Reviews for Green Tea Rescue
Ander Arias chapter 56 . 6h
Well, it was a nice wrap up of not just the arc, but Izuku and Ochako's relationship, that after much buildup, it's finally consolidated and hopefully it won't be going anywhere.

And yeah, I always wondered why All Might never considered Melissa Shield as a candidate for One for All in canon, given that she was quirkless, wanted to be a hero, and was the daughter of one of his best friends. Of course, the Doylist reason is that Melissa didn't exist when Horikoshi made Izuku All Might's successor.

"Those damn eyes of hers, it was like she was looking at him through the lens of her sniper’s scope. " Is that supposed to be Mei Hatsume? It's the only one I can imagine with eyes like that, plus she's described as a tinkerer. Does this mean that Mei is Nagant's daughter?
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SulliMike23 chapter 56 . 10h
I do hope we see more of your Green Tea and Strawberry Jam fics. Looking forward to the Training Camp arc.
Naruto30 chapter 56 . 12h
Is the league getting more difficult here? I'm sensing more firepower. Waiting for your next update
ILikeFanfiction4296 chapter 56 . 13h
great chapter I liked the interactions between all might midorya and ochako and Melissa. I like this arc overall and what you did with it.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 56 . 16h
Very cool chapter.

All Might was perfectly portrayed here, and how he interacts with all the other characters.

As always, Ochako and Izuku are golden.

Keep the good writing.
MichaelJCaboose007 chapter 56 . 22h
you my friend are a beautiful bastard and I love you what a chapter man I truly look forward to each and every new chapter
Titanmaster 117 chapter 56 . 23h
Hatsume is Nagant's child?!

Huh. Hadn't been expecting that.
Morgo1112 chapter 55 . 11/30
This story deserves a larger following. I love how you’ve made the characters likeable and that the continuity of the story makes me want to keep reading even through the parts not centered around our main pair of characters. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next update!
Jtoom chapter 12 . 11/18
I really hate the double standard of them hating Mineta but thinking spying on the boys is fine, and Bakugou and Himiko are actively unlikable. The rest of the fics good though.
DoeGrunt chapter 55 . 11/10
OOOOOOHHH, nice intensity of everything.

Also well written characters, both side and main. And really good connection with Shie Hassaki and the henchmen here.
Hope you can fit in a seen where Inko (and maybe Eri, but mostly Inko) react to what All Might choose for Green Tea's clothes.
JasonTheTraveler chapter 55 . 10/31
Dude, I just realized something, remember how Toga said there were other organizations when she and Izuku were talking, though I may not remember it completely. I do see a good one see a foreshadowing when I see one, you sir have done a good job at creating a good storyline!
Emandowg12345 chapter 55 . 10/31
Holy shit... this might just be the best stuff i have ever read. it just took me a week and a half to catch up and read all 55 chapters and let me say i love it. except for HOW LONG OF A SLOW BURN YOU DID l get doing a slow burn but almost 1000000 words just to get to the first kiss is insane. i love what you have done with inko and hisashi for a while there i thought you were gonna have midroiyas dad be AFO but what you did was better those inko chapters were a lot of fun and INKO HAS FA JIN god damn thats sweet. im guessing your gonna have a bunch of villans have each of the other OFA quirks so eventually when deku unlocks them all he has to fight his own mirror witch i cant wait for. I am not looking forward to however now having to wait a month for each chapter but im excited to see what you do with all the plots. im happy that when the Main story ends within the next year or so that i will have this to fall back on until seemingly another 3-4 years at your pace
HunterQwon chapter 55 . 10/18
One heck of a chapter, amigo! Can't wait for more!
TheSkullface95 chapter 55 . 10/18
Cut it close with the relase but it was worth the wait, great chapter and love the LotR reference as I am currently reading that so it was quite the coincidence, And Izuku and Ochako are getting steamy the two are head over heels for each other lol. Can't wait to see how this arc wraps up then we hit the training camp arc and the dread theat comes with it.
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