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Guest chapter 86 . 6/6/2022
It's been an entire year since this story was updated. I hope it's not on an indefinite hiatus.
AraelDranoth chapter 24 . 5/29/2022
I freaking loved that Johnson/Asari interaction. Keep up the brilliant work!
AraelDranoth chapter 6 . 5/26/2022
The thoughts of the shipmaster were interesting. I wonder how the Council races would react to attempted Covenant conversion. Perhaps some races like the Batarians and the Hanar might take it to it a bit better.
AraelDranoth chapter 2 . 5/26/2022
A good, solid space battle. I enjoyed it thoroughly especially as you made it so that both sides were even with their own strengths and weaknesses. An honest appraisal of how the two universe's tech might interact with each other. Keep up the good work!
AraelDranoth chapter 1 . 5/26/2022
Excellent start. A little easily accepting of help from an alien race but I suppose from the soldier's point of view they can't be too choosy. The writing was, overall, very good and I enjoyed it. Now then, on to the next chapter!
ADeter chapter 86 . 5/19/2022
Jesus goddamn fuck shit jesus... I love it thus far but man its more fucked up than a football bat
Guest chapter 1 . 4/28/2022
My favorite halo mass effect story of all time, keep up the good work, can't wait for you to return to this story.
Knight of Tara chapter 86 . 4/18/2022
It took me a while to get through this story and I loved every minute of it. The last several chapters in particular are a hell of a wild ride.

I really hope you decide to pick this story up again sooner rather than later. It is very well written and deserves every chance to be finished.
TripleZeroca chapter 86 . 4/7/2022
wow I'm just finishing your story and great job. I've really enjoyed it and really hope you keep writing it and finish it. again thank you for sharing it... please keep going
Angery Katte chapter 86 . 3/12/2022
Is this dead?
Guestinator chapter 24 . 2/23/2022
One of the marines yelled "We are being reinforced by fucking space wizard!"

"Like the good Lord intended!" Sergeant Jenkins replied.

Okay.. That line had me fucking dying for a minute. Well done author and thanks for the laughs.
naotw chapter 26 . 2/6/2022
With all the dozens of citadel ships you emphasised destroyed and heavy frigate and dreadnought losses, in their battle with the covenant fleet, then dozens more lost in the surprise orbital attack, how would you justify Karandis' fleet still having over 900 ships? This is a logical fallacy imo.

The fleet went up against a CAS carrier, 3 CCS battlecruisers, 4 SDV destroyers and 12 CRS light cruisers.
Where you noted than the salarians lost at least 3 dozen ships and asari at least 17. Dozens of more ships also sustained extensive damage. That is already at least 53 ships lost from just asari and salarians.
Then you wrote that Karandis 'grit his teeth' over such losses, suggesting even further fleet casualties.

They then lost at least 2 dozen cruisers in the surprise orbital attack and enough frigate casualties to force them to immediately withdraw and regroup first rather than counter attack against the guns. Total destroyed ships so far rank up to at least 77 ships; without frigate losses in the orbital response, turian casualties in the fleet battle or numbers of disabled, inoperable or heavily damaged ships.
None of this lines up with having over 900 ships left AT ALL.

In ME, ship based mass accelerators(main and secondaries) have ton to kiloton yield ranges without free fall acceleration.
Anyone within 1 to near 40 km(extrapolated from WW2 nucs and US kinetic impactor tests in the 80's) depending on kiloton level, of any orbital bombardment site would be dead. All forces needed to bunker down, especially Avery Johnson's group and the asari commandoes. You countered this without a logical precedent.
Kinetic impactors are also NOT known for the precision implied, during orbital bombardment. At significant enough mass, they create craters and wipe out everything for miles. Karandis cannot be accurate to the distances you noted.
ME projectiles also need to weigh tons, not kgs, to survive the friction of atmospheric entry or have a heavily thick ablative surface. None of this was noted implying they used standard ship munitions which weigh dozens of kilograms (dreadnought main guns) or less and would hence burn up into plasma, without ground impact.
For some who may argue for mass effect fields, they are only active once an electric current actively runs through eezo. In other words, once a round leaves the barrel, the Mass Effect field it had diminishes. Examples;

Disruptor torpedo operation.
Kinetic barriers.
ME ftl drives.

This concludes that UNSC assets are better suited for the job, having heavier projectile masses, made at least in part from tungsten, for all their ship-based cannons and turrets.(stationary targets- shield domes, dialable MAC yields- less power to avoid heavy ecological damage)

The balancing problem of waving between extremes is having an effect here imo. (Ship loses and impactors)
The more the fallacies, the less supported the story is by official lore and previous actions in it leading it to also be misleading in subsequent events.
naotw chapter 24 . 2/5/2022
Good chapter. It's very well balanced.
naotw chapter 23 . 2/3/2022
Where did 117 see the CC fleet's gravitic weapons from? I ask coz you noted the warp bombs and torpedoes separately.

Preston Cole was reinstated as a Vice Admiral during the war. He was only ever a rear, then vice admiral before his first retirement from a deskjob, after Lyrenne's escape, before the war.

Again you are making the UNSC too amiable. Grumbling about the CC's actions is meaningleaa unless attempted action taken to prevent it is noted.
Again with the unagreed upon orbitting of a UNSC world by unknowns(Milan)?
You are giving the CC too much leeway, especially the turians.
Any asari matriarch imo would note their actions so far as bull headed. They would have acted restrained and collected to avoid unwanted antagonization. Heck they even know of the UNSC's xenophobia. Why risk incidents that can waste lives needlessly?

A more comprehensive contribution by the CC would have involved, imo;
Letting the turians do battle, asari in second line and ground support(frigates, fighters, refugees) and salarians on equipment recovery and analysis, mainly not only. This fits into each species' doctrine and capabilities.
Salarians are very vulnerable without an established plan of action or accurate information, reaper war, but are regarded as the best scientists.
Asari focus on hit and run tactics with mainly frigates and fighters, only being effective against anti-piracy actions in breaking sieges. A disadvantage in a conventional battle, which is their weakness, as noted in the codex.
Turians are an effective conventional force.

In the previous chapter:
Assuming covenant ships cannot go to ftl when instantly required is a biased presumption unless otherwise noted in canon. Especially when the truth of the fact leads to a logical fallacy in the battle depiction.
Only UNSC ships of this time are noted to be unable to do this due to extended capacitor recharge times and general ftl drive inaccuracies.
Unless stated as a limiter in canon, all we can do is imply. Covenant ftl capabilities shown thus far imply instantaneous activation.(Ardent Prayer, CAS Solemn Penance above Mombasa, chi ceti iv battle)

You noted the CC fleet as losing dozens of ships per second(figurative of course), giving a relative ballpark of losses.
If one says that they lost 1 dozen ships per second, they lost 720 ships per minute, yet the battle lasted a whole 4 minutes from 117's viewpoint, and 3 minutes from Karandis viewpoint, with 1000 CC ships. This is an outlier.

In ME, all missile types, before humanity's arrival, were rendered obsolete not because of a ship's size or agility, as you noted in the dreadnought comparison to large covenant ships near the end of the chapter, but the accuracy of the GARDIAN system, of which the covenant has a more powerful equivalent, pulse laser cannons.

The CC fleet therefore has no significant economic or military reason to have nucs in the heavy numbers shown.
Even the UNSC had generally 3 nucs per ship and they are considered a nuc-heavy faction.
naotw chapter 22 . 2/3/2022
Please stop being inconsistent in your equilizing.

In ME, antimatter is harvested using solar arrays placed in orbits around energetic stars(harvest the needed energy for conversion/compression imo).
What in the world would setting up a factory on Gelabon or even attempting to do so around a gas giant do more beneficially or efficiently than simply carrying antimatter tanks/storage stations from their (beyond-relay) space?

Only 1 particle accelerator is noted in ME, above Trikalon, the centuries-old asari trii supercollider used for Research. When asari politics led to lack of funding, human scientists bought the installation from the asari.

Particle accelerators:
Are not standard equipment.
Have no military use(antimatter is made from solar arrays and stars).
And was(1) used only for research.

ME ships going close range gives the covenant an overwhelming advantage due to their more powerful pd lasers. Especially against frigates. One pulse laser shot from a crs cruiser burnt through 45cm of a UNSC frigate's titanium armor. ME frigates will die en masse, beyond acceptability as no one can evade a laser, unless by going to ftl faster than it can fire, which is impossible. No one reacts at ftl speeds in ME.

Close range unfortunately also limits ME frigates' agility against pinpoint weapons by increasing delta-v angles needed to dodge, once targeted by the pd lasers.

Frigates in ME are comparable to UNSC prowlers in role and even relative armament (Lasers) as they are only noted for being used at close range (hundreds of km- near and below cruiser range, to GARDIAN range of 10 km) and used for reconnaissance.
They therefore cannot damage covenant line ships like the destroyers without beyond acceptable losses imo.

A standard covenant ship needs 3 mac blasts from an equivalent UNSC ship class to break its shields.

An old UNSC frigate gives at least 64kt per shot, when reversing. This impact energy disabled a CRS light cruiser's(300m long, 145m wide) shields locally, in 2 shots.(UNSC commonwealth)

UNSC cruisers are agreeable to between high triple digit kilotons and double digit megatons per mac shot.
ME cruisers are agreeable to within the single digit kiloton ballpark per shot and around 5 shots per second(retaking of omega, likely modified but only source present).

ME frigates are primarily anti-fighter screens and scouts hence a majority of the attacking joint fleet is near useless.

Why would 2 CPV destroyers'(1.6Km long, 1.4 km wide each) shields not survive initial strikes from mainly ME frigates, dozens of cruisers and single numbered dreadnoughts(too few in game, 88 at most) giving out collectively 282 megatons every minute to each ship at most?
The above energy assumes;

Non-stop firing by all ships.

80kt per shot per 2 seconds for dreadnoughts at 10 dreadnoughts total.

9kt per shot per 0.2 seconds for cruisers at 200 cruisers total.

Citadel fleet distribution of 10 dreadnoughts to 200 cruisers to 790 frigates and corvettes.

1/2 of total cruisers and dreadnoughts engaged each ship.

The entire cruiser and dreadnought fleet focused fire on only the 2 ships.

A lack of disabling or destruction of citadel ships during the time of engagement.

Linked targeting of one location on the shield. Targeted and hit one spot repeatedly.

Simultaneous round impacts. All rounds hit at the same time every minute.

Frigates ignored due to anti-fighter role. Never noted as having a main spinal cannon or secondary cannons. (Doesn't fit in with recon and anti-fighter roles)

* A majority of the above assumptions(except the last one) favor ME vessels. The battle was not depicted as such and likely involved random, distributed 2x digit megaton impacts per minute.

* From UNSC cruiser mac ranges, 3 shots gives 1x(least, including the 64kt frigate outlier) to 3x digit megaton shot ranges against a ccs equivalent. A cpv destroyer is comparable to a ccs in size and capabilities outside general purpose use.

Covenant shields are also built and integrated into cells and 1 generator, defeating them is conventionally done by overloading one section and its generator thereby cascading the damage throughout the whole shield array, not hitting everywhere at once(too little damage per area).

ME salarians and asari are not noted to have military drone ships of any kind in numbers depicted. Please stop exaggerating to compensate. It is conventionally a sign of plot degradation. If this is a fusion fic, please be realistic to standard doctrines and assets of both franchises.

In ME, missiles were rendered near obsolete by the 100% accurate GARDIAN lasers. The SA introduced disruptor torpedoes(mass effect core plus thrusters). This is what made ME fighters and therefore carriers very effective.

Salarian GARDIAN arrays have always been ultraviolet, along with geth. It is in their doctrine of maximum effectiveness and application efficiency. It is not new.

ME GARDIAN arrays, even salarians', work through deterrence by burning off fighter hull armor to discourage them along with more fragile and less armored missiles. They are noted as being 100% accurate but not 100% lethal.
Massed fighter waves get hit but survive coz it is more efficient to damage than destroy an enemy's asset unless in special circumstances.
ME GARDIANS therefore cannot burn shielded seraphs to slag in single shots as depicted, hit yes, disable likely, burn to scrap no.

Where did you get nucs from. The CC have GARDIAN arrays, the covenant has pulse lasers, both being very accurate. You made them ignore their order of battle of guardians rendering missiles obsolete by having them launch missiles they just happened to have made in days, against an enemy with similarly/superiorly effective pd. The CC is implied to focus on costs vs benefits in each situation, losing hundreds of nucs per engagement is expensive, no matter their economy size.

Covenant plasma beams and energy projectors are denoted as near lightspeed in halo. No dodging is available unless the crew have reaction times bordering on relativistic motion.

Lastly, where and how did the citadel get all the funds for everything they are doing in a few months? Antimatter creation and logistical supply stations and centres, apparent full fleet refits of noted expensive siralis armor, nuclear missiles within days?
The council is an industrial juggernaut, extrapolating from Alliance capabilities in the reaper war, yes. But this is just unbelievable imo.
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