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Schazmen chapter 27 . 10/24
I think motivation is something that's lacking all over the western world at this time.
However, if it makes you feel any better, this story is absolutely fantastic! I mean it, I read a LOT of fanfiction (probably too much) and this is easily in the higher tiers for sheer quality and entertainment. Enough that I binged the whole thing in two days, hah!
I'm looking forward to more!
vincent1875 chapter 27 . 10/23
I imagine this sort of thing would discourage powerful people from joining. Anyway anything is better than nothing. Good chapter.
Dark Spidey chapter 27 . 10/22
An now Jack is understanding the downside of wanting to be a solo act, especially an independent one that is effective at what he does. The marines/world government wants to save face and as a result they will do whatever it takes to press gang him into their ranks or if need be, do a smear campaign just to stiffle his growth/progress. Because it makes them look bad when someone outside of their rigid and broken system is doing more good than those in the system. Sure they have the money, man power and other resources at their disposal to truly help Jack.

But at the end of the day those resources comes at the cost of not only his freedom, but alot of darker things down the line. Like how Aoikiji mentioned that if he joined the marines they could simply have a higher authority question Jack on how he learned the six powers, and he would be forced to comply. Supposedly.

I as a long time reader would be extremely disappointed in Jack joining the marines for a huge number of reasons. But the main one being that it is the WG/Marines fault that pirates are the huge problem that they are now. Mainly due to thr totalitarian grip they have had over the world for well over 800 years. Running silent campaigns against those even remotely challenging either their authority or wanting to learn more about the past.

They have no issues with performing mass genocide on races that theh feel threatened by (The three eyed tribe, the oni, the lunarian, the ancient giants) they killed the people of Ohara for the scholars knowing what they know, and the women and children they butchered in south blue during the Barterilla incident. All because they wanted to kill Roger's son. Indirectly saying that Ace's crime was being born and being of the same lineage.

Not only does Jack have the wisdom and int stat to help him recall things the average person shouldn't/wouldn't know and he even admits in a chapter. I can't remember which one but the point still stands. The WG cannot keep this balancing act and try to maintain a clean image forever, its going to crack and splinter and come crumbling down. Like a stack of cards. Holding the world hostage for 800 years.

I also have issues with Jack using crap equipment over obviously better ones. Namely a regular wazamono over a skillful grade. An yes he can use the excuse that oh, he doesn't like having it on his belt(shit reason btw considering that he wasted an entire life just to attempt and fail to get revenge for a village be was staying in against Kidd. An for the better part of a year he was dicking around to read 100 books before the year ends.)

Its completely and utterly stupid especially when superior opponents down the line will not have the same hang ups to hold them back. An like Law showed us in his fight against Tashigi, when, not if, when that crap sword that he likes to use so much breaks on him. He is going to swallow his own tongue for being so monumentally stupid beyond all reason. When quite simply, he can have said katana on his back or simply pull it from his inventory as a surprise attack or for convenience. Whine and cry all you want about not liking it because its not your style, but when that sword did basically next to nothing to Oak fist. Until he had to pull out all the stops like he did in chapters past and that was a hail mary. What happens when he uses it and its not enough, then we wind right back up into square one.

I like the idea of exploring elements and places not touched upon by Oda. I love that he is exploring a region that is not east blue, and is doing the best that he can. I love the good that he ia trying to do. I just wish he would get off his high horse, stop being a bitch and use better equipment that he obviously have at his disposal.

But I just wish that he wasn't so damn stupid with certain choices and options that are available to him. The life retun thing he could've learned on his own rather than waste precious stat option on it. I liked that he picked alot of nice options like Celerity and the one that makes him durable like those of the D family. But he really needs to use his head more and think before wasting options he may never get again down the line. Ugh, the voice of all things could've helped him unlock his observation haki earlier and instead of needing to waste more options on the language. The poneglyphs would just tell him what is on it. Hell his haki in general being awakened would've been nice. Ugh what an utter waste. Ok, not a total waste but it still irks me as a reader.

He does not have an answer for logia users yet, he doesn't know haki yet, hell does he even have a grand ambition to be worthy of being a conqueror haki user? I'm glad to see another chapter and I appreciate that you pushed through having to scrounge up something to give us. It is appreciated and I hope you push through the writer's block. I am also glad you came back safe from the submarine thing.
InCK chapter 27 . 10/22
when's next chapter coming out?
Darraiter chapter 27 . 10/22
I'm loving it so far. I specially enjoy seeing how Jack went from the start to where he currently is in terms of power, from "i'm gonna try to beat some 20000 berry pirate" to "I'm gonna wipe out an island worth of pirates while being a smart-ass about it".

I support those who think he should, at some point, join the Marine. It would give you and excuse to advance the story, will help him get info about pirates such as Kid, and it would help him complete that questt about helping Kuma, seing as he would be in the same organization.

Also, quick question: are you going to make him meet the Strawhats, at any point of the fic? If not, it's also ok, i'm enjoying it so far
VtrCst chapter 1 . 10/20
Failing quest annoy me to no end :
great start :)
Derich chapter 27 . 10/20
Don't worry about the update size. It's still an update, and I am still happy to read a new chapter from you :)
Emperor Sasuke chapter 27 . 10/18
#1one piece fanf ️️️️️
prairie25 chapter 27 . 10/19
I sort of hope that Jack will end up joining the Marines. With the worst generation on the side of the pirates it makes sense to put a character with the same growth potential (preferebly of the same generation) on the other side of the game.
Most interestingly, even if the Marines are corrupt it is the lesser of two evils. So if Jake did end up joining the Marines, he'll be guaranteed support from an organization to fall back on (and also care for his village when he's away) while grinding for EXP from pirates in grand line (or any other locations).
Instead it would be be rather illogical for someone who cares for many people (people of his village example) to go rouge and (foolishly) make enemies with the world government when he has no backing. Because unlike many pirates, who did not care about anyone else or who came from places strong enough time defend themselves, the people jack cares about has a significant chace of being threatened if he ended up getting a bounty.
Joshbbeer chapter 15 . 10/17
I give up on this trash
Joshbbeer chapter 12 . 10/17
Stop making him seem so pathetic jesus
Joshbbeer chapter 12 . 10/17
Waste of chapter
Joshbbeer chapter 5 . 10/17
Stop fucking this up by making his personality so shit
Joshbbeer chapter 5 . 10/17
Stop making everything a bloody joke and this would be fine
Guest chapter 27 . 10/14
I have a feeling the marines are gonna start hunting him down. Awesome chapter, can't wait to see the fallout of his choice.
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