Reviews for Wolves That Walk Alone
fuckheadmcretard chapter 36 . 48m
This story scratches my itch for awful people getting a taste of what they give out. You have created a brilliant storyline and given Six a character here and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every chapter.
SpudyPotato chapter 36 . 49m
Fantastic fight, good thinking taking some influence from DOOM. Arc length is just right, another chapter or two would be stretching it without an additional subplot on the island.

If you did do a spin off it would be interesting to focus on an honest Mistral detective trying to find Six while also being confronted by the corrupt underbelly of their city, and a White Fang rookie coming to realise their organisation isn't for equality, but for domination, other faunus be damned.

Something showing Sixes actions having a wider impact on the kingdoms and WF would work well to make Six come across as an even more legendary figure than he already is.
Gamerman22 chapter 36 . 1h
Next Arc… Alta! Would be nice if Six free the force labor Faunus and shut down SDC and some of the Alta military. Don’t kill Winter, Weiss and her mother. Just kill Jacques, o just send him a message, so Faunus can change their opinion on Six.
PilotWithThreeStrikes chapter 36 . 1h
Don’t think I didn’t see that DooM(2016) reference with that boss fight.
COULDNT12761022 chapter 36 . 2h
This was a really good finale and six torture of merlot not lasting as long could be because he doesn't want to be that brutal and stopped subconsciously and I really don't know where the story could go I mean you could do a check in with everyone also I have a feeling that six and watts might team up temporarily just to take down ironwood, I am really curious where this is going, Christ 36 chapters this is one of those rare few fanfiction where noble six feels like a character and isn't bought to remnant interrupts Torchwicks robbery and accepted at beacon and turned into a teenager, please keep this up but also take a break if you want or need too
Gunbladez19 chapter 36 . 2h
Man this was a epic story Arc. Can't wait to see What happens to the others who kidnapped those two
whatsupman chapter 36 . 3h
A good closure to the island story with DOOM flavour.

Utilizing merlots tools against him thats cleverand HOLY SHIT the torture scene. its a worthy end for someone like merlot.

Myne and Maaya renuited with Six. and the other children too.

But there is the situation about Myne. I mentioned in the previous review that Myne will slowly develop a mindset similar to Six which can be good and bad. She doesnt see anything sugarcoated anymore but she will have major issues toward social communication. Apathic, cold, emotionless, distrustfull and slighly paranoid. Man this child cannot take a break doesnt she? The other kids arent even better. This isolation makes a number on their mental health.

Will Myne and the kids ever trust the military and the hunters ever againt? I guess not.
Shadefyre chapter 36 . 3h
Vanguard was ok liked the gun customization battlefield is disappointing many mistakes they basically made a titanfall without any titans and no campaign which honestly is the reason I bought it they ripped everyone off.
Malgrath chapter 36 . 3h
As usual, my applause to you my friend. I just wonder what Six is gonna do with the info about this island. Leak it out to news agencies to expose everything?
LiquidusSnake chapter 36 . 4h
I feel this arc was the right lenght, don't worry, now there is just the "mighty" atlesian military to put in its place
BAND0G chapter 36 . 4h
I love this, I may be thinking to much into it but it’s like light and dark, six protects the light from any and all evil he can, whilst Maaya is light, showing warmth and kindness. Absolutely beautiful
Sm0keyPanda chapter 36 . 4h
Don't be sorry, the chapter was awesome. And Merlot getting his (rather poetic) just desserts was extremely satisfying. The reunion between Myne and Maaya also had my heart melting. Looking forward to the next chapter!
SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta chapter 36 . 5h
As soon as the doors were forced open from the inside i knew what was coming. Love it. The scorpion lower body was a surprise though.
free man writer chapter 36 . 5h
You've been on a role with this story and damn was it satisfying with how Six got info on Salem so easily out of Merlot. It's strange really but it really goes to show how very few authors really dive into the whole aspect of hyper lethal vector aspect of both Chief and Six and the reason why we can point to several instances of their displays of skill is because of how few times we get to see them. Thankfully, you've done it a number of times and it was a gloriously gory good time.
darkromdemon chapter 36 . 6h
And now just two pest left before the Prime Bitch Is dead
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