Reviews for Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting
RonRR chapter 20 . 9/10
I have never placed a pizza order for ‘pick-up’ and then waited for it to be delivered. Pick-up, or as the Brits call it, take away’ is for when you are going there to bring it home yourself.

Thank you for writing,

zeta.the.devil chapter 17 . 9/3
This story had been so good.
Why do we now have a god mode Mary Sue, nearly disguised as Tracy? I was enjoying it so much until the last two chapters.
LordGraygem chapter 22 . 8/27
Why does this not have more chapters? It is an absolute travesty that I have to stop reading this for any reason short of it being completed.
Lamorak Korving chapter 10 . 8/9
I almost pity Harry being paired with Tracey, but Tracey IS an excitable girl, and always
has been. Still, Harry and Tracey ARE extremely talkative, while Hermione and Daphne are
quieter and more in control.
Lamorak Korving chapter 9 . 8/9
I agree that Quidditch is a dumb sport. Not to mention dangerous, and how serious
Quidditch injuries can be. Then again, that's one of the reasons why Harry & Daphne
fanfictions are so popular.
Lamorak Korving chapter 8 . 8/9
OH, BOY! This story is simply bloody hilarious! I...Yeah, I know what you mean by that,
author. Just be careful when writing about Tracey Davis, 'cause she has an unfortunate
habit of dominating the story if you're not careful.
Lamorak Korving chapter 7 . 8/9
This story, "Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting" really DOES get better and better as
it picks up speed. I KNEW there was a reason I liked Tracey Davis! Her sense of humour
is the same as mine! I do feel a bit sorry for Daphne, though.
Lamorak Korving chapter 6 . 8/9
I really like reading stories between Daphne and Tracey, as they are two of the
nicest Slytherin girls that Harry can usually rely on, and in my opinion, he SHOULD have
chosen Slytherin over Gryffindor, given that his father and Sirius were bullies, and Ron and
Hermione spied on him for Dumbledore, and the fact that Pettigrew, who betrayed Harry's
parents, was a Gryffindor, doesn't give the House a great reputation.
Lamorak Korving chapter 5 . 8/9
This is most definitely going to be one of the Harry Potter fanfiction Classics, I am sure of
it. Harry and Hermione seem to be getting along just fine in Slytherin. I have no idea why
Dumbledore is biased against Slytherin. Many good Wizards and Witches came from that
House. 1: Merlin, who fought against evil. 2: Leta Lestrange, described by Dumbledore in
"Crimes of Grindelwald" as, and I quote, "One of my best students", and to whom he gave
this advice: "Regret is my constant companion. Don't let it become yours". Without her
unselfish and noble sacrifice, Dumbledore wouldn't have got the blood pact. 3: Andromeda
Tonks, born a Black, was tortured by the Ministry because they wanted Harry Potter's location,
but she didn't crack.
Lamorak Korving chapter 4 . 8/9
This story just gets better all the time, but personally, I think I've got a better grip on how
to write Tracey Davis. For example: "Just then, Tracey appeared. "Did somebody mention my
name?" she asked innocently. Turning to her best friend, Daphne said, "Trace, Harry suggested
we go half and half. What did he mean?" Turning to Harry, Tracey quipped, "Ah Harry, such
are the perils of a Pureblood upbringing!" It was too much. It hit both Harry and Daphne
on the funny bone. Wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, Daphne said, "You little minx,
Trace!" Tracey replied, "I know I am Daph, but why knock a winning formula?" She added,
"Going half and half means you split the bill".
Lamorak Korving chapter 3 . 8/9
This story, "Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting" just gets better and better. The
author, TendraelUmbra-whoever he or she may be, simply MUST do something about Ron
Weasley's lazy nature. His jealousy at Harry getting what he wants could be easily avoided
if he would just WORK fot what he wants.
Lamorak Korving chapter 2 . 8/9
"Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting" has the potential to be a Classic story. I like
the idea of putting Draco in Gryffindor, Ron in Hufflepuff, Harry and Hermione in Slytherin
and Crabbe and Goyle in Hufflepuff. Frankly, I don't see Dumbledore's problem is. Even when
Harry was a Gryffindor, he still possessed the Slytherin qualities of cunning, ambition and
Cuckoo chapter 22 . 7/26
Hi, just wanted to know when you'll be updating again.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/24
Great Story!
My personal wish is that, when the Weasley Twins apart their joke shop Tracey becomes on of their employees.
She's most certainly has it in her.
Death Lantern chapter 10 . 7/20
I am ashamed to say it but your parents might be burglars, Tracy.
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