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animamonster22 chapter 39 . 9/14
Muchas gracias por las actualizaciones me gusta mucho la historia
Reader of Vance chapter 39 . 9/9
This is a brilliant story, and I hope you return to it and complete it!
Wayne Clark chapter 4 . 9/1
I hope to see more of your story. Please!
david.teague.3950 chapter 36 . 8/31
Hey Vance, I have a thought for you for a future Harry Potter story if you're interested and if you ever get the time to go over it. Now, normally when people make stories in particular with Harry Potter they use terms like "Light, Neutral, and Dark". Now, usually when they do that Light usually means Harry sticks to using "light" magic, transfigurations, charms, and school yard spells like the stunner and the disarming charm, basically he's a good boy. Neutral or Grey basically means he's neither good nor evil he does what he can to get the job done. Now "Dark" Harry Potter stories usually have him as being evil, however, we can see it as being Harry using Dark Methods to deal with his enemies. Death Eaters will use various types of curses to fight look at Dolohov in the DoM with that weird purple flame spell that he hit Hermione with.

Now following this let's say while Harry's younger and with the Dursley's he ponders about the strange occurrences that happened when he was younger and begins to use his wandless magic on the Dursley's. Harry overpowers Dudley and his posse's wills and makes them attack a teacher because they got poor grades all the while saying it's the freaks fault for not doing their homework. If Vernon attempts to harm Harry he uses a different form of magic, I'm found of Lightning, Force Lightning, Enel's Lightning the spell Chain Lightning from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, warping like in Jumper. Or maybe he can create a controlling of his magic that allows him to speed himself and others in contact with him to the point everything around him seems like they're at a standstill(Clock Stoppers another good movie imo).
david.teague.3950 chapter 33 . 8/31
You might want to figure out a way to bind Fawks the Phoenix to Dark Lord Dumb-dumb. I'm a bit of a fan of using his Alchemy to bind things.
Odie-San chapter 39 . 8/29
This is a very interesting story, Vance. Kinda' disappointed that you've apparently abandoned it. I think it would have been brilliant. I was really shocked at Molly's death, and the revelation that Ron and Ginny turned out to be evil in their own right, not just goaded by their Mum. I also like the innuendo that it was Snape who did away with Crouch Sr. There are so many wonderful possibilities that this story had to offer. I hope you reconsider and take up the gauntlet again. As with the other stories of yours that I am reading (or have completed), your story-telling skills are top-notch. I look forward to perusing your other works, and hold out hope of continuing this one.
Cheers, Mate!
Odie-San chapter 27 . 8/27
I know you wrote this some time ago, but I just started reading recently. Holy carp, Vance! That was intense! I can't stop the binge-rwading now. You rock, Dude!
Odie-San chapter 10 . 8/25
Dang, Vance. This is the most enjoyable chapter of this fic so far. With his new status, and growing confidence, I can see this Harry being notably more powerful (without being OP) than the cannon version. Looking forward to more.
Odie-San chapter 6 . 8/25
Better. We'll see where we end up.
Odie-San chapter 4 . 8/24
Well... I'm all for a bit of Dimb-dore bashing, and he can be a manipulative prickly, but was a bit too much for me. Also a bit too heavy on the Weasleys. Not a big fan of Ron, but again, too much for me. Hoping for better to come...
Odie-San chapter 2 . 8/24
Just started this one Vance, and I have to say you don't disappoint. Off to a good start here.
Oh1803 chapter 39 . 8/20
Please continue!
DarkPhoenix101 chapter 7 . 8/18
I really get irritated by this fanon trope of house elves needing to be bonded to wizards or else they'll die or lose magic or something. How on earth could a creature like that actually originate?

And Hermione already in canon was sceptical about wizarding books on house elves. I would have expected her to be equally sceptical about what the elves themselves told her and conclude it was probably the result of centuries of brainwashing by wizards.

A lot of fanfic writers just seem to like the idea of wizards owning slaves and salve their consciences by pretending it's for their own good. Much like Europeans once told themselves enslaving black Africans was for their own good.
Guest chapter 39 . 7/31
Guest chapter 39 . 7/23
Update please.
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