Reviews for Harry Potter and the power of wives and family
Spc3p3n chapter 1 . 11/26
I don’t understand how the king of the goblin nation is going to take days to do what can be done in one due to all of the interruptions from the girls non stop. It’s hard to read it when 40% of the content is the girls running to him interrupting everything to kiss etc. Starting to make out in Gringots during business activities where the king is there waiting on you is impossible. I’m too bothered by the need for a dozen chapters to cover a two day span at Gringots. Made it hard to read to the point I finally gave up.
Axccel chapter 5 . 11/23
Ew, squick, Hermione. She's always shoe-horned into every damn thing.
Timothy Taft chapter 55 . 10/31
Loving the story can't wait to read the rest
Yashvir Sahdeo chapter 17 . 10/26
Put Bella
Isabelle6116 chapter 55 . 10/20
Freedom army ?
Pour se libérer de Voldemort dont armée pour la liberté
Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime chapter 55 . 10/20
I have one, Arthorians Order or more coming to PM
LeoniusDong chapter 55 . 10/20
I think the new name maybe Justice Army!
ThunderClaw03 chapter 54 . 9/27
Great job keep it up. Wow that was amazing . I hope Harry can get off his potion soon so he can finalize the bond with Hermione and his ladies. Update when you can
Guest chapter 53 . 9/25
Very well done!
BSCE chapter 54 . 9/27
I like this chapter like the others, and love the interaction of Harry with Katie and Gabrielle!
Guest chapter 37 . 9/24
Why do you let saying the elf names over and over? She could just say we.
Guest chapter 35 . 9/24
I hate it when authors use fake drama to pad out a story. Your story is very good without all the extra crap. Why keep ?
Guest chapter 31 . 9/24
I was wron or more chapters to tell us what we have known for going on 20 years, please stop and move on!
Guest chapter 30 . 9/24
Are you. Really using three whole chapters to tell them about Harry's life. You could have just said Hermonie then told them about Harry's life and then moved on with the story.
bowers.larry chapter 54 . 9/24
You have a very good story here. I am enjoying it immensely. Technically it is easy to tell that English is not your first language, as there are minor mistakes, but I read right over them. I started your story 3 days ago and finally caught up with you today. I have been lucky as there have been spots where the plot advancement has been so slow you might have lost me as a reader if I had to 3 chapter and numerous weeks for the real story to move on. However I am anxious to read more. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and imagination with us readers.
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