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Reader2001 chapter 23 . 9/27
"the gravity of his blunder"

Was that pun by Todoroki intentional or not?
Tomon chapter 23 . 9/27
Amazing as always.

That being said I honestly don't think that accepting the challenge for quirk only fight was a good idea on Izuku side. Especially as he was able to reject Hasume intetion (trap) at the start of duels :) Maybe if there were something more to it? Instead of only fighting it would also include several other point of content? Aka who can do the same thing with their quirk faster, stronger, more at easy, many times at once etc... :) They could even make it into best of five or something. With the last one decisive point being actual fight? That would truly pit their quirks to test and could be interesting for both them and audience.

But otherwise I don't have any complaints and even the previous one I would hardly categorize as 'complaint'. It's more of an idea and also pointing out the fact that Izuku kinda acted as Deku, after bypassing pretty much the exact situation :-D

Anyway thanks for update and I'm looking forward to the fireworks coming next chapter ;)
Blaze1992 chapter 23 . 9/27
Dammit it the fight got cut right at the end there?!

Now I gotta wait a few weeks to see bomb b***h get his s**t wrecked.
yugiohgxfan2 chapter 23 . 9/27
Great chapter as always. I'm assuming deku is losing the next match now since ochako lost her match and it would be better character development for deku to lose now and win later on in the story. Plus i figured you wouldn't match up ochako with bakugo in the finals. In any case looking forward to the next chapter.
fencer29 chapter 23 . 9/27
The thing is that Midoriya IS that one boy who actually WOULD want that magazine for the articles. In fact unless he was analyzing how Pixie Bob's body might effect the use of her quirk, he may not have even noticed that there was a photo-spread.

And while I think the term is appropriate, I have to wonder how many people these days are familiar with the term 'FUBAR'.

And don't worry about any lack of intensity on the part of this chapter's matches. I suspect that if the next chapter doesn't make up for that (and then some) it will only be because everyone is too busy picking themselves up from the wreckage that those two are likely to make of the stadium.
KahunaLagoona chapter 23 . 9/27
So when this update hit I was about to hit the hay, so I do apologize if this review is a tad late, balancing sleep with nightmares isn't a pretty sight.

A number of mispellings with Minoru's name here and there, mostly early on.

Quite a number of issues with spacing, either punctuations with more spacing than needed or little to none, examples include "thing , thing" and " " - something I believe is a factor of typing on phone, perhaps?

And of course there's “I don’t want your pity, Todoroiki.” "and to know that Todoriki isn’t-" "Tsyu walked past him and knelt down next to Eri." "But you pushed Todoroiki harder than anyone else in the class."

Yeah, Computer may still be down and I can't scan drawings or edit videos, but I'm still going to be rather sticky on reviewing writing.

On that end though, you did a wonderful job with this. All the delicious details hitting my senses.

Mei has joined the party! It's a little weird seeing her become a more prominent member of the Dekusquad, but it gives our two girls another albeit not real likely source of competition from the eccentric engineer over Izuku's heart, but also there's the hint that she may be more accustomed towards a certain speedster that the fandom likes to ship her with?~

I'm glad that Mineta didn't go gaga over the idea that Momo might have ripped her outfit a bit with the cannon fire. Glad to know he's still being a good boy, if it wasn't for...

Also, ha... I kinda wondered a bit about the Cheerleaders, as they were no where to be seen in the transition from the 2nd event to the third - and correct me if I'm wrong, been a while since I seen that part of the story, but they were brought in by class 1-B, right? I remember Neito talking about them. And that was what brought Mineta and Kaminari the plan to ruse the 1-A girls into wearing the outfits themselves. Regardless, seems our little glow stick has a preference for older women, which... Can't say I disagree with, considering my own age. Not real easy finding someone who also likes this stuff, let alone IzuOcha. HOWEVER, IZUKU SHOULD ONLY BE LOOKING AT OCHAKO! That and Mineta's a hypocrite for talking about our girls as well 'girls' - he's into anyone with a bit of T&A.

Loved how Todoroki didn't seem to get that Ochako was also trained by All Might, way to underestimate our gravity girl, Penguin! Glad Ochako gave a spectacular performance, but does this kinda count as "stuffing in the fridge?" I mean, she lost, and it seems that on top of the inevitable "your Quirk is your own" Naruto VS Nejiesque showdown between Izuku and Shouto, provided Izuku wins against Katsuki, that there's also that factor of "You hurt my Ochako! I'm going to go all out and show you not to underestimate us!" vibe I be feeling.

Also - Wow, this is actually the first time in this story that Izuku and Katsuki are going to go at it! I wonder if Katsuki will open with that famous right hook of his? We had Ochako V Himiko, now it's Izuku V Katsuki! GO BEAT HIS ASS IZUKU! BEAT HIS ASS! HUMBLE HIM! THEN SHOW SHOUTO THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (And cue Hitoshi saying that Izuku is collecting friends) AND GIVE OCHAKO A BIG HUG AND PASSIONATE KISS WHEN/IF YOU WIN!

HA~ K. Back to re-reading the fic again and again. Looking forward to the next chapter - It'll be EXPLOSIVE!
Hazard1122 chapter 23 . 9/27
Damn good chapter, can’t wait to read the next fight and all that comes with it!
OLDONOM chapter 23 . 9/27
Brightwizard21 chapter 23 . 9/27
Loved the new chapter, interesting to see Todoroki getting mildly humbled about his quirk before his fight with Izuku...assuming that’s what’s gonna happen, could be Katsuki against him as well. Who know, a fight’s brewing, things are gonna be interesting next chapter. I can’t wait
Ander Arias chapter 23 . 9/27
You know, you almost made me believe for a second that Ochako was going to win against Todoroki. At first I was going to say that it wouldn't make much sense from a narrative point of view, but a final match being Ochako against either Bakugo or Izuku would have been quite the great way to end the USJ festival: either Ochako finally has the chance to pound the boy she hates the most, or Ochako can test if Izuku's promise of giving his all even if he has to fight her will be kept.

Though, now that Todoroki is in the finals, then I can say with a 99% of certainity that Izuku is going to beat Bakugo, because from a narrative point of view, it makes much more sense for Todoroki to fight Izuku rather than Bakugo. And given that Izuku has a different Quirk than in canon, it won't be a rehash of their canonical fight. But hey, I'm not complaining, I can't wait to see Izuku beating the crap out of Boom Bitch.

And like it was foreshadowed long ago, Izuku's dad is confirmed to be part of the Meta Liberation Army. And he's coming back to Japan? Oh boy, that can't end good...

So Mei Hatsume is part of the Dekusquad now? I genuinely didn't see that coming, not just because I wasn't expecting anybody else to join after Tsuyu, but choosing Mei instead of somebody else from Class 1-A. Then again, I'm not complaning, like Shinso, Mei was horribly underused in the manga, so I welcome seeing more of her and her baby-making skills. I guess this also opens the door for more people to join the Dekusquad as well in the future.

Great to see that Toga won't have to hide her Quirk anymore.

So, it's not that Ochako's dad has it for Izuku, he just likes to mess up with pretty much anybody for his own amusement.

Anyway, awesome chapter as usual. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next one.
Zap797 chapter 23 . 9/27
Alright, two things. One, another amazing chapter. This SF Arc is going really nicely, and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. I mean seriously, this is probably my favorite MHA fic right now. Keep up the good work.

Two, I hope Izuku's dad gets what's coming to him, and it's not a drawn out drama. Please, 'please', don't let Izuku waver about his dad too long, if at all. I know Inko will, because abusive relationships are like that, and I really hope her time with All Might helps with that. But Izuku knows better, he has All Might as his father figure now, and Urakara and the rest to back him up/support him. I just...really would hate to see him actually try to trust his dad, only to get crushed later.

Anyway, bottom line is, I want to see Izuku's dad to get wrecked in every way possible, and I hope it is brutal.
fictionelement777 chapter 23 . 9/27
When's Izuku's old man gonna show for an unwanted reunion? Also, expose bakagou for what he truly is next chapter plz.
The God of Jump chapter 23 . 9/27
OK yeah, fuck Hisashi.
Yellowpikmin88 chapter 23 . 9/27
Those were some great matches!

Ochako really gave it her all. Third place is something to be proud of for her first festival. And having her parents and friends there to comfort her was a good change.

We finally get a look at Izuku's 'father' and he really is a scumbag. Just what company does he work for and why would they want Izuku? And more importantly what is he planning to do to Inko?! I hope that bastard gets what's coming to him!

It was nice to see Himiko opening up about her quirk to the rest of the class which shows that she's come a long way in trusting them. Though I worry what will happen when they (or rather Tenya) find out about her history with Stain.

Since Izuku isn't facing Shouto (if he doesn't beat Bakugou) how will Shouto overcome his insecurity about his fire without Izuku's encouragement?
Jabberlucky chapter 23 . 9/27
How come I can't stop enjoying myself every single chapter? Really, that mental image of Uraraka shattering ice like nothing just made my day. I hope to see Deku beating the crap out of Bakugou and then Uraraka doing the same for the third place. But poor girl. She must be exhausted afterall these intense fights. Either way, a fight with Izuku would be equally satisfying. Guess the next chapter's gonna be pretty intense. I'm already expecting!
Thanks for updating!
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