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Trilliah chapter 10 . 5/14/2003
Sam's like one of those big herbivores-they're sweet as pie until you threaten their young (or, in Sam's case, his love). *nods* Then, well, watch out! *looks defiant*

Gads, but I mustn't linger! There's still Frodo to save!
Trilliah chapter 9 . 5/14/2003
Hehe-Frodo dreams in Elvish. Cool.

I love the bit about the Quennya. It's believable because you had Frodo preparing Sam's lesson in the beginning of the chapter, and cool because...well, because! Because Frodo's smart for thinking of it, and GO SAM for being able to read it! Yay!
Trilliah chapter 8 . 5/14/2003
"I loathe you," Frodo answered him softly, eyes downcast.

I LIKE that image, for some reason. And, of COURSE, the whole inner torment of Frodo's, knowing he can take all the abuse in the world for his own behalf but unable to allow any harm to befall his Sam. *sniff* Sam, hurry your hobbit butt over there and SAVE him already!
Trilliah chapter 7 . 5/14/2003
As much as I hate Frodo being in this much pain, this is much more believable. :D Kudos! Yikes, but I hate Bramblethorn. *sighs* I love Frodo thinking about being in Sam's arms, though. *grins dreamily* Sam...
misstook1420 chapter 12 . 5/14/2003
*bursts into tears* Yay!

*"Greetings from Buckland, Bramblethorn!"* - that was great. XD

Trilliah chapter 6 . 5/14/2003
Woah. 0_0 That creature is an abomination. Cripes...See that face up there? This one: 0_0 That was me the whole time. 'cept my mouth was hanging open. And even though I KNEW Frodo was going to get caught, the whole time I'm sitting here thinking, "RUN! RUN! HIDE!" As though it would have made a difference. Gah, poor Frodo! *sniffs*

I'd best go read the next chapter before I start bawling over this one.
Trilliah chapter 5 . 5/14/2003
Finals are done! I can start reviewing this! and it looks like there've been some additions, so I must say I'm excited. _

I love the bit with Sam thinking "If I find you, I swear I'll tell you..." *sniff* So sad! And sweet! And well...just...SAM! *hugs Sam*

*bounces off to the next chapter*
endymion2 chapter 12 . 5/14/2003
Yes, you „did“ complications !

1. obstacle

B’s „slamming the door with all his strength“ broke the hinges – good idea

B. is coming back- this I expected

Beautiful that the reality appeared in the dream- thunder and rain

I understand that you wanted to give Sam some time alone with the enemy, but why did it take MP so long to come to his aid? Why did Pippin return to Merry and didn#t help in the first place? Did they also want to grant Sam his chance for a fight „hobbit-to-hobbit“?

You described the fight well, but unfortunately I’m not in for fights. This long sequence on T bored me nearly to death. But I’m sure many of your readers loved it for it is well written.

And now? Peace, joy and pancakes for all but Bramblethorn!
Aratlithiel1 chapter 12 . 5/14/2003
Yipee! Way to go, Hobbits! Great fight scene - very descriptive. Made it easy to follow the action.

And Merry & Pippin's greetings to Bramblethorn - priceless! Very nicely done.

That's not the end, right?
Frodo Baggins1982 chapter 12 . 5/14/2003
Yay! The orc sucker got just what he deserved! Good fight seen, very exciting! I got chills when Bramblethorn was coming back and I was glad Merry and Pippin came right in time. “Greetings from Buckland” that line and Pippin’s quip as well are just classic! Very well done.

Poor Frodo though, I would be in tears as well if I were so close to him seeing him there bound and bruised. Oh, that was a great move with the transferring Sam’s tears into rain in Frodo’s dream. I liked that a lot.

Yay, now on to chapter 13! It is sad this story is ending, but what a right it was! Gah, we still have about 2 chapters to go, it is not time to say good-bye yet, lol

Honor da Precious!

SewSewDef chapter 12 . 5/14/2003
'"Greetings from Buckland, Bramblethorn!"'

'"And regards from Tuckborough as well!"'

'"That's for Mr. Frodo!"'

YEA! Awesome! Wow, that was so very good. I shall never again underestimate the usefullness of a Took and a Brandybuck. *Sigh*. Sam found Frodo. Very good. I think Sam fought very bravely, although perhaps Bramblethorn was a bit too much for him. Oh well. I hope Bramblethorn gets what he deserves, and my boys are safe and happy once again!

~ZoSo G.-B.~
misstook1420 chapter 11 . 5/13/2003
My GOD. That episode with The Filth had me extremely worried. ;; Thank goodness. I hope Bramblethorn doesn't intercept Frodo and Sam making their way out of that Evil Smial. Or... a hundred other bad things. Meep!

amc623 chapter 11 . 5/13/2003
This is still wonderful, I'm loving it. I finally caught up to you!

I've been loving Frodo's brave, detirmined attitude throughout this thing so far. I also liked the use of Sam as the only thing to make Frodo sign that document. Aw. So sweet. I hope nothing happens to Sam.

I also loved Frodo adding the Elvish after his name. Smart hobbit! And go sam for being able to read it. That was a great idea.

Well, doesn't seem like I'll have to pump you for frequent updates, since I can barely keep up with you as it is. Oh well, I just can't eait for more.

amc623 chapter 7 . 5/13/2003
Wow, this is amazing. I'm bank and I've been desperately trying to catch up with you! Wow- so many new chapters! But it's great...plenty to keep me busy. Geez, you update fast!

The story is coming along SO great. I had to fight with myself to stop reading long enough to post this review. Off to read more now!

FrodoBaggins1982 chapter 11 . 5/13/2003
Very nice chapter! Poor Frodo, but I am glad it wasn’t AS BAD as you made me think it was. I was ready to cover my eyes and stop reading. Yay for Frodo, kicking Bramblethorn’s A—I mean, behind! I also liked the SMALL addition of the ankle. At least you made it a reasonable bit. Not one of those “Oh my ankle, I am now crippled. Carry me Sam” moments. It was a believable reaction. Good job.

I love the line about Bramblethorn claiming he never promised to leave Sam alone. That really got Frodo’s fire going. They make such a good pair. Slash or not a slash pair.

And a comment about Frodo’s um...pureness...he’s about 35 years old, alone and rich...I doubt he was...pure by the time he met Bramblethorn, lol. But that is just my opinion. I just don’t see him as this virgin elf god everyone else sees him as...but eh, virgin or not, he still has a right to say “no” to that pompous, orc sucking, horse faced Balrog Bramblethorn! GR

Anyway, I have one comment. After all the Frodo stuff with Bramblethorn, you switch it back to Merry, Sam, and Pippin to end the chapter. It might just be me, but it doesn’t I would have placed that up at the top, when Sam returned or leave it for the next chapter. It is still a good segment but I don’t know if the placing was right. But then, you are the writer and what you say goes, don’t mind me, lol

Can’t wait for Chapter 12!

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