Reviews for United we Stand
naotw chapter 20 . 2/3/2022
The UNSC everest has a biohazard ward unit aboard(where Cole interrogated a captured elite) implying the presence of biohazard equipment and personnel aboard. Where were they in the salarians' exploration of the ruins?

A turian, no matter rank, cannot order the seal off of the sight from the UNSC, only request. U made the UNSC too amiable to alien activities with potentially game changing technology imo.

A joint biohazard unit of salarian, turian and UNSC personnel(from everest), along with joint analysis, sealing and cleaning of the muck is the most logical and realistic move the UNSC and turians would have made to keep each other in check and as the 1st steps to diplomacy, not was was written.

As a relative analogue, would Russia(greater military focus- UNSC) have allowed the US(bigger economy- Citadel forces) to do the same if the ruins were discovered in Siberia and vice versa?
Putting this scenario at just post WW2, to relatively equate the tensions present after nearly 2 decades of genocidal war(halo).
US helped Russia in the war, US finds ruins in Siberia and effectively does what it wants, how it wants it, with no equal input, Russian supervision or joint work, finds muck and declares it off limits until Their people clear out the problem.

This is a literal asspull against future cooperation and diplomacy, especially if big goes wrong as the turian general initially defied orders to wait.(He can be the scapegoat or UNSC can blame them wholly for going in on their own(asari r diplomatic and will likely see turian reparations for whatever incident may happen as a small cost to maintaining the UNSC as close allies) or... problems)

Again u are flipping between extremes here imo.
naotw chapter 19 . 2/3/2022
An irony in one of the comparisons in the previous chapter is that ME has ftl com. but stl ship sensors while halo unsc has LUDICROUSLY EXPENSIVE ftl com.(3 com. probe launchers by 2552, used automated ftl equipped freighters as mail service instead before this), and ftl sensors(slipspace projection equipment detecting mass wakes- likely shipboard drones- sigma octanus iv(keyes, iriquois), battle of reach(detection, prep. and 1st mac barrage), chi ceti iv commonwealth battle(80 million klicks- too far for em sensors to be accurate, battle stations b4 crs arrival))

ME com array equipment can be put on ~1/2 stealth/specialised frigate ships per fleet modified as scanners imo if they are at total war. They already serve as fleet scouts. Accounting for power draw and unit costs.
naotw chapter 18 . 2/3/2022
Pallonis is a turian general. Discipline in following orders is a DUTY to every turian. I don't see why he would blatantly ignore clear and established orders just to sight see the forerunner ruins. This is a near criminal offense in turian culture and military doctrine.
Similarly are what Primarch Victus' unorthodox and out of orders actions got him in ME3, despite his overwhelming success.
ONI actions in the war imply that it was still gathering political power in this time(2540's). It only became prominently influential post war where it disagreed with the general UNSC on how to deal with the sangheilli without major backlash.
CINCONI Margaret Parangosky would be a member of the committee yes, its chairman likely too, but not have the heavy influence you point her out to have.
She would be the most powerful member yes, but not by a mile.
Given that it is the navy losing a lot of ships, winning battles for propaganda(section 2), has some jurisdiction over ONI section 1(prowler core) and is consequently getting a majority of the total budget(along with section 3), Hood would be able to survive contesting her just by his standing position alone as CNO.
Besides, officially, CINCONI is surbodinate to the CNO. Margaret therefore does not have complete freedom of what she does and how to do it, especially if it has effects on the general public.
naotw chapter 16 . 2/2/2022
You wrote seven thousand, then seventeen thousand citadel reinforcement ships. Error.

Agreeable turian ship numbers lie at 15 to 70,000.(geth and quarian fleet extrapolations and dialogue, fleets at Palaven in ME3). Asari have less(special ops focus) except for likely frigates and below(focus), while salarians have even less than them(quality and effectiveness over quantity and maintenance).

Note that a majority of the turian fleets are used for hotspot patrols(terminus, batarians, krogan DMZ, their own colonies, etc) and to protect less militant council races. The other members protect their space only majorly.(asari portion of the citadel fleet was only the ascension, salarians unknown)

The citadel joint fleet is used to keep terminus in check, as the only joint strike force. If it suffers crippling losses, each race will only have their defense fleets left, turians would be worse off due to higher contributions.(ignoring depictions of this fleet being crippled in ME1. It was spread out to every known terminus-linked relay to prevent saren's movement and prep. for a likely terminus response, an appeasment move to the SA. So what was left at the citadel was not the majority, likely only the best)

In ME1, if council dies, the turian contribution(likely focused turians to citadel-best soldiers, and others to the relays minus ascension) to the CC is considered compromised(heavy loses). And asari decide to further cede their numbers to them.

The CC actively avoided a power projection campaign in terminus before this believing it would likely unite a majority of the terminus systems, which would rival them enough to make a war more costly than its possible gains.

The CC therefore cannot send a LARGE number(effectively near 10% of the turian fleet alone) of ships(7,000) for an expedition while they are still dealing with terminus systems, until they at least double their numbers imo. Turians take long to prep. for war due to their total war policy upon engagement, while the other council members have waay less ships. Asari are disunited republics militarily and salarians take long to build(high quality) their ships.
naotw chapter 15 . 2/2/2022
This chapter is problematic. You made the UNSC incapable diplomats.
1. Nearly every UNSC command ship has an ONI liason, these are better suited to accompany Cole.

2. No matter what, Cole should have placed rough conditions and limits on the infrastructure and military assets the citadel is bringing. They did not ask to use the system and its resources, they just did it, a stupid move in negotiations, especially since asari are better diplomats than humans in ME and the covenant's current genocide attempt. A sudden military investment by unknown powers(no matter what Leonard said, 1st glances, while important, are not everything), into one's own space, ticks of an authoritarian government(UNSC) and its nigh unlimited intel. division.(ONI)

3. Cole openly using an A.I. in front of aliens, come on? They got a 1st contact package, obviously whittled down. Cole would have gotten a report from Leonard of the Turians before arriving. Why risk antagonizing them. The UNSC also has at least some A.I. fears, hence dispensation. Why risk the aliens having not experienced an A.I. uprising? Which they did; quarian rebellion, prothean metacon wars.

4. Why did the MILITARY GRADE A.I., knowing of social cues and the power of secrecy openly explain how he was created along with his matrix's material composition to unknown parties?(risks are just too high for this and as a UNSC AI, Dove sh'd have known this better than any human)

4. Knowing UNSC ftl speeds from what and where? Unless directly told by a NAVAL officer, not ground troops, I do not see the citadel getting this info. reasonably. Military ships are also always built more capable than civilian ones so the citadel reps. w'd not get an accurate speed assessment from refugees. For comparison, does any random civilian or army personnel know a navy destroyer's cruising or top speed? It is not standard info.

Sorry but this chapter imo failed in keeping balance.
I noticed that this story veers towards extremes of both ends in an attempt to balance itself.
One moment, ME is better(2 armigers taking out an armored and shielded zealot near instantly, a standard grenade destroying a kig-yar phalanx with its shields active and deployed)
Another halo is better(1 shipmaster taking out a whole armiger squad with the element of surprise, UNSC rifle ROF being noted by a turian as comparable to their own) in each situation.

Balancing capabilities throughout into a standard would have been more efficient imo. (Like a tier map or capability standard)
This can bite one's ass when in a situation that MUST be balanced near equally to happen.(like Asari commando squad vs. elite Ultra/spartan 2, stg squad vs elite spec ops squad, etc).
naotw chapter 14 . 2/2/2022
Beautifully well done. Plz ignore my previous comments. Didn't read far enough ahead. Already seen that u covered all that was said.
naotw chapter 5 . 2/1/2022
Great battle depiction.

Omnigel was invented by humanity. C'd have said stim packs or a medical coagulant, like a biofoam equivalent.

I get turians having some info. on humanity from scavenged freighters but field manuals? UNSC ranks? A complete language alphabet - needed for conversational translation?
That is not sth. civilians would carry. If this is linked to the scavenged unsc ship data core, cole protocol necessitates the death of an A.I. and a ship's data core if it cannot be ejected or the ship is being boarded and about to be lost.
If it is linked to the school, still would take VERY loong to know what they have. Likely years, not months- only asari have closest linguistic features to humans-similar sized mouth, lips, tongue.(have to find a math base and language base then sort the data)
I believe unsc encryptions to be greater than ME encryptions due to their AI proliferation in nearly everything and evidenced processing capabilities.(cortana processed and held installation 04's data in a thumb-sized chip and beat guilty spark(forerunner a.i.), superintendents managing megapolises, catalogue said it needs 10,291 years(a lot but forerunners were tier 1 and ~15 million yrs old) to process all of the ark's data- this had the forerunner's entire history, cortana processed all human history in ~2 hours upon activation and resisted a gravemind long enough for chief to get her(halo 2 end to halo 3 ending), cortana learned and adapted to realtime situations(gave chief plans ingame, used a covenant a.i.'s copying program to copy herself, can hotswap herself like a virus to accessible processors), EDI(ME) had a 'brain' roughly the size of the sr-1's medlab, admitted to joker to be lacking human 'spark'(creativity/randomness imo which is odd coz she has a quantum computing blue box) to pilot normandy effectively, is learning linguistic and social interaction patterns after unshackling, etc.

Note that the comparison is for the 2 best/only a.i. in each faction. ME VI's function similarly to halo dumb a.i.'s but halo ones seem more capable(auntie dot in reach campaign, deja in spartan training, avina in citadel and me andromeda).
I believe ME's S.A.M. is the closest comparison to a unsc smart a.i.

Stg could hack a unsc data core in time but, with our current tech., a supercomputer would take millions of years non-stop to access the american military network let alone authentication keys for actual data access. This is with a known, exhaustive math and language base and known human mindset. Add 500 years of advancement into this and make us an alien species and it becomes a hail mary. Getting a math base in its own is incredible but ME do not know the unsc's computer architecture. A majority of hacking time is in gaining access and decryption. If they got access to the data core, how would they decrypt the data stored, if present, without a common base(human mind/thought process unsc encryption key characteristics) to work from?
naotw chapter 3 . 2/1/2022
Cole protocol involves complete data purge. No data core w'd remain to analyze. All discovered human settlements were eventually glassed by the covenant, did not matter where on the planet, if there was any sign of human life, it w'd be destroyed, including the school that was found. In the event of boarding which almost guaranteed near capture, the cole protocol stipulates self destruction of said ship. No unsc ship w'd remain intact enough to scavenge effectively, unless in unique circumstances. Cyclonic barriers and silaris armor were considered too costly for anything beyond fighters and frigates in ME. This was including the asari, with the largest economy. Cruisers may be possible, a stretch in war time but not dreadnoughts imo due to their already high unit costs. The enhanced soldiers and dedicated dreadnought production is too much imo. They still know near nothing of the covenant. Being scared to full war time prep against an unknown enemy w'd not be in their best interests. Their people know near nothing, why tax them more, why increase military budgets, where is the cash going, what for? This may lead to protests, and unrest. The council is generally known for appeasement, pacification and mediation, not overreacting. Having a turian fleet stumble onto a human world under attack as their means of 1st contact w'd get the council the info. they need, without overly breaking canon imo. Good story
naotw chapter 2 . 2/1/2022
Good battle depiction and realistic casualties.
The turian admiral imo had too much strategic control and prediction of the situation. No one maintains a near perfect plan in battle imo.

Covanant hyperscanners are so accurate they need buffers to prevent info. overflow(can scan everthing in a system, down to structural composition). This application suggests that Karandis' ships w'd have been detected from long range, if not in ftl, unless they had stealth systems.

Disruptor torpedoes, due to their high mass gain as they accelerate, cannot manoeuvre, hence the need for a close range launch, the pulse lasers would more than likely kill them unless launched in the hundreds like unsc archers.

Covenant ships are also implied to be able to perform instantaneous, in-system ftl jumps, just like ME vessels(ardent prayer with cortana in ctl, commonwealth battle in fall of reach, fall of camber in halo 2 terminals, CAS above Mombasa in halo 2, covenant ftl being accurate down to an atom's width).
Jumping out into longer range against the frigate packs would be an accurate, easily thought and believable tactic imo.

Their ranges are also comparable to ME's, effective range being equal to ME near dreadnought range imo, when accounting for agility differences between the turian and covenant ships, as the unsc commonwealth's battle was at 3000 km(ME cruiser range) distance. Where covenant pd lasers(shortest range weapon) burnt off 56cm of hull armor in sections hit, covenant effective weapons range(minus corvettes) also start at 100,000km(energy projectors) and ME's order of battle against their own vessels, with mass accelerators at velocities of ~0.02c at most(everest was an older dreadnought model) is:

Dreadnought-2x digit thousands of km, very long range
Cruisers-1x digit thousands of km, long to medium range
Frigates-knife fight -10km and below, short range.

Covenant ships would therefore have been able to target and hit the circling and agile frigates and less agile cruisers(not but primarily for agility) with pulse lasers as targeting and auto firing a laser is faster than turian(using human as a comparison) biological reaction speeds to initiate ftl, unless auto controlled.

Covenant ships could dodge supermac (0.04c velocity rounds)and ship mac rounds at over 100,000km distance(reach battle).
The dreadnoughts slingshotting rounds therefore from another planet(millions of km) would miss most likely. As covenant em scanners are used for weapons targetting and would detect the incoming c fractional rounds early and dodge(don't know why nearly every author I have witnessed forgets that em scanners work like space sonar and so unless something has ACTIVE stealth embedded in it, it will be detected).

This is all just my opinion.
NathKingCoal chapter 1 . 1/6/2022
ok, wow. wow wow wow! this story is amazing from the characterization of everyone, to power balance between the factions. i have no complaints. there's some rater humourous scenes like the elcor in the APC and chief swearing, but there's not an overabundance of them and that keeps the setting serious and sombre. I can't wait for the next chapter, but don't burn yourself oit trying to pump out chapters, good things takes time!
hoe a new chapter pops up soon love this story
Guest chapter 86 . 12/8/2021
This story is a hidden gem that will be remembered for the rest of our lives to the old and new readers we thank for your hard work.
Lord Razer chapter 79 . 12/4/2021
you know looking back on this

what xytan is doing is palatine's operation cinder, in which the covenant tearing itself apart and burning away the corruption, the decadence, and the weak...only for the strong to emerge and to create a new whole power free from all weakness.

as in halo canon, after the war. the covenant fell into factions that tore into each other and essentially began weakening themselves at the same time, destroying each other and the galaxy. only the swords and banished seemed to be the ones that emerge with strength but both are still dealing with issues of trying to still establish their power base and still dealing with other factions that were still creating havoc.

to which we reach xytans goal in how hes able to avoid that mess in which he pushes for the covenant to fracture against each other but still having a huge and powerful powerbase that is safely protected in the center and is continuing growing strong and free from such weakness as he already has established what his empire is.

Simply put hes already the largest and most stable power in the covenant, so when the various warlords, insurgents, and those who do not fold die out or find themselves weakened from the infighting, they will have no choice but to crawl back on their hands and knees to xytan, who offers the only stability in the covenant.

To this Xytan will have burned away all the potential traitors and weakness in the covenant, with only his empire left to rule. a single goal and mind with the entire covenant. What made the covenant weak before was the various corruption and endless bureaucracy. But now under Xytan's rule, it really will be an unstoppable beast.
valkrus chapter 9 . 12/4/2021
this is a good story so far with a few typos and grammar mistakes. I also recommend putting some sort of line break or a sign saying we are switching from UNSC/Turians to Covenant
Fernix13 chapter 86 . 12/2/2021
i love this. will make a. in depth review when i sleep off the last 22 hours of reading this.
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