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Mrotrax chapter 7 . 1/20
I love it!
I feel like this story really captures how hard Izuku's life would be if he had a Xenomorph quirk; constantly villainized, targeted by those who believe in stereotypes...and even his own hero attacking him
You certainly hold no punches, and I salute you for that

But I'm glad he (hopefully) will have a friend (possibly more, up to you) in Mina and that Ochako is okay with his transformation

Keep up the great work
Dylan-A-Friend chapter 9 . 10/17/2019
aabhasgangwar9258 chapter 9 . 9/11/2019
you did the good thing by giving him ability to transform imaging him as xenomorph all the time would have been hard but what I have complain about is why are you giving bakugo free ride like everyone he deserves some kind of punishment be it emotional or anything atlest he should realise what he did was soo fucking wrong in many ways you can't just make a bully turn into a friend in 2 chapters that's wrong on soo many levels
and what's this about you don't feel comfortable about writing sex scenes no fucking 17 year old is a virgin if you didn't feel uncomfortable doing it than there is no reason to feel uncomfortable while writing it and apart from that it will help your writting skills writing threesome is damn hard trust me involving all three memebers is not an easy task
SilverExcel115 chapter 9 . 9/10/2019
I’m in love with your story dude, hurry up with those updates my man.
Goat chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
That's pretty ballsy what you're doing ,and i respect that. Also, being quite the dark horse fan myself, I would like to tell you that there are actually male xenomorphs in the species they're just very little of them. Just something to keep in mind
Xerzo LotCN chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
i think his xeno forms should be male technical and his gender should not change in them as it is such an odd minor detail oh the non existent fictional alien race is all female beside a science experiment one so his quirk which is similar not actually becoming them should make him a girl thats all kindas of confusing if it stuck that close he would be killing and be infecting the world or be the queen himself or promptly herself or only have one not a harem so yea i dont think being such a stickler is good there either male like him or genderless

sorry just my thought

besides that super cool chapter i dont think his long jump is far enough is 25 ft enough
wow bakugou being tsundere it weird since he is a guy (i do enjoy fem baku and todo with izu i enjoy all the genderbends with izu but not fem izu well fem izu with izu is probably fine but not another guy or genderbent girl)
MIKE202303 chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
Nice work I look forward to more
lucarioDN chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
I have once more read the story from the start .
And this is a good story as short as it is. but im surprised theres still not apper another xeno base quirk Deku .
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
Boomboy Tsuntsun.
Dandydrewz chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
Yessssssss your story is such a cool concepttttttt I know I’ve said it before but seriously you’ve got an awesome story here. Can’t wait for the next one!
Whitetiger789 chapter 9 . 9/9/2019
Good chapter dude.
LesMuyBien chapter 8 . 9/9/2019
Wait... can we vote for girls? Also, I like Jack's idea. And where did you find the 'psychokinetic' thing, Sloootyscientist? The only thing I can find is that they do in fact have telepathy, no mention of the 'psychokinetic' thing. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or something?

I totally vote for Mei. I can just see her bending fem-Izuku over a worktable while wearing a special double-sided-dildo-strap-on-machine-thing powered by like kinetic force or something that like pumps into the wearer's 'girlfriend' when they thrust... mmm, double thrust power for the win... and then pumps into the wearer when they pull back so it's not one-sided.

So hot.

And I can just picture Mina laying on the worktable, pushing fem-Izuku's mouth into her pussy. So good.
Jack chapter 8 . 9/9/2019
Based off of the slootscientist's review, I vote that he can only transform into things he has eaten.

Has he eaten a dog? No. No runners. All of his forms can only run short distances. Who would eat a dog? Those monsters.

Has he eaten beef(Cow/bull)? Yes. He has a form that run really, really fast but only for short distances.

Has he eaten frog(NOT TSUYU! DOWN IZUKU, DOWN!)? Maybe? He has a form that can jump really far distances.

Has he eaten a bird (that can fly, not chicken)? Maybe? he has a form that can fly or at least glide from a tall building to some distant area (warp gate drops him over the USJ lake, he glides down catching Tsuyu and Mineta[assuming you don't boot Mineta due to Izuku not being last place and impressing Aizawa] along the way).

Has he eaten an octopus? Probably, that's a big dish in japan, maybe? He has a form with lots of tentacles all over it that can grab things and his entire body can fit into much smaller spaces than it should be able to under normal situations.

Has he eaten a pig? Trick question, KATSUDON EATING WORLD CHAMPION. He has a form that... um... is... fat? Maybe it absorbs impacts like punches or hitting the ground really well? (He could transform, grab someone mid-fall and wrap himself around the person before shifting himself to take the hit. Probably hurt, but he might survive due to all the buffering)

Has he eaten a grizzly bear? Probably not. But if he did, he could gain massive strength and size. Grizzly bears are comparable to gorillas, but trade some level of strength for improved running speed (Modified runner form?) and massive claws (Longer than average claws?)

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Mina? Soooooon, BWAHAHAHA. Praetorian with Acid spewing form! And the acid is controllable in PH levels and density; allowing him to build walls of the stuff like Mina.

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Jirou? SOOOOOOOON, HAHAHAHAH. Praetorian with Sonic powers like sound blasts, mega hearing able to detect heartbeats through walls.

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Ochaco? NOT MUCH LONGER NOW, FUFUFUFU! Praetorian with Zero-Gravity powers, allowing super-strength via lightening portions of the body.

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Momo? PLEEEEEASE! Praetorian with creation quirk!

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Tsuyu? Mooooar girls to feed the gender-changing Xenomorphic powers of awesomeness! Praetorian with super jumping powers!

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Toru? I bet (s)he can see her with heat vision! Invisible Praetorian!

Has (s)he eaten-(out) Mei? Every inventor girl should take some time away from making 'babies' to 'make babies'. Praetorian with Zoom-vision! Maybe they could meat, heh, when Izuku is class president and goes there as a liaison between class 1-A and the support-gear class?

And the list of forms only continues on to Class 1-B. SOOO many alien forms! What about a giant Praetorian form from Mt. Lady? Or Midnight could teach Izuku to use spelling the American alphabet on a girl's clitoris to give him a 'sleeping gas' Praetorian! 'Present Mic says you need some help in English class... I'll be tutoring you for the foreseeable future, Midoriya-san.' Que whip-cracking noise and Izuku gulping from an uncharacteristic surge of nervousness.

Not a huge fan of the whole 'Bakugo and Fem-Izuku' thing unless it's done from pre-'jump off a roof' thing, but bakugo hasn't told Izuku to do that yet? I think? So I'd be cool with that I guess. They aren't exactly friends anymore, but that wouldn't be to bad I think? Especially after Katsuki has been saved by Izuku. He wouldn't be so afraid of him. Instead, being... angry at being upstaged? So if Izuku saw him 'reforming' while at UA... maybe that could be a thing. Like... after the whole 'Katsuki kidnapped' event.

Also, speaking of autism... has anyone noticed that both Tsuyu and Reiko Yanagi (Clan:Yanagi, Name: Reiko? I think?) they do the little 'raptor hands' thing that a lot of autistic people do? I think it's kind of cool that Canon BNHA seems to have at least two noticeable autistic characters. It feels more inclusive. They've also got Ectoplasm with his peg-legs and both Ectoplasm and that one kid from class 1-B with their lips cut off. Or is a 'Glasgow smile' not considered a disability? Seems like it would be hard to eat with one of those. Not sure if Tsuyu and ?Reiko? count as high-functioning or whatever, but they certainly seem like it.

Also, Reiko poltergeist quirk Queen Mother alien? psychokinetic powers? That's just telekinesis with mind energy instead of fire, earth, water, or some other kind of one-thing-manipulation energy, right? Seems exactly like what her Poltergeist quirk does.

Also, maybe I missed it... but... is this a UA University/College universe? I don't support under-aged sex even with precautions like male or female condoms and birth control pills. :(
SloootyScientits chapter 8 . 9/9/2019

Ok... I'm... I'm just going to go to bed now before I make another mistake. There's probably a million other mistakes. My only defenses are dyslexia, ADHD, and high-functioning autism.
SloootyScientits chapter 8 . 9/9/2019

I knew I'd made some mistake, I just couldn't figure out wear. Then it hit me, lol.

I'll just go over and facepalm.
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