez, there was never anything done by him that signified him ever actually learning military tactics or logistics and it certainly shows. Even John unfortunately fails to be there. At that level at least. But he’s far more familiar with the Covenant and their tactics then Kurt, that’s for damn sure
Guest chapter 35 . 11/9/2022
" reak", real.

" against EMP" dedicated weapons are very hard to counter. Effectiveness likely on vital systems only.

"Palavan News..." too human.

" cover was an excellent one". Maintaining's the issue mostly.

" couldn't keep strong liquor down" mission handler was incompetent when choosing field agents.

" impregnate the locals" quite the dumbass.

"Parangosky herself" more than unlikely, they're foot soldiers.

" move to Omega..." then don't start with Omega. Too obvious guests.

Redundant plans and alternative steps absent, the knockup, observable signal at door, thinking that government dirt will be easily found in public networks, and no AI to alleviate the analyst's job. Faulty.

" sheer demand for labor" automation?

" soaring in price... ." Mainly those in mercenary and industrial sectors would largely benefit. Servants are a service.

" sheer amount..." are they stockpiling? If not, they'd have an excess of everything.

" have doubled.." without civil concerns?

"Commando recruitment..." unlikely. More plausible for huntresses. Too long a time to train, think of it, then act on it, even out of hype.

" test flights next month..." too fast. Theory, safety inspection, generators, terrain mapping, gravity, static buildup, etc.

" twenty years..." closer to 5 with present descriptions, unless inaccurate.

" no longer produce" not covering why they can't, which was largely time.

" are in using an eezo core to..." in every eezo vehicle.

" hovertank variant..." massive redesign needed plus support logistics to reconfigure(pelicans, albatross, etc) a lot in wartime.

" incredible yield..." key is power systems not MAC.

" double the firepower..." at what cost in eezo given the multi-hundred ton rounds?

" either a much more powerful shot." Or what?

" enable MAC's with smaller shells" not a factor. Magnetic saturation most likely reason for present masses. Reducing it would reduce coil efficiency.

" rapid-fire" semantic. Listed factors don't affect yield or consider power supply.

" double the fire rate" for which class? Largely a downgrade compared to dreadnought guns.

" evenly matched.." presumptuous. Doesn't know how much the modifications affect yield.

" strongest barriers" unlikely at cruiser size. Have to top the Ascension.

" workable proposition" not without propulsion considerations and effectiveness measuring against covenant weapons. Would work giving frigates cruiser level armor but how much would their maneuverability drop in effect?

" interested in this..." unlikely, works same role as barriers but with added mass. Eezo considerations to make.

" four anti-proton.." only beneficial to Hierarchy. UNSC has no industrial scale AM production.

" both a Slipspace and.." eezo would need static protection to maintain ME field generation/lack of it, during a jump.

" core of the superstructure..." unlikely given how hard it would be to mould. Expensive too. Was layered over superstructure due to its toughness in canon.

" ultraviolet..much longer..." how much?

" nuclear..." mostly redundant to antimatter warheads.

"Disruptor Torpedo..." what made them design them?

" drone-fighters" arguable need.

" dreadnoughts no longer..." entire ME doctrine of speed and time over firepower's the issue.

" hunt down and destroy..." too wasteful for economic viability. Key to that was disruptors, not fighters.

" ram the covenant ship and...a nuclear warhead..." not much different from launching the warhead.

" all frigates remote-controlled" impractical. Frigates used for more than frontline work and make up a significant part of ME militaries. Local hotspots are also factors. Years to modify against economics, more to begin implementing and supplementing for other roles. Software subversion commonly effective on most systems. Seem to have a drone fetish.

" raised an eyebrow.." obvious that he'd prefer UNSC rule.

" millenia of.." little over 1200 years.

"I will ask..." not seeing him back down as easily given character, likely groundwork already started and his general preference.

" week ago" rapid tech progression here. Too much, theory barely had time to be fully taught.

" no ability to connect..." affects coordination. Detection systems can connect with little to no modification. Relegates them to VI work, making them redundant.

"Charum hakkor" how was it translated?

Good chapter, decision logic an issue though.
naotw chapter 43 . 11/11/2022
Another great chapter. Nice mesh.
naotw chapter 42 . 11/11/2022
Excellent. Hope Xar survives past war's end.
naotw chapter 40 . 11/11/2022
" the name of..." their oaths tie them to asari space and society. How and why does she have this view?

"going to war...aid the.." how did such views manifest? The war isn't directly affecting asari society.

"accept their aid,..." I imagine friendly casualties are a concern among them.

Nice portrayal of Samara.

"at first privately dismissed..." unlikely. Control over gravity an obvious edge.
naotw chapter 39 . 11/10/2022
"re-entry plasma.." damn they're strong.

"eleven thousand...drove the Covenant ships.." what covenant forces were they? If Thel's they'd be mostly ineffective.

"universally equipped.." in under a year, plus training?

"gross numerical superiority.." or hailmary plans or balls of steel against plasma hits.

drones in ME aren't only for surveillance.

"compromise battlefield effectiveness..." why not use commandos, with army support, then? Simple enough without large changes, except if UNSC black ops. Any SPI cloaking improvements?

"life-or-death struggle..." against 1 ME flotilla?

"slammed into the shield..." what's the point of having them just for that when they could make more powerful guns or kkvs for the same and relegate frigates to patrol and protection in their own space? Quite a waste.

"warping the MAC's barrel..." use the 2nd barrel?

"asari from before..." fully suited pre-vacuum?

"indistinguishable from crashing..." depth?

"centuries to..." until they find the halos, or unlock their ftl drives' full capabilities when pushed hard to adapt. Quite the leap, given her likely age and what John just said of their adaptations.

"against the rachni and the krogan" losing for less than a century, then Krogan got involved and it became slow and steady attrition for the next 2. Rebellion officially began with spectres, and ended 10 years after with genophage. Then became pirate actions. Where did the "we have good experience in fighting large, defensive, devastating, horrible, centuries-long wars" exaggeration come from?

"Justicar Samara..." Aren't justicars specialized(VERY) internal police equivalents? Not seeing much that'd convince any of them to get involved in other species' affairs.

Good depictions. Concerns on reasonings.
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