Reviews for A Perfect Metaphor
Marymary123 chapter 62 . 11/25
Love this story!
sherryola chapter 62 . 10/29
This was a fantastic story. Someone recently recommended it on facebook, and as I'm one of the people not getting updates notices in my email, and I wanted to read a vamp fic, I decided to give this a try. it was beautifully done. I thought Bella's reactions and emotions were perfect. I'm often frustrated with Bella, but I thought you got it just right, especially when the Cullens reappear in her life. You also showed a more mature and thoughtful edward. It was terrific.
Polygurl chapter 18 . 10/6
I like the story but I hate the easy acceptance of getting back with him like she couldn't make him try harder
americannight99 chapter 62 . 9/25
omg love this story! i wish it would go on forever !
EilonwyOfAvalon chapter 42 . 9/2
How have I only discovered this awesome story now? I go from speed-reading because I’m dying to find out what happens next to slowing down in order to more slowly devour each word, each phrase.

I re-read stories I like. While this can seem silly since I already know the outcome, I enjoy the feelings & reactions a good story gives me. I have no doubt I’ll be re-reading this story many times. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
cullensrule chapter 62 . 8/19
Thank you for this wonderful story. There was so many wonderful moments but also thought provoking moments. I love Josh and his relationship with Edward. Charlie I hope he is able to turn his life around. Meredith with her twin in Alice. Jane and Victoria getting what they deserve. Them working as a team. Poor Esme suffering at Jane hand for a lie!
It was just great.
cullensrule chapter 61 . 8/17
Charlie sounded like he was back to grieving again then being suicidal. The kids will always be better off with him in their lives.
cullensrule chapter 60 . 8/17
The Swans are gifted! Everyone working together as an united front save them. Now if only Jane and Aro get outted that would be perfect.
cullensrule chapter 56 . 8/16
She is definitely gifted.
cullensrule chapter 54 . 8/16
I like that she has an aversion to human blood jyst like in her human life. Also it is funny that a vampire has an aversion to blood.
cullensrule chapter 53 . 8/16
I hope that Bella is the one to kill Victoria. Let Victoria see that her plans have been foiled.
cullensrule chapter 51 . 8/15
What about the baby? Thankfully for that picture Charlie is alive.
Bella I don't feel good about this plan.
cullensrule chapter 50 . 8/14
I read up to Bella's phone call to Sam and I had to stop reading for two days because I had a hunch what happened to Charlie. It just hurt me to think of him taken by Victoria.
Cold heart Sam is just too much for me. No ounce of compassion at all for Charlie. Sam has gone out of his way to be cruel whether to help the tribe or just to get his jollies but Charlie has always been a friend to that tribe and except for Sue's death that has never been broken on his side. Where is their vow to protect human life. Common courtesy and human decency was asked for.I guess he is more animal than man.
Charlie who is probably learning the truth about the Cullens, Sue and Matt's deaths and the reason behind them. He might be tortured, she is psycho enough to do that for her pleasure. He is just one innocent target for revenge. That phone call was no glich that was her announcing she back.
They know know if you didn't see it she isn't dead. Watch her die.
cullensrule chapter 49 . 8/12
A wonderful ceremony.
cullensrule chapter 48 . 8/12
Victoria is giving a hint Bella probably won't tell anyone this came up thinking it's glitch on her phone.
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