Reviews for Danganronpa: Final Flight (SYOC)
PainX65 chapter 4 . 7/18/2019
Review Time!

The luggage zooms away! We also get to meet the graffiti artist that is Karagi as well as the fashion designer, Kagami! I gotta say, love the fact that Karagi also referred herself to the Ultimate Vandal, even though it's more other people who would call her that, it was a very nice little addition. Six fingers too? That might come in handy in future trials where fingerprints and that would be needed.

Kagami sure does seem pretty haughty, then again, what would you expect from some with a punch squad? Good job pairing up Kagami and Karagi together in their intros too, they work off each other pretty well. The haughty bitch and the one to call out that haughty bitch.

Next we move onto Yaron, I can already seem him going crazy/killing during a motive that involves Rivka. Just that opening scene of him hugging Rivka before scoffing at Sunny and being pretty cold (like a few others), though he seems to be soft and that around his wife, which makes that whole "killer/crazy" thing a bit more likely with him. Hell, it could turn out that Rivka would be the one to go bananas and be the crazy killer if he died. So far Yaron has the biggest "i'm going to go apeshit" so far out of the entire cast (but quite a few bastards in this game, huh?).

Though, when it comes to Yaron's outbursts like that with Sunny (or more accurately rudeness), it seemed Rivka doesn't really mind if he does lash out at others in that sort of way? That's the impression I got at least, unless I read over something. Hmm, time to overthink this! She's either used to it and perhaps stopped trying to act cold, knows the real him but can only show it to her or that she's actually very similar to Yaron and just better at hiding it. I don't about these two. There's just something about them, probably going to stick to the theory of them eventually going crazy, more so Yaron.

We then move onto Asuka, the travel blogger. We get to see a little bit about her, she seems nice and friendly and then we move onto another bastard, Alias the Archer. Seems pretty sleep and got Sunny running real fast, but hey, we then get to Hideaki the travel agent. Hmm, a travel blogger and agent? Could be interesting together, but Hideki does seem like a nice guy too. :D

Finally, we end the chapter with my boi, Bryan. You handled Bryan well, good job Shira! Then BAM, that's everyone so time to head towards the start of the killing game. Curious to see what you got in store for us.

Sorry it took me a while to get a review, enjoying it so far Shira :D you're doing great! Keep up the good work~!
TheRoseShadow21 chapter 4 . 7/14/2019
Since this chapter improved my day when I read it, I figured that I should review it as a thanks. So...I love how Karagi and Kagami were introduced by arguing with each other. Amazing, just amazing. Asuka and Hideki are sweeties, and I like Bryan too. Alias is a bit of a grump but I guess it's possible he'd mellow out when we see more of him? I don't know. And finally, MY SPIKY BEAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Finally he is reunited with my soft bean. You did great with him :)
Enjoy your camp, and I look forward to your updates when you come back!
hitdatfeamep chapter 4 . 7/13/2019
Love the way you introduced Alias, can't wait to see where you eventually go with his character :) Keep up the good work!
ComplicatedYetSimple chapter 4 . 7/13/2019
Woo! We've met everyone now!

OK, so. Instead of talking about all the character introduced, I'm going to talk about only one...
The character with the least "screen time" of everyone introduced thus far.
I'm sorry. But this is one of those dreadful critiques everybody claims to appreciate and secretly hates!
Prepare yourself...

I believe I like Alias, but I can't be too sure since he didn't get very much "screen time" at all. I know he is slim, has brown hair, and a long black jacket... And that's it. How vague?
He slept, he stood up, said "Hey.", kicked a bag, introduced himself, and went to sleep. No offence, but Sunny's bag is a more prominent character in the story than he is thus far...

I know this is only an intro chapter, but still. Personally, I feel bad for Alias' creator for how little screen time he got, because I know I would have been really depressed if that happened to Rhett (Going back to Rhett, again, I absolutely loved the way Rhett was introduced! LOL).

Giving characters equal screen time is difficult to do in an SYOC, but it's very important aspect that is especially needed in one.
Kudos to you for being able to give the majority of characters thus far equal screen time and interactions though! As far as I can tell, Alias just happens to be the one to draw the short straw.

That is my critique. I'll be honest. At this point, you DO NOT have a problem. I ONLY mentioned this so that you be aware of it, and in that way it could be prevented from possibly becoming a problem in the future. Think of it as preventative-maintenance (Yeah, I'm getting an Industrial Engineering degree...). It's much easier to prevent something from breaking, than it is to actually fix it.

Please don't be upset about this critique. I originally wanted to simply list my opinions of the characters, but since I really like this story, I believed this subject would be the more beneficial thing to talk about in my review. I mean, if I didn't care about the story and characters, I wouldn't have brought this up. Your doing a good job, keep it up!
*thumbs up*

(sorry for any typos or grammar errors in my review, I do not have the time to proofread it lol )
Grand Duke of Luzon chapter 1 . 7/12/2019
I thought it was about Washington and his troops capturing British airports.
RioA chapter 4 . 7/12/2019
Hello :D I'm back here to review, and hopefully I can get this review out soon XD Another great chapter as always! I'm really enjoying this story right now :DDDD

Anyways, RUN SUNNY RUN! CHASE AFTER THE LUGGAGE- and oof, she fell. Oh well, at least we get to meet Karagi and Kagami!

Karagi's definitely chill and honest, I'm really liking her so far. Besides, her design is so cool! I really love Karagi haha, she's such a cool character and I can't wait to see more from her. I can see her taking on a big sister role, or at least being a supporter to Sunny and the others or being one of the main helpers in the trial when it comes. Ah, well, let's see~

Kagami, on the other hand, definitely lives up to what I've heard about her! Definitely one of those stuck up sort of people, but, of course, I'm still interested in learning more about her! She's definitely judgmental and obviously holds herself in high regard, seen when she was judging Sunny for her outfit and being shocked when Sunny hasn't heard of the fashion lines, haha. I'm curious to see how Kagami will grow as a person and how she'll interact with the others.

Aah, and it's Yaron! I was actually excited to meet him for some reason, I don't know why, haha. Anyways, he's definitely one of the more colder types of characters, at least to people other than his own wife, ouch. Can't wait to learn more about him and see his lovely interactions with his wife (which, unfortunately, romance means one of them will die, OOF). I wonder how he'll develop as the story goes on :0

And next up we have Asuka, or Asu! Her talent definitely would relate to her traveling a lot, and that means- airports! She seems like a really friendly and bubbly type of character, and I'm sure she'll be one of the people who will try to open up to others and try to lighten up the mood when the killing game is announced. Aaah, let Asu be safe!

Oof, another snappy character! Anyways, the name Alias is interesting! I'm definitely curious about him and I'd love to see more about him. Aah, poor Sunny has to suffer around all these snappy characters while being the extroverted awkward bean she is. Please protect her!

Next up we have a travel agent, Hideki! Another talent that definitely fits in with the airport setting, haha! Hideki's a polite person, pretty nice as well! He seems quite formal as well, though I somehow do see that from a travel agent, hehe. He's a nice person nonetheless!

Another person who easily fits in with an airport! Bryan seems like an interesting character! Pretty mellow so far! Hmm, can't get much on a read on him, but he's definitely going to be under my watch as the story goes on, haha.

Aaaah, the bolded words. Let us hope Sunny and the others won't fall into a killing game or some trouble (though we already know that's inevitable ): ). Uhh, anyways, that's all I have to say for now, I think, so great job on this chapter and have a great day! :DDDD
Ziggymia123 chapter 4 . 7/12/2019
"There was clearly something going on, she'd figured that out about 14 conversations ago." I don't know why, but I love that line. Poor Sunny, running all over the place and having awkward conversations with her runaway suitcase.

It definitely feels like we have a lot of prickly personalities. Kagami, Yaron, Alias... not to mention the people from last chapter. That'll make things interesting once the situation gets even more hostile. And we do have Rivka's husband! I was wondering if he would be an actual character or not. (Although how dare he steal Ginjiro's sunglasses! :P)

And Bryan seems to know Sunny on sight, which is suspicious? Maybe? Even if people do chat about her in taxis, that's different than knowing who she is immediately. Unless her look is just very iconic. I don't know. But I think he's the one that I'm most curious about in this group.
RioA chapter 3 . 6/29/2019
Too lazy to sign in my account, but just know it's Rio here! I know I'm late to the review party and I won't talk that much, but I want to give you my input because I love you Shiraaaaaa :DDDDDDDDD

First of all, I really love your writing style. It's fun and easy to follow along! I love dialogue a lot, so don't worry about having too much dialogue, haha.

Anyways, Sunny is such a precious bean! Although jumpy and anxious, she's still a precious bean who I would hate to see suffer (though that's a given since we're in Danganronpa, ouch). I can definitely see her getting along with others since she is pretty bubbly in her own right, though her jumpy and anxiousness might collide with some people. Mainly the snappier people, but that's a given since they're snappy, haha.

First off, we have Yasumi! She seems pretty friendly so far, and I'm sure she and Sunny can learn a lot from each other's talents. Yasumi definitely seems friendly and open-minded so far, and hopefully she'll be able to calm the situation when people have to suffer in the killing game ):

And next we have Suika! I haven't seen many people who are lumberjacks here, so seeing Suika is a pleasant surprise! Ah, then again, there are so many different talents and whatnot out there that are pretty new to me! She seems lively and energetic, maybe the type of person who can lift up the group's spirits? Nonetheless, maybe she'll be able to help out the group's morale when things go haywire. Maybe not, it depends.

Rhett is the street fighter, so he definitely would know how to handle high adrenaline-running situations. I would so, or he'd snap and end up being aggressive, oof. Anyways, poor Sunny was so worried and apologized so quickly and loudly to him, the poor anxious bean ): Rhett seems pretty chill so far, but I can't wait to see more of him :)

Ginjiro is a favorite of mine right now, but that's pretty much because I like more snappier types. I mainly like antagonistic people out of the bunch in the groups, ouch. Then again, it depends. Poor Sunny didn't hit it off well with Ginjiro, but she can hopefully turn it around when she meets him again! Hopefully Ginjiro's alright with an apology and seeing her again :/

Dajeong is definitely not what I expected for a crash site investigator! I did expect, just from the talent, for her to act a bit more outgoing to put it lightly, but nothing about her belief in a sky deity, haha. She definitely does like to ramble and is more erratic than the others so far.

Aww, and it's Kaiga! You're doing great with him so far, Shira! Proud of you 3333

Rivka has a husband! I would love to learn more about her. She definitely has an interesting background, haha. Anyways, Rivka definitely seems more grounded than some of the people here. From what I've seen of her so far, I'm guessing Rivka's more in the quieter (if I can even call it that? Don't have a better word for it) and mature type.

Viktor seems like a polite and nice individual so far! I would love to see more from him, but so far he seems to be more mature and polite than the others so far! He might be able to take on a more assertive role in the story as a leader I would predict, or he can just be a supporter in the background? Not sure!

Oof, Sunny has to chase the suitcase. RUN SUNNY RUN!

Anyways, great chapter, and I can't wait to see more of what you got! 3
Ziggymia123 chapter 3 . 6/19/2019
Sunny is so absolutely precious that it's not fair. This poor girl. She must be protected. Don't hurt her, Shira! haha Hopefully she gets more comfortable with human interaction as she gets to know everyone a bit better.

Speaking of, we definitely have a very diverse and interesting group of people here. Of course, I'm going to talk about my boy. Ginjiro and Sunny really didn't get off on the right foot, did they? I hope that he doesn't hold it against her. He definitely seems like one of the snappier personalities, which I wasn't expecting for some reason. (Also love that he was sitting on top of the vending machine)

Otherwise, I really adore Rivka already. Her design is absolutely gorgeous. And she's married? Huh. You don't usually see that in characters in this fandom, due to the obvious age things. But she's another one that should be protected.

Dajeong is also another early favorite. Looks like she's our chunni of the group, and just a very anxious person in general. Seriously, she might beat out Sunny in that regard. I don't think she's going to appreciate it when Monokuma finally appears.
ComplicatedYetSimple chapter 3 . 6/18/2019
This is the most fun I've ever had reading a chapter from an SYOC.
Not only is your writing really good in my opinion, but all the characters and the way you portray them are AMASING! Kudos the the creators and to you! I love them all so much!

I've never before become attached to so many characters in an SYOC, not only that, but I actually remember everyone who was introduced! This never happens for me, so that just claims how interesting they all were and how much they stood out!
The characters you chose are great, and the way you as the writer is portraying them makes them even better!
I hate this! Why does it have to be a DANGANRONPA story that I fall in love with the entire cast! lol

I would like to talk about every character, but sadly it's late (or super super early) and I NEED sleep, so I'll keep it short.

Sunny is the BEST! I've never before read a story with a protagonist that I've liked THIS much! (No seriously. I have a bad habit for hating protagonists. The fact Sunny is basically my favorite already speaks volumes. Good job.)

I want to point out Dajeong, who seems super interesting, I love her too, I hope she gets plenty of screen time because I found her really fun to read.
The way you introduced Rhett made me laugh so much! The whole interaction really.

And I seriously can't stay up any further writing this review, sorry! I patiently await the next update!
PainX65 chapter 3 . 6/18/2019
:0 update! nice!

Sunny's so god damn precious, I shall protect this bean. Dunno how, but I will.

Anyways, review time.

So it seemed that the flight attendant might have had a hand in this setup? Oh? Seems we meet up with the Ultimate Ornithologist, Yasumi. So we got a person who likes fish and a person who likes birds. Quite a combo we have here haha. Yasumi seems nice too.

Then we meet the Lumberjack, Suika after the slight discussion on the whole situation (poor things won't know what's coming ): sad.). Poor Sunny, can't even finish her sentences, though Suika seems to be quite energetic/playful. Maybe a little airheaded in the same sense, I guess it depends on how much more we see of her, but i dunno, the idea of a airheaded lumberjack kinda fits her.

Next we meet Rhett, a street fighter. He was pretty chill asides from being irritated earlier, the way he acted (which I think was pretty chill/calm) fitted with his appearance and talent. Most would probably assume a more angry type of character for him, oh and most importantly:


Moving on from Rhett, we head towards a new part of the airport reinvented for the killing game (or so it seems) before we meet the bounty hunter, Ginjiro on top of a vending machine. Seems Sunny didn't really get on the right foot with the bounty hunter, and I gotta agree. Meeting a real life bounty hunter would be an awkward interaction, but thanks to that we get to meet the next Ultimate.

Dajeong the Crash Site Investigator! If there was any talent so far to get me going "ooo" it would probably be Dajeong. A crash site investigator is a talent you don't see every day, and considered plans and airports, that talent does fit too. Hmm, did she wake up from within the stall? Oh my, what an reaction too, and what a switch too and sky deity? Damn, she got a lot more interesting, huh?

Now with Sunny getting some more rest, she then meets Kaiga the scuba diver who seems like a nice and polite person though a little nervous which is granted seeing their situation. Aww, a scuba diver and fisherman would probably have a lot of stories to tell about the creatures in the sea. I look forward to see them talk about different underwater fishy friends.

On their way, the now duo meet up with Rivka, the classical composer. Oh? We get a bit into her, we now know that she had a husband that she is known separated from during this killing game (that's gonna sting if that's played upon) unless of course the husband is also an ultimate that's also in the killing game (and that's probably true seeing the other submission in the cast list) and that's gotta hurt even more. I can see a lot of bad ends for them here. One way to find out I guess.

Last but not least of the chapter, Viktor the neruoscientist. Not much shown of him here, but he seems to fit the bill of a a science-type, he's got some manners and seems pretty mature in that regard, though we'll probably see more of him next chapter.

Also aww, stuffed sunfish, adorable. Oh damn, robo baggage on the lose! Guess that's the sign to follow and meet the rest of the cast. Maybe.

And what a perfect way to end the chapter! Perfect! Brilliant! A true masterpiece! 10/10! A! Five stars! That aside, you did a great job Shira. Proud of ya, keep up the good work! :D Can't wait to protect Sunny even more.
tobi-is-an-artist-too chapter 3 . 6/18/2019
Hahaha nice work Shira! All these folks are fun! My favorites though are the composer and the crash site inspector. For different reasons Hahaha! Can't wait to see Sunny chase her runaway bag!
TheRoseShadow21 chapter 3 . 6/18/2019
RIVKA! My soft child! AAAAAAA save her from the inevitable suffering. But yeah, anyway, I like how you intro-ed her, so well done! Can't wait for my spiky child to be introduced :)
But anyway, great work! Sunny is a mess and I love her too. Suika and Yasumi seem nice and friendly, and Daejeong is not what I expected for a Crash Investigator, she's so skittish! Rhett and Ginjiro seem like the group grumpy dudes, and Victor and Kaiga are also precious people.

And of course a chapter that is full of fish and breadsticks ends with a suitcase whizzing away. Of course it does.

All in all, great work! I am very much excited for the next one!
ComplicatedYetSimple chapter 2 . 6/13/2019
Thanks for choosing Rhett!
Honestly, I was scared this story was discontinued. It was a big surprise for me to see it at the top of my story alerts XD
I patiently await the first chapter :)
browngangman chapter 1 . 6/2/2019
just wondering when this story is gonna be updated again :/
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