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Swarma chapter 30 . 12/7
why is no one mentioning the fact Harry came into contact with two witches? while it's not a huge deal it's still something I feel like he'd make a note of. and also didn't he basically break the laws of secrecy by bringing up the gods without actually knowing the full identities of two people he's interacting with?
Guest chapter 73 . 12/4
Hello, I know it's not your style but have you thought about writing a story about Avatar the Last Airbender, I think you could write a good fic focused on Zuko
Voldemort chapter 61 . 12/2
You did read about the horcrux books that used to be in their. It is necessary to keep some books away from the public. I do believe the restricted section is stupid though. Anyone who can turn invisible can get in! come on!
Guest chapter 44 . 12/2
I would like to not that it is extremely impolite to refer to beings such as Hades with the uppercase g god upper case g is reserved for monotheistic gods who use it as their name. When you call Hades God you are referring to him as the lord of the universe. Also the way you described it wise the angel Gabriel or Michael could probably defeat the entire Greek Pantheon on their own considering just how much more popular Christianity is. Especially Michael because he is in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible as well)
ReadingAddict335 chapter 15 . 12/1
This is a really good feel-good fic. Like every time I read a ch,a smile automatically comes on my face.
Also the ending in every ch is really done well.
Thank you for writing this story, it a joy to read it
Difdi chapter 73 . 12/1
Yeah, those three getting into an argument and busting up Rhea’s place would have consequences.

As for that Fidelius omake, that’d have some consequences too. Ares is a concept incarnate - all of the gods are. Seal the incarnation away by making the world forget about him, and you risk removing the concept from humanity entirely.
cring cring chapter 72 . 11/28
damn... I finished it...
cring cring chapter 71 . 11/28
I saw a comic where Hephaestus caught Aphrodite and Ares in a net and trapped them while they were about to go at it, and everyone laughed at him
cring cring chapter 71 . 11/28
first story I've ever read to make Hephaestus a cuck
Keeters chapter 73 . 11/28
Holy moley, this was an amazing story! I found it last week and haven’t been able to stop reading it. It was masterfully put together, the plot is well executed, and I’m just amazed. I’m so glad to see your still updating and now will have to impatiently wait for the next chapter! Thank you for your story!
Robotdocter chapter 73 . 11/27
oh gosh im finally caught up with this story lol
i saw there wasnt any more story to read and said "Oh No" XD

i really love this fic a lot and cant wait to see what happens next :O
cring cring chapter 68 . 11/27
clark.donavon069 chapter 16 . 11/27
Note how Zeus's Curse on Tyche still hobbles her in the Chinese equivalent of Olympus with the Chinese God specifically inviting her to get to know her son.

HowWhy the hell is everyone not dragging Zeus off his stolen throne? A king that declares War on every other Kingdom over trivial slights (being called on his own bullshit) is no true King.
Robotdocter chapter 56 . 11/26
i know this is months if not years late but i am so sorry for your loss ; - ;
Night after morning chapter 73 . 11/26
fun fanfic oddly satisfying good work
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