Reviews for United we Stand
naotw chapter 38 . 11/10/2022
"to Zhoist." damn.

" lances...great taboo...gutted and fed..." great portrayal.

"Get what I'm saying?" too human.

"to Faber, blessed..." laughed my ass of.

"make up for it when.."ominous.
naotw chapter 37 . 11/10/2022
"deflect the impact of a plasma torpedo" from what ship class? Above frigates, not possible.

"a number of Turians, as well as..." moncton ODPs? Likely.

"UNSC assets in orbit..." didn't the main strategy outline Citadel forces on permanent, patrol and FRF stations along the border and UNSC forces as emergency responders? Were those ships there pre-alliance or after?

"before the fleet in orbit moved into position..." or fire at the silos with ships like they usually did against hard ground targets and deterrents?

"40% of the fleet" 90 or so ships against 22 superior ones plus a DDS, and he went for it?

"random directions..." near suicide in the situation given how eezo drives work.

"whatever judgement...might not have learned of this new threat." first mistake was not alerting other border units to the attack, before redeploying, in case of near OCPs like that.

"tactical acumen..." Cole meet Thel.

great chapter. Good logic.
naotw chapter 36 . 11/9/2022
Another great expo.

Covenant chapters seem better and more logically driven than UNSC-Council ones, moreso on importamt decisions. Hope this balances out.
Guest chapter 32 . 11/7/2022
" at the "turian"..." dubious that he'd be in attendance for the initial debrief.

" as covenant stowaways.." who was dumb enough to program it that way; all non-huamn lifeforms being covenant, in ONI?

" not up for debate...annoyance." good tone.

" your worlds...refuse to...We will...expect you..." largely did all that willingly for mainly obvious political reasons. Seems odd that he'd disregard their own views and understandings. Implies temperamental warrior species.

" most powerful..." that they'd obviously know means nothing in relation to Fedorian and the Hierarcy's size. Too pointed.

" as liaisons" wasn't this touched on already with Cole?

" full access" too vague to be accepted. A lot of reach in those words.

" fight for our homes and..." rather obvious reasons to withdraw, Hood comes out a bit as emotionally compromised. Why not have UNSC liaisons with deployed citadel forces if still suspicious?

" way our FTL..." due to doctrinal preferences and existing maneuverability limits. Liveships(300 yrs old) are larger than dreadnoughts. Why build a 3km long warship? What would it fight or do? Plus eezo relation to volume/mass in general.

" able to provide..." UNSC switched to frigate and destroyer focus in the war as numbers are more flexible than individual effectiveness in attrition. Few supercapitals present(below 200). Unlikely that they'd change focus when eezo favors smaller ships.

" snapped at..." as a shrewd politician, she's unlikely to openly show division and hostility like so. Plus, he only suggested, didn't agree.

" ...will be good enough.." didn't even discuss the study of the buoys in any manner. Unlikely to outright reject given advantages. ONI still isn't Traviss level at this moment.

" citadel freighters handle..." largely no. They'd have to land on unsc industrial centers for pickups. Plus space, material considerations and modifications to make. Many projected risks and changes. Easier to do it themselves.

" sit in with us during..." didn't the omnitool and info package prove holography isn't new to them? They only need the buoys.

" concessions.." turning off mid way largely shows either arrogance or ignorance. It's not an advantage otherwise shepard wouldn't have the option in ME1.

" modified for human use..." why not sell asari models. Modifying other species' equipment is mostly unnecessary work plus it gives the republics a valid reason to attempt to monopolize future trade. Unlikely that Benezia would have skipped this.
Plus that equipment is needed for their own forces. Hundred million plus more troops to equip is not achievable in a few weeks unless they really pre-planned for it.

" and armor we supply.." still no talk about actual eezo trade. They don't even know how to maintain that equipment. Retraining will take weeks to months.

"..Charet.." was elected in 2553.

" temporary housing" inner colonies weren't as overpopulated as implied. Issue was little time to adjust and food.

" sound important " they're all smart enough to know it is. Milan was fought for food.

" food imports" wasn't covered in 1st meeting? Trillions is collective: all citadel species. Turians alone range from tens to hundreds of billions, depending on references used.

" joint training center" situation isn't stable enough to allow it at the moment. From economies to trust to equipment compatibilities, etc.

" a movie..." likely a promotional ad instead. Movie too pre-emptive.

" set up a relay station.. " or just another buoy to act as a relay.

" relay station in a..." likely contested if outside unsc space.

" navigation data" unlikely, too early. caveat addition when buoy issue was already solved.

" wasn't sure why" unlikely to not understand given turian and human opinions on each other just post contact in ME.

" were tape..." largely practical xenophobia.

" energy shields..." too bold and easy to disprove.

" two UNSC frigates" paints an aggressive picture given the shuttle's likely size.
naotw chapter 34 . 11/8/2022
" losing face" human idiom.

Great expo on the covenant.
naotw chapter 33 . 11/7/2022
" the navy..." and who will manage production?

"Marines and UNSC Army as a core...doubling our armed forces.." won't do much without proportional navy and specops increase.

" new positions in rebuilding..." if it were that easy it'd have likely been considered in canon.

" moved the researchers..." ensure their work goes on uninterrupted no matter what happens in unsc space? Shrewd, nice touch if that was a reason.

" ceramic plates..." not the now redundant titanium ones?

" glancing hits" unless meters away, unlikely.

" every last credit.." they adjusted economies already? Why are they doing it then? A million sets for marines that'll likely never see offensive action in a long while, until the navy's upgraded. Economic factors wouldn't be mishandled this much.

" and Salarian" chest cavities, legs and spines. Just asari currently. Quarians have more in common than them.

" bad armor" and how was that conclusion reached?

" our standards" mostly shows arrogance and ignorance. Wouldn't they already know that most ME hardsuits are above their armors?

" we way", "pay"

" kind of fabric" undersuit. The armor's layered over it.

" powered armor" not every hardsuit is power armor. Only soldier class has it. Questionable effectiveness given likely power duration.

" design principles" surprisingly compatible. Light armor and ergonomic considerations as a start.

" from the ground up with..." good addition but R and D on such would likely take months to get solid data then more to adapt it. Nice to see odsts getting some attention.

" kinetic barriers" halsey would likely deny given likely progress on energy shields(a lot of work she's unlikely to pause). Or make them into mission kits.

" beneath the refractive..." near suicide. Meant to boil off under high heat. May stay as slag and slowly melt titanium plates. Why not add the refractive layer on the ceramic, then layer that over titanium frames for other armors? Mjolnir is too complex to make big changes on at the moment.

"Spartan Laser" good niche.

" must be shared.." by both? Unlikely with SU general operation modes and secrecy.

" without a logistical footprint" bit arguable due to thermal clips, though omnitools compensate somewhat for local supplies.

" feedstock" the ammo is metal. Omnigel properties need to be considered for effective application(how it can work with what they have, if it can).

" ninety percent" only if they implement it branch wide. Infantry alone won't cut that much from ground logistics. Power's also always been a concern in UNSC EM guns.

" surplus weapons and..." basic economics. Not setting limits was a dumb flaw.

" surplus we'll create" tell the citadel you'll be importing less and that they should send less? Use for research(sample availability is usually a large limiter in this)? Cold storage for future planning and choices? A number of options.

"Singularity projectors" wasn't the blackstorm an SA gun? Made cause a researcher wanted tech-made biotics? What reason did they have for making it here, when biotics aren't widely embraced?

" within five years" still haven't secured anything relating to eezo contracts. How will they make any of that without it?

" replace the Scorpion" didn't due to transport logistics issues. Army liked it, Marines did but couldn't carry them easily.

"AC-220" unless it can really counter scarabs, not seeing benefits, given large crew and weapons.

" many tactical..." one of the DC77 pelican variants is a gunship. Needs more purpose.

"Danford" danforth.

" restore our fleets" been doing that. They just kept getting wiped out before the next batch came out.

" turned engines and left" unlikely. Most are too honour bound(elites)/fanatic/excessively prideful. The LNoS over Reach was a solo effort to scout then brag about it later on.

" break off..." assumes that they can do so, and that they can outrun or hide from them.

" supply convoys" after the unsc got lucky and destroyed one of their logistics groups with a prowler they reinforced them and kept them behind their lines. Nearly never in the same system as the one being contested. Part reason why hierophant was so close to earth.

" single heavy..." good note with ftl comm now. Risky for traps or feigns though. Upto 2000 ships in 1 place.

" excellent target for..." bunching up significantly increased p.d. effectiveness. They could also rush the unsc ships as they usually did, despite resistance. And they aren't slow enough to be logs in space when outflanked.

" could even escalate" definitely a minus for all if they get serious about or focus on it.

" under command of..." 3rd fleet.

" finance our fleet expansion..." Wouldn't do so, and for what reason specifically? Adding ships was what they were already doing. They'd still die to 1 or more hits.

"UEG corporations..." more reason to review overreliance. They have time. They're acting too desperate; economic bankruptcy and holdouts alone usually warning enough.

Most caveats involve allowing unsc exports in exchange for direct citadel access to corporates. Very obvious economic subsuming(UEG/UNSC too small to be effectual in citadel markets unless they push themselves like the SA did).

" worth enough credits" they haven't done a market analysis of what they can actually profit from in that, or even gotten maps of minable areas. Where did that come from?

" regulated customs..." appeasement move.

" extremely attractive market" for the first few months/years before hype dies down and tech is reverse engineered. Then they'd fall hard.

" don't need to indept..." already indebted with the credit mismanagement and overspending.

" titanium supplies thin" very false. Reach has been the main producer for over 100 years without worries of sustainability. Asteroid belts, etc also have a LOT of material.

" re-establish our..." and recklessly rushing to do that leads to more problems.

" we will need cruisers,.. " or just rethink existing doctrines seeing how much they've changed already. towed MACs? More nucs? A number of options.

" raise qualms about - debt?" Very different environments and present factors. They just want many large, shiny, new toys with how they're justifying themselves.

" ingot of titanium.." just be friendly with the elcor.

Good chapter.
UNSC diplomacy and rarionalities are flawed slightly beyond what their war experience would usually allow. Too naive for them.
naotw chapter 31 . 11/6/2022
" came up with the idea..." too basic to not easily see through. Too simple of a solution to be a big problem.

"..while thinking they did it for.." nothing unique. Did their info package not mention asari as excellent diplomats?

"Aethyta" unlikely to be the first option given her dislike and history with other matriarchs.

" but understandable " too clear cut and general to be practical. He's unprepared, whereas she isn't. Basic history wasn't covered in the briefs?

" or at least crippled..." unlikely due to S2 deployments.

" slammed moons" asteroids. Moon is too vague to define sizewise.

" hesitantly " the Tuchanka failsafe bomb implies much that contradicts this. Plus the sudden use of the genophage without informing the other species.

" thousand Genophages .." why was he picked as the point of contact without a diplomatic advisor present? character is spot on but just makes it obvious why he'd not be chosen.
naotw chapter 30 . 11/6/2022
"UNSC fusion reactor" more likely civilian grade, not military. UNSC reactors can also do helium fusion likely as a stepup, from warfleet.

" production of antimatter" not eezo reliant. Done by solar harvesting near stars.

" No. I've looked it over..." without actually examining the physical parts? She's relying on a digital blueprint, not planning on how to scan each buoy before launching?

" wanted one...even more." only notable difference would be holography and haptics. Seems forced, given her practicalities.

" establishing the network.." quite a boon.

" list of colonies..." unimportant/fully glassed/having covenant presence likely otherwise it's a rather large risk as they'd be planned for future reclamation.

" foot on Earth" still too fast. Largely due to many points of possible leaks.

" every world..." Why the repeated all-ins? It's not as if all of them will be cleared in weeks.

" but in the long run..." or just drop it all at warsaw/ghent/new milan, why push it?

" work together to..." they don't even know if their construction means are compatible. Why not just do planet drops or direct ship transfers?

" more information..." unlikely till they get personal opinions on citadel species and benefits start showing. Years.

" core worlds for supply shipments..." in exchange for? No standardized trade or integrated economic models present. Without it near complete economic dependency's inevitable. Too short a time to allow for research and reverse engineering.

" anger on the face..." unlikely to express emotion openly given likely age. Should also understand present risks, why push? Doubt that ME species would be as geographically open to each other if they had mass relay alternatives.

"Covenant space" doesn't know more than a general direction.

" your logistics" and size difference in general. Just set a ceiling shipping rate and direct remainders to citadel industries.

" fusion power plants.." largely redundant beyond research.

" for each human" populations, economics and overall scales were in the info packages? If so, this would have been solved earlier.

" couldn't believe " so scales weren't in the pre-meeting info briefs?

" consider alternatives" or research it, store it, or equip citadel armies instead as reinforcements?

" equal trade" definitely not equal given potential gains. Good play.

" ubiquitous in human..." open to large overreach. On both sides.

" fair...mechanics of..." ONI has full information control over digital UEG systems. It scrubbed onyx from existence. SS drives need more than mechanics to work well; underlying theory, power, computation and maintenance being some of the factors for prototypes.

" would be hard" won't.

" how electricity worked" really won't. Electricity is power and it's needed everywhere. Space travel is a largely economic factor.

" remain in orbit over.." unlikely, moreso alone.

" reasonable trade.." how does no one see that the basis of most of ME is eezo and that it is something the unsc presently lacks? Why not secure eezo trade for study into practical applications to avoid an economy trap?

" revitalize the war effort and.." never affected production as much as implied. Still a large risk. One that he's making asumptions on.

" moderate the UNSC's paranoia..." likely that Benezia's pushing for political reasons but why would Fedorian be so affected? Doesn't he understand how they're currently being viewed? Acting as angels and openly helping was suspicious enough. Offering to fully take the brunt, then being angered coz the victims say they're not ready for similar contribitions downplays the reasons behind cole protocol.

Good characterizations.
naotw chapter 29 . 11/6/2022
" dozens of them " wasn't it 1 representative and 2 advisors per species?

" saluted Benezia.", "we humbly..." he didn't even introduce himself.

" reclaim and hold them" quite arrogant as a leader, considering latest losses. Unlikely that Whitcomb would immediately agree to the holding given the abandoned/remaining resource potentials on some of the worlds.

" move your ships in the hold of..." doesn't know if their ftl comm is effective in slipspace or allows tracking. Unlikely to propose it, plus requiring consideration of cole protocol.

"...construct your own" largely ineffective till trade starts due to needing eezo.

" for mass effect cores." for what reason. They need raw eezo and can directly buy it, study then obtain tech samples for more details later on. Too big of a leap at first meeting. They don't even know of its properties. Why go all in?

" use the extra speed..." not much incentive given what they've seen of covenant drives so far. Stopgap likely, not a lot more.

" invasion corridor" corridors at the moment.

" joint research group..." likely ONI already pulled some samples. Hilarious if it happens. Nice salarian play to get more insight to human tech.

" same proposal as with the..." this he could openly deny and try to push without heavy backlash, to turn into cache vs. alliance. It was on a human world and exploration was largely sudden and unagreed on. Unsure why he frowned and relented immediately.

"...had the desperation " you seem to be repeatedly using this to explain most concessions or agreements. They still have minds and they're still dealing with largely unknowns. Cautious optimism is more likely over the portrayed near reckless hope and pleas.

" would be shared between " unlikely given what she knows and stg experiments and toys. More likely sold as attempts to bottle neck/induce dependence by both.

" board an ancient..." how did they discern it as a warship? Not a good impression in execution, it shows them as overbearing, applying citadel law in a situation that exists outside it. Like the hypocrisy.

" systemic corruption " not unique to military juntas. Rather biased. Republics has an example of it, one she's part of.

" right mix of friend..." not really distinguishing her from regular diplomats.

" of their generosity..." she can likely see some of the rather obvious potential economic, political and tech benefits the citadel gains by helping them. Too smart to miss it.

"No. Their.." they should as it means their species' influences and reach stretch to them by battles happening in unsc space but little vice versa.

" gravity manipulation" an application, one unsc has it. Source is the eezo.

" morale boost..." risky plus likely xenophobia and suddenness of it. Why not record and broadcast locally?
naotw chapter 28 . 11/6/2022
Great Asari shadow politics. Nailed it well.

"genuine care and..." doubtful at leadership levels. Practicality usually overules personal opinions when they're in conflict. Alignment was due to highly undiplomatic Covenant.

"massive ships feasible" ME technology can make massive ships. Initial cost and general peacetime economics limit their preferences. The arks of the AI were 1.5km long and the nexus, 15km long.

"superheavy ships practical" ME natural ship masses are comparable to Halo ones(for the UNSC). Arks weigh as much as Valiants, dreadnoughts are in UNSC cruiser ranges. It's practical with ME tech, just generally undesired.

"Four kilometers..." dubious that 2 Punics would be sent, given their importance, purpose and the message it sends. Are they alone?

"It must be." nice seeing him rationalize it. Still denial.

"mobile fleet bases and..." they can with the technology they presently have. Unlikely that the Turians don't have 1 given their attrition doctrine.

"Punic-class supercarrier" why slip and announce the class?

"Trafalgar" Reach's fleet is here? If so, dubious.
xfel chapter 86 . 7/31/2022
Great story, with many engaging twists and turns.
Guest chapter 86 . 7/14/2022
Love this story can't wait for you to return to it.
Angery Katte chapter 85 . 6/25/2022
There gonna be any communication on this? Got your fans of this story worried.
Zandaino-Nova-Ari chapter 3 . 6/11/2022
I find it funny that the Citadel automatically labels any race that doesn’t use Eezo as lesser than them
Guest chapter 86 . 6/6/2022
It's been an entire year since this story was updated. I hope it's not on an indefinite hiatus.
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