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MooseTracks101 chapter 8 . 10/3
First time reviewing with an account and not as a guest. I have a love-hate relationship with this fic. I hate seeing these characters suffer and go through so much pain, but I love seeing how they are able to overcome it. The relationship between Shinji and Asuka in this story is so painful, but also so pure and wholesome. I can’t wait to see more.
Su Exodus chapter 8 . 10/3
Ah damn it, this ending man. Talk about a shot to the chest. Every interaction between Asuka and Shinji hit really well, fantastic work on the with the last interaction. Their argument felt so real and natural, it just clicked so well. Fear, caution, uncomfortable but needed to continue to heal. A breakthrough but the stubbornness still remaining from Shinji, and Asuka opening up to him more and more, piece by piece. Willingness and determination from both sides, slowly pushing the boundaries. And then you end it with this, you're toying with my emotions man _anguish_. Let's go, bro, i'm down for it all.

The Kensuke and Toji scene shines also. Seeing them also stuck like Shinji, unable to escape their own demons was a nice touch. Fits in with the story, having them also be effect by the events of eva to this extent. Their inability and loss and selfishness was shown well, and how that also leads to the current circumstances to their world. And you don't mess with Hanayama.

Now for the biggy. Asuka and Mari. While you have built up to the scene, it still feels a little off. Asuka's reaction to it, its believable, her feeling sick to the deed. We know she is capable of doing similar actions with EoE, but something this personal, i feel like it would have a more lasting impact. We have some indicators for this, and I hope we continue to see how deeply this has affected Asuka. I feel like this is still the build but and maybe that's why. Regardless, the scene itself was well done, I grimaced at the scene. It felt alive, and kept me locked in.

I will not eat my veggies. Don't tell me what to do, I just want you to make me feel. Keep making me feel, DB. Great chapter.
EvaPilotFair chapter 8 . 9/21
Woah man! What a roller coaster this chapter was! I loved every second of it.

Because I'm a cringey Kingdom Hearts nerd, the roller coaster of emotions in this chapter reminds me of a scene where the main character says "They laughed together, cried, got mad...what they felt was real." Or something along those lines. I really felt that in this chapter. Anger, sadness, sweetness, I sound like a sap, but this chapter rocked!

The fact that even in these seven years, even when they thought all hope was lost with each other, they never stopped caring for one another. Wow everything about this was glorious. Asuka and Shinji's dialogue throughout this chapter was what stole the show for me. Whether they were arguing, having a heart to heart, or going on a date and having a good time with each other, I was hooked.

Two moments that stick out to me: Asuka's line of seeing Shinji before she was going to end her life and that forced her to stop and her dad trying to call Shinji first before anyone to help her. Even when he wasn't there physically, he was there for her when it mattered. Man that's going to stay with me.

Keep up the great work and I eagerly await the next chapter! Good luck on your projects and happy writing!
EvaPilotFair chapter 7 . 9/14
Hell yeah more Magma Diver references! Now with that aside, I love the sweet realistic WAFF and pillow talk about some of their scars from the last seven years. It's one of those scenes that we got a taste of at the end of last chapter only for me to be like "wait, I wanna see more of that WAFF don't let it end!" So thank you for giving us a nice short chapter full of just that, WAFF in this scene. The almost hand-hold was a great tease, I hope they actually do the deed and intertwine fingers soon, dammit! And Asuka's last lines about hope in the end? Very in character monologue even in her early 20s but she's aware of it now and that it's a good thing. Hits me right in da feels. Good luck and happy writing man!
EvaPilotFair chapter 6 . 9/12
There was so much going on in this chapter and I loved every second of it. That Asuka and Misato conversation was excellent and very well done. Love that we got more world-building as well as some more into Asuka and Shinji's pasts in that seven year gap. Asuka in particular has some super interesting methods and contacts, wonder what else she picked up. One thing's for sure, she is not to be messed with I loved the subtle references to the show scattered throughout the chapter (any reference to Magma Diver warrants a 10/10 for recognition). Finally, the entire ending section was so natural and organic that I felt as if I was watching a realistic rom com with two of my favorite characters, in a great way!

Can't wait to see what else you got in store. Good luck and happy writing!
EvaPilotFair chapter 5 . 9/6
This chapter was fantastic! Felt like I was there at the park watching them talk about unsaid words and feelings from all these years. The side characters were great and these two are all grown up! For now... I know the relapse is coming... great chapter! The hugging and WAFF was great, can't wait for more! Good luck and happy writing!
Arrebalo rios chapter 1 . 9/5
Yo sé que algunas veces
Me equivoco demasiado
Yo sé que estás cansada
De mirarme de costado
Estoy arrepentido
Y me gana la nostalgia
Será que lo divino
No mezcló muy bien las cartas
Será cuestión de suerte
Que sigamos separados
Quisiera encerrarte
Por mil noches, por mil años
Sigo sin saber nada de vos
En este incendio
Cada vez que estás cerca de mí
Es un infierno
Desde el día en que te conocí
Quisiera encontrarte
Algún día en mi camino
¿No ves que sigo atado?
¿A un recuerdo que no olvido?
Y tengo tantas cosas
Que decirte al oído
Mentiras o verdades
Que no importa, da lo mismo
Sigo sin saber nada de vos
En este incendio
Cada vez que estás cerca de mí
Es un infierno
Sigo sin saber nada de vos
En este incendio
Cada vez que estás cerca de mí
Es un infierno
Hace un tiempo estoy así
No puedo dormir
Desde el día en que te conocí
Y las horas en la noche
Vuelan en la madrugada
Donde brillan las estrellas
Donde ya no queda nada
Y la noche me sorprende
Y me arranca las entrañas
Y me mata poco a poco
Me va dejando sin nada
Y tu risa se desborda
Donde mueren las promesas
No me pidas que me enoje
Si enojarse es tu destreza
Y no olvides que nos dimos
Todo lo que nos quedaba
Sin embargo casi nunca
Nunca no nos alcanzaba
Esa noche que te fuiste
Y que empezamos a odiarnos
Cada día que se vuela
Cada vez yo más te extraño
EvaPilotFair chapter 4 . 9/1
Nice chapter man! The SoL dinner party vibe was fantastic, loved Asuka taking advantage of the fact that he was high and loopy by flirting, and how Shinji knows how to put on the gentleman act (a.k.a his true act duhh). And the jealousy from both of them? MAAAAAAAN! I cannot wait to see what unraveled in seven years to warrant that jealousy right off the bat! Can't wait for more, good luck and happy writing!
shadowfang6421 chapter 8 . 9/1
I like how Asuka keeps telling Shinji (and by extension us) more and more about herself, because we pretty much know the broad details of Shinji's years alone, but not Asuka's and her admitting/showing us just how damaged she really is from the events of NGE. Granted we've seen the hallucinations, but every chapter feels like we see her admitting her life wasn't easy either. Keep up the good work! I'm excited to read more especially with that cliffhanger!
Guest chapter 8 . 8/30
I'm bewildered about this story. This is one of the best ones out there. The scenarios are so well developed that I can picture them inside my head. Hopefully the next chapter comes very soon. Keep up the good work!
EvaPilotFair chapter 3 . 8/27
Another great chapter! Asuka's conversation with the ghoulish apparition of her mother was as spooky as ever, and I loved the balcony conversation a lot! Also that bait and switch with us thunking he had that room prepared for Rei when it was for Asuka all along? Awesome! I can't wait to read more about both Shinji and Asuka's time apart all these years as we get glimpses of what life was like when they were away from each other and growing up. Good luck and happy writing!
LetsPilot chapter 2 . 8/24
Man deep chapter. I truly felt Shinji's pain and annoyance with Asuka in this chapter. It was cathartic in a way to feel like I was in the hospital bed and wheel-chair as Shinji Ikari in this chapter. It sucks how dirty Asuka did him and he having to relive those memories, but she most definitely has her reasons and is justified to an extent. Just how he has his reasons to be angry with her and is justified in that anger, but our boy Shinji can't be too harsh on her no matter how annoying and insistent she gets. Can't wait to continue seeing Asuka's determination and Shinji regaining his humane and caring side from the Angel War days, as if he ever truly lost it. Oh and the whole "die with me" hallucination from Asuka seeing her mom's ghost and Shinji coming to the realization that Yui was kind of a shit bag for a mom and person? Classic and right in the feels.

Keep up the good work and happy writing my guy!
NoseGum chapter 8 . 8/23
This is gonna be like one of those stream-of-consciousness reviews except way shittier.

Great chapter as always. I like when they talk and stuff. Cool.

Kensuke and Toji reminiscing and feeling like shit, and then HANAYAMA comes in. I do a double take every single time HANAYAMA is mentioned. Fucking KAORU HANAYAMA in Eva.

The way Mari went out was brutal, goddamn. So she did at some level care for Shingo? Funny how her last conversation with Asuka was them trying to out-psycho each other, with Asuka winning out in the end. Or maybe she didn't, idk. Rum. Asuka as scary as always. Rum.

Hell of a confession from Asuka there near the end of the chapter. Made me feel emotion.

The end of the chapter, man. That sucks. I think Moritz is in for a serious pounding. Or not.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/22
Really love this story 2 days it took to catch up lol. The cliffhanger kill me but i cant wait for the next chapter to find out. great job!
Guest chapter 8 . 8/20
TheGreatArchitect is having a Relapse, lol.

Man, that's the point of all fanfiction in general: to play with the characters and tell stories about them and different universes and setting. Otherwise, why bother with fanfictions at all?

And this story is great and really well written. As does Scar Tissue.

If you can't endure stories for adults or know the boundaries between fiction and reality, it's you who need treatment, not the author.
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