Reviews for I'm not a hero
Lauren chapter 23 . 12/5
Je prends énormément de plaisir à lire cette histoire. Incroyable.
ewan72 chapter 22 . 11/30
I mean... they could easily contest that claim tho. with the number of votes they could get... or have Dumbles do an oath or vow of not putting any potter or its allies on harm's way whether it may be intentional or not. Tho maybe I'm just too excited to bash Dumbles after reading dumble bashing ff consecutively this week. So I'm guessing it's part of Harry's "protecting the plot"? Anyways, going back in to read.
envyyami chapter 26 . 11/24
Oh gods, can't stop laughing at the image of Dumbledork in a Peter Pan costume trying to fly. That was bloody brilliant.
Samuel Colignon chapter 11 . 11/22
damn you've got some time to learn all swears in French XD
Angel chapter 31 . 11/19
I love your writing
BigDMan chapter 29 . 11/16
Great story, love the Princess Bride quotes!
darthkratos24 chapter 14 . 11/15
Meh disappointing you just killed the snake of screen so to speak. And incredibly boring I'm guessing it's the golden eyed annoyance that keeps randomly showing up like a bad rash to be "convenient" for the plot
darthkratos24 chapter 8 . 11/14
All these fools using guest to hide and bitch about Hermione not being the way THEY like. Fucking idiots conveniently forgetting she stopped being so bloody uptight because of HARRY! No harry to set her straight she'll be stuck as her first year personality for a while.

But let's make a list. Remember when she rudely barged in and demanded Ron show her magic then huffed when it didn't work? Remember when she correctly everyone on how to say the spell when the teacher was right fucking there? Remember when she rudely throw her hand up and made loud sounds to get noticed by a teacher when he was asking ANOTHER student a question?

Without harry that rudeness would of stuck around so this Hermione is probably what you'll see if you deleted canon harry.
darthkratos24 chapter 6 . 11/14
Story is good so far only down side is well... Everyone trying to look bigger then Draco or acting smarter then him and looking dumb for it with Tracy's use of the same word so much. Daphne's pointing out the obvious and harry well harry is his smart ass self. The main problem is their main argument of Draco being childish... He's 11! Of course he's childish children tend to do that. The rest of them are acting like their in their mid 40s and not 11
Jethro2001 chapter 10 . 11/14
ᜉᜓᜆ ᜀᜈᜓ ᜆᜓ?
Random User830 chapter 23 . 11/14
Perfection. Absolute perfection you are n amazing
NoHoneyMedved chapter 50 . 11/10
I’m so glad you got Red onside. I’ve loved his crazy ass from the since he showed up on screen/page/whatever and it warms my black hole of a heart to see him being bros with Harry again. Hopefully we find out what Harry and Bellatrix did and what happened to Violet.

I probably should’ve waited till the end of the chapter but impulsivity has always been my strong suit.
Clown chapter 51 . 10/22
Здравствуйте, дорогой автор!
Я читал ваше произведение, это великолепная история, одна из лучших, что я прочитал за последнее время, и я нашел в ней что-то новое в фанфикшене. Просто хотел сказать спасибо за такой чудесный рассказ и пожелать Вам вдохновения и успехов в новых историях!
Moonkat85 chapter 51 . 10/12
I have loved this story. It was awesome. Thank you for writing this story.
Guest chapter 22 . 10/9
I've gotta be honest here, dude. You're doing Hermione a serious disservice. She is nowhere near as uptight or as upstanding as you make her out to be. And she doesn't just defer to authority at every turn.

Exhibit A: First Year
She set a fucking teacher on fire. If that weren't enough, she went into the third floor corridor to save the Philosopher's Stone even though McGonagall explicitly told her not to.

Exhibit B: Second Year
She brewed polyjuice potion using stolen ingredients, aided Harry and Ron as they committed identity fraud, and vandalized school property by ripping a page out of a book.

Exhibit C: Third Year
She attacks a teacher and aids in the escape of a known fugitive. She also attempts to appeal on behalf of said fugitive to a government official.

Exhibit D: Fourth Year
Not a whole lot of rule breaking this time around, but I should mention that Hermione is quite literally the only student who believes Harry at first.

Exhibit E: Fourth Year
Hermione is one of the ringleaders of an illegal fight club that she helps organize. She also curses the RSVP list for the very same illegal fight club, leads a teacher into ambush, and storms the government HQ.

Need I go on? This is a girl who has her priorities in order. There's a reason she decides to withdraw from school long before the death eaters start rounding up muggle born students. She does it because she knows that there are things far bigger than just her grades. She most certainly does NOT blindly follow authority. It's almost insulting that you turned her into a one note caricature of herself.

I genuinely despise flanderization, and you execute it quite well in this story.
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