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TheSkullface95 chapter 46 . 10/6
Few crisis of love averted the best way possible, communicatoin. Now we have to wait for a confession after the tests so 12 more chapters to go before the earliest possible time Deku will confess. Looking forward to the next installment.
intothepheonixinferno chapter 46 . 10/6
I'll be honest, I hope Deku and Uraraka's relationship flourishes in the future without Toga being a part of it
fencer29 chapter 46 . 10/3
At least in this universe Izuku doesn't have to explain everything to All Might (or even worse, sit through Nemuri Kayama's uniquely descriptive version).
Mew-the-Dark-Matter-buster1 chapter 46 . 10/3
There so many possibilities about how the matches will go now that the roster of fights against the teachers has been changed so much. I have heard some fanfics where Izuku has been trained by X or is a Kriptonian, which makes him so powerful it takes multiple teachers fighting him to even provide a "challenge". The writers don't change any other fight from in cannon because they assume that the other students will not have had any changes to their thinking during combat or they haven't had a realization about their quirk. I find that somewhat boring because it just becomes a difference in just Midoriya's power level and doesn't show the growths his classmates go through. His raw power in those videos allows him to curb-stomp every other teacher except All Might. However, in this fanfic, with the addition of Toga and her interactions with the classmates, the class's entire worldview of the differences between a hero and a villain has been brought into question. They now see that some are just victims of circumstance. This will hopefully change the way they will approach these fights against their teachers who are taking the roles of villains. I wonder how much role-play will be involved in the remaining fights.

In regard to the love triangle of Green Tea Rescue, I never had a torch and pitchfork raised at all. I am glad that the slow-burn relationship is progressing naturally with some maturity. As you mentioned before, these heroic students still have responsibilities to the public to maintain an outward appearance and prescience to rescue civilians (and potentially villains) from disasters and from themselves. They are also there for community service, like rescuing cats from trees. I look forward to All Might, Inko, or Himiko teasing Izuku to be careful "going PLUS ULTRA!" with Ochako or Himiko (wink. Did you see the reference I made to what Mineta and Kaminari accused Izuku of doing with Cammie in the cannon timeline?). ... Don't tell your Ochako I said that. She would float me to space from enraged embarrassment if she heard me say that.

Keep pushing to break 1,000,000 words, PLUS ULTRA. Make Fanfiction require a new 1,000,000 word filter.
Ander Arias chapter 46 . 10/3
Good to see that Izuku and Ochako's relationship keeps progressing (even if at a kind of a low pace, and that's with Toga's meddling to speed things up). I was a little furstrated over how Izuku reacted at first, but given what he had to go through in his childhood makes sense. Thanks a lot, Bakugo. It makes sense that they don't want to take such a big step when the end of term finals are pretty much at their doorstep. Though, I hope once that's over, they finally take that step forward. Like you boasted in the note, we're 800K words into this story. I think that's more than enough buildup for The Confession.

Yeah, I don't believe for a second that Eri's horn hurting is merely part of her growing pains.

The talk with All Might was sure something. Yeah, it wasn't the advice Izuku wanted to hear, but given what happened to Nana, it would be very irresponsible of him not to tell Izuku, if anything so he could have all the perspectives, and I liked that All Might merely let him reach his own conclusions rather than telling him that he shouldn't pursue a romance. Though, unlike Nana's husband, Izuku's love interest is a hero, so she knows how to defend herself. And yeah, Nana and All Might may have chosen isolation, but I don't think Izuku would want something that was imposed on him.

So, the practical exams are about to begin, and some of the teachers are being replaced by some pro heroes. I guess you want the exam to be a little less copy of canon, even if you changed all the pairs bar one.

Speaking of which, I can't help but feel a little disappointed over Izuku and Bakugo being paired together here as well. Then again, at least the rationale behind such choice here (learning to work with somebody you don't get along with) makes a little more sense than the original (that Izuku and Bakugo needed to "solve their issues", as if the two of them were just rivals instead of a bully and his victim). I'm also hoping Izuku doesn't take Bakugo's shit here like he did in canon. That was one of my least favorite moments in the entire series.

Alright, onwards to the exam, with two people already out. Let's see how the rest unfurls.
Ashen Author chapter 46 . 10/3
Woo-hoo! Also, you made some good team ideas and your story is one of the only ones I've seen where things are reciprocal enough between Katsuki and Izuku to actually justify putting them together.

I look forward to all the fights and developments, and the Minoru Mineta thing with Ochako promises to be hilarious!
Naruto30 chapter 46 . 10/3
I hope Deku accepts. It would be very sad if it doesn't happen. Waiting for your next update.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 46 . 10/2
Good that Izuku and Ochako are handing this in a good, sensitive manner.

Nice scenes with the teachers and volunteers; it was cool to see the logistics behind the test.

Keep the good writing.
Diaspared chapter 46 . 10/2
I don't think it's very reasonable to make Izuku work with the guy who bullied him for a decade; I note how they absolutely skipped over the fact that it's actively making Izuku's situation worse to help Bakugo with a problem, and I hope that this gets called out instead of ignored.
KahunaLagoona chapter 46 . 10/2
No issues in terms of grammatical stuff this go around - and I'll be getting my review out now to prevent it from "becoming an essay"

I'm glad everything sort of resolved itself - in a way - kind of a good thing that Izuku understood what was really at stake and that his past of being bullied would've caused him to focus on the negative instead of the positive, and how Ochako's words showcase that she does truly love him without her having to actually say it.

So honestly I can't wait for the main thing - I've been reading some other pairings in other fandoms - We Never Learn, One Punch Man, Dexter/Powerpuffs lately but IzuOcha is always there for the feels.

For the test though I AM going to worry a bit about Ochako with Mineta. I was half-expecting her being paired with Katsuki considering they still have a thing to resolve, but so does Izuku and Katsuki (and that's not fully going to end anytime soon, given how this story goes) - I'm not really looking forward to Mineta perving on Ochako, it's bound to happen. But then again given the revelations in this chapter and the ensuing results, it might just be the funniest way to tear him a new rear-end.

Until Next Time!
SulliMike23 chapter 46 . 10/2
Well, at least Ochako doesn't have to waste her time in confessing to him. But now the problem is Izuku himself. He has to allow himself to accept the idea that he can be loved. Bakugou and his crony's treatment of him over the years has made him feel like he's unworthy of any sort of love other than his mother's and that is unhealthy. A guy like him deserves a girl like Ochako.
cassnova5424 chapter 46 . 10/2
is it weird that the thought of ojiro and toru vs mount lady made me imagine them as eren and mikasa vs anne?
Guest chapter 46 . 10/2
I would like to see Izuku and Ochaco become a couple after finals and before they leave for camp. The confession should happen after his test.
AnarionRising27 chapter 46 . 10/2
Hooray! thank you so much for Himiko and Ochako calming down Izuku, I was so worried. i'm glad all-might did have that talk with Izuku, and that Izuku is realizing that he already is forging his own path and not copying all-might in every aspect. The test sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed Himiko's new costume it really fits with her hero name. Can't wait for next time!
drducky chapter 1 . 9/25
why does everyone keep calling him deku. it's so... pointless and uncreative, like people make a badass midoriya then call him deku like the fuck
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