Reviews for Trip Down a Hill
nirolackck chapter 43 . 10/21
I know this is probably an annoying review for a lot of naruto fanfic writers, but the non Japanese names for the ocs really breaks the immersion of this story. Perhaps you could tray to... japanify them? Homer becomes hōma for example (or houma if you don’t have macrons) it just makes it feel more authentic, especially since this is set in a world that is heavily Japanese inspired, and I know coming up with suitable Japanese names is a pain most timesand part of the reason I haven’t put out a story myself (εanyways, the story itself is amazing, and I’ve caught myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Keep up the good work!
Robthekiwi121 chapter 70 . 10/21
I love TenTen, fics that actually include her are always great
Scarease chapter 70 . 10/21
Well tenets you need learn master few weapon styles ,some elemental weapon jitsu would work nicely and maybe some jitsu serve well combo with your weapons and favored styles of fighting .Plus some defensive and offensive jitsu to .A Wall ,Dome jitsu of every element to block enemy attack ,some long and mid ranged jitsu to .

Happy to see character building and world building these things great help reader expand on world and have deeper connection with characters .Hopeful even provide them things to think about .
example you could also explore the trauma of Ninja life the death ,deception ,paranoia and such .Sasuke has some signs trauma from brothers actions ,then their Naruto trauma form abuse ,neglect ,hatred and scorn .Killing people with fire not present sight or smell .
I always find kind silly that you have manga where character see people die ,see other horrible things ,they them selves often have not emotional or such scares form the events no PTSD ,Depression ,Insomnia ,Flashbacks ,Moments of sickness ,Panic attacks .
they Children see events and things that scare and often break adults .
Fact so little done brace these characters for such acts ,sight of real world .Yet at best most come out just more determined .Closest thing to emotional trauma that plagues Naruto Cannon is Kakashi and Sasuke past .everyone lets like able move on ,with little to no baggage .No Guilt over enemy you just electrocuted to death or Burned ,No nightmares of Jounin that nearly killed you .

You thinks a village of trained assassins would insure its next generation and current properly trained and give counciling so do not snap under pressure and trauma .this especial increase after whole Itachi massacred his clan .Yet Sasuke not getting therapy for his anger problems ,is ego and other such emotional baggage that made him a liability and flight risk .
Kenosha has entire clan of therapist/slash experts in psychology to help .Yet the Host of Nine tails and the Last Uchiha are not given any therapy at all with shit they have gone through younger years .

only few fan fiction touch into emotion ,psychological and stress of trauma that ninja go through .
G3r1k chapter 70 . 10/21
Hey im all for down to earth chapters. Those are an enjoyable read.
Mm Naruto being Naruto, hes gonna spark off rumors before to long.
8fag chapter 70 . 10/21
thanks for rooting for damwon, now i know that g2 will win . anyway, great chapter as always!
yaghanem2005 chapter 69 . 10/19
I don't understand why you're making naruto's sage training as he masters it in a very short time in the anime. I understand that he is in no rush but he should be done by now. also, naruto and sakura have to adhere to the bet that they made with saskue when they became chunin
CheezMan chapter 69 . 10/17
I absolutely loved this chapter. Sasuke’s interaction with the Konohamaru gang is very funny and interesting, and I am excited to see how Sakura has improved in her Wood Style. My main gripe is with Naruto. Why are you making his training so long? In canon he mastered Senjustu in, like, a WEEK. For the life of me, I can’t understand why your prolonging this for him and making him so insecure of his abilities. Besides that though, I loved this chapter. Looking forward to next week.
Guest chapter 69 . 10/14
Obligatory “NA at Worlds OMEGALUL”

Nice chapter, Konohamaru becoming the next Sasuke is something I’ll admit I didn’t see coming (although it makes so much sense in hindsight so whoops that’s on me). Curious to see how that works out.
G3r1k chapter 69 . 10/14
Oh no poor sauske. Hes got a mini me. What will he do?
Probably beg his teammates for help.
Scarease chapter 69 . 10/14
Well lucky Sasuke he gets a Mini-me now just needs the matching uniform and hair cut .he can be next generation of Gai and Lee.
subzerodx chapter 69 . 10/14
Enjoyed the humor greatly, can’t wait for the next update.
ta.shrivastava chapter 69 . 10/14
hahahahahaha! That speech by Konohamaru, was the highlight of this chapter.

Sasuke's realization of thinking him to be the younger counterpart of himself was the icing on the cake.

Though for the life of me, I can't figure out what exactly is "Gesundheit," and what does it mean.
Robthekiwi121 chapter 69 . 10/14
Oh wow I've never seen Konohamaru taken in that route before lol
ta.shrivastava chapter 65 . 10/8
oh boy. I saw that coming by reading Fu's thoughts, let's just hope they don't turn out like a messed up relationship.

If she survives of course.
GamerX568 chapter 68 . 10/7
No, that bullshit Ōtsutsuki Clan stuff is a thing in this. Damn it.
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