Reviews for Faith
salwyn77 chapter 26 . 10/5
Traitorous dreams! And what's up with the orcs? What are your evil plans for our lovely idiots?
pallysd'Artagnan chapter 26 . 10/4
wow if they only could piece the all the bread crumbs together they would figer things out that she hasent been kidnapped by orcs( yet I'm glad they havent cause its good their commimhg to gether to find her and they know Kili can handle himself) WHOOOOAAAAAA I love her dream there I was all hot and bothered! I wonder how long it'll be till they do become intimate ? and how they re act? will the Orcs intefare?
ThatOtherWriterGirl chapter 26 . 10/4
Oh what a tease you are! You really had me going there for a moment, yet I was shocked to think they would take it that far so quickly. ha ha.
And poor Bard, it looks like maybe Sigrid made it appear a kidnapping occurred AFTER her sister hit the road. ha ha.
If only they would both do a little bit of math and figure things out, all this could be solved in a heartbeat. But where's the fun in that, right?
jilba25 chapter 26 . 10/4
Tilda, that was some dream!
Nenithiel chapter 26 . 10/4
Ah, what a tease!
Celebrisilweth chapter 26 . 10/4
They could have saved themselves so much trouble if they hadn't both assumed what their families intended. But then we wouldn't have this delightful story.
ThatOtherWriterGirl chapter 25 . 9/28
Ohhhh, sooo close! Come on you two, do the math, figure it out, catch a clue! ha ha. I do love their cluelessness though. Can't wait for the big reveal.
And I think Kili is warming up to the idea that he might be able to marry another...IF she is anything like Tilda of course.
Keep those chapters coming!
Celebrisilweth chapter 25 . 9/27
They do seem to be getting closer to reality.
jilba25 chapter 25 . 9/27
Dum Dum Kili is starting to get a clue..
Nenithiel chapter 25 . 9/27
LOL! Someone needs to spell it out for those two.
pallysd'Artagnan chapter 25 . 9/27
giggling if only they would see the the simalatiers(sp) of what Bard wants for Tilda and Kili they would see its the same thing.. But they dont ... yet and thats whats so good and we haave the wicked Orcs yet to cause trouble
salwyn77 chapter 24 . 9/23
Uh.. from your comment I guess the orcs will find our lovely couple before the search party does...
Nenithiel chapter 24 . 9/22
I started reading yesterday and just finished. can't wait to see where this is all going. Also can't wait to for those two to figure out, they're both running from each other!
pallysd'Artagnan chapter 24 . 9/21
Love the talk Bilbo and Thorin talk bout th epast and Bilbo tells him things wil be ok and that Thorin isent who he was back then.. And they have found Orcs tracks YYYIIKKEESS
T.O.W.G chapter 23 . 9/19
Ha ha, yes, they did have to be careful about their double meaning in some of their words. but in the end they settled on two fine ones.
And I think that Kili needs to move on...I know he loved Tauriel, but that dream last chapter pretty much had her telling him just that...not that he will figure that out right away. He IS Kili after all. ha ha.
Nice chapter. Hope they figure out who they were meant to marry soon...but after they truly fall in love.
Good chapter.
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