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LadyHokageSama chapter 6 . 12/1
It's okay, I understand the struggle of keeping up with fanfictions! I stopped writing fanfictions years ago and abandoned a few because I developed chronic illness. Sad, but it's not really something I can control. I'm glad you're back, though! I'm excited to read the next chapter when you do manage to finish it!
And yes, I am voting for a MadaHima ship!
LadyHokageSama chapter 5 . 12/1
I was so happy that Sasuke agreed to help out with finding Himawari right up until that last part! Oh my gosh, did Sasuke just wake up in the past in the form of Madara Uchiha!? Oh my gosh!
LadyHokageSama chapter 4 . 11/30
So now they've figured out Hima's lineage. I wonder how that's gonna make everyone react? An Uzumaki and a Hyuuga having a child together during that time is definitely not normal!
LadyHokageSama chapter 3 . 11/30
Oh gosh, I would be as horrified as Naruto is, as well, if I knew my kid had been transported all alone to such a dangerous era in time!
LadyHokageSama chapter 2 . 11/30
That's so sad that Hima had to have her memories sealed, but it's understandable why. Poor girl was so scared :'(
LadyHokageSama chapter 1 . 11/30
Oh, this sounds interesting! I always love a good time travel story, especially when adorable little Hima-chan is involved!
Moonwitxh chapter 6 . 11/3

I got back into reading books that is Himawari centered and shoot do I miss this,, this story is really interesting and like wait holup,,, Madara nii? Sasuke? HUHHH? woahie,,

As for shipping, sHOOT that’s a hard decision to make hut it’d be hella interesting to see Himawari and Madara especially with Madara’s character and story like damn,,

CANT WAIT FOR MORE :D pls,, keep me entertained while i drown myself in college homework and try not to fail chemistry
Shadowfire01 chapter 6 . 9/30
are we talking Madara with Sasuke inside him? or Madara-Madara? because if it's Madara-Madara, then I would say Madara. if not, then Tobirama.
BlackManiac25 chapter 6 . 9/30
I prefer Tobirama to be with Hima
Blu3b3rryT3a chapter 6 . 9/29
Madara deserves some happiness.
He's such a sad boy.
Tobi... I feel like that could also work but it seems more like a bro/sis relationship to me.
Best of luck, you can do it!
Midnight423 chapter 6 . 9/29
No need to feel sorry, I’m glad your continuing the story it’s is really great and I enjoyed it very much.
Hope you’re doing okay too.

Ps. I think Madara would be a interesting and great to see as a Romance partner for Hima. And Tobirama would be that big overprotective brother. But that just my thought on it.

Have a nice day and beautiful day.
Bella-swan11 chapter 5 . 9/29
Sasuke can go back to the future, having the knowledge that you can save the world now that you are Madara Uchiha, if you stay the Uchiha clan can survive you could help the Naruto clan never become extinct; You could so many misfortunes just by staying in the past and changing history. It is true that you have a mission to find Himawari, but if her destiny has always been to live in the past; She will now be a Senju and sister of Hashirama who will soon be the leader of the Senju clan. If you form an alliance with Hashirama and marry Himawari then the Uchiha clan would become the family of the Senju clan, which would make the resentment towards your clan almost disappear; In this way the Uchiha clan could live in peace in Konoha, you should think about this possibility. It is true that you have a daughter, but she is an Uchiha will be fine because she has Sakura by her side.
Blu3b3rryT3a chapter 5 . 5/30
Adorable and sweet!
At least Himawari and Kurama will probably get along!
Best of luck out there!
Letcia chapter 5 . 4/28
continue, please
Guest chapter 5 . 1/19
Hope you can update
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