Reviews for Erza Scarlet, The Alpha
angela.rita chapter 1 . 7/18
The title "Erza Scarlet, The Alpha" it's wrong !
God Father is The Alpha and The Omega .

I advise you to inform yourself about the sins, because It is wrong to sin.
Moreover inform yourself about sins against the Holy Spirit, because they are not forgivable!
I'm sending you this message, because I think it's important to inform.
I will make a list to go straight to the point about what don't do.

)Don't write offensive words next to the word "God" and "Holy" because are blasphemous and offensive!
)Do not joke about the devil, demons or esorcism.
)Don't write or say "what the hell","Who the heck", " go to hell", "freaking out", "crazy", "damn".
)Do not attribute to the devil actions that do not concern him!
)Attention on what or who you say you love.
)Do not wish "happy hallowen" to anyone and do not celebrate this "party".
Halloween its a satanic feast.
)Do not swear, curse or say in vain God Father.
)Do not insult/spread hate or blame those who don't.
)Don't attribute yourself or to others sons of men adjectives or words that don't belong to you or to others sons of men (for example "Master of the masters", "Saint", "God", "demons", "devil").
)Do not attribute to God Father actions that do not concern him!
)God the Father has no fault!
)Attention to idolatry and perversion !
)Its wrong to kneel to the sons of men.
)Pay attention to how you use the word "man" and do not insult Man, because the First Man is God the Omnipotent Father!
)Better don't put adjectives or words that don't represent you as nicknames.
)Don't spread false information.
)Its wrong the idolatry, so don't kneel on people or kiss the hand of a person.
)Don't give to people adjectives or words that don't represent them.
)Luck and misfortune do not exist.
)Don't bless in your name !

I adivise you to search by Internet Boanerges blog, because a lot of informations in those blogs they helped me in a period down a little for me and because there is a lot of information that is not found in all blogs.
By committing sins you can do yourself much harm, and it is wrong !
Some of the information I wrote in this message I know, because I read it from some texts of the Boanerges blog.

I advise you to read the text that I enclose in this message.
Ajerzaaddict chapter 1 . 6/2
I really enjoyed this cute lighthearted jerza oneshot, thanks for writing!
Tropicallight chapter 1 . 4/24
Lol it was nice and cute
Lily-ana chapter 1 . 4/13
¬°Que Kawaii!
KnightLawn chapter 1 . 4/11
Nice job on this.