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ManuelWTF chapter 43 . 11/29
Hermano, no sé si puedas leer mi comentario ya que soy español, pero por algo existe el traductor de Google jaja..

Solo quería decirte, como latinoamericano, que este fic es grandioso, hago mis historias en Youtube, y tal vez nuestro género sea muy diferente ya que el tuyo es bastante brutal, incluso tengo un fic de noble six que estoy haciendo. No te diré de que trata por qué me da vergüenza ya que eres mucho mejor que yo.

Te voy a ser honesto, este fic es grandioso, eh escuchado que tienes muchas críticas negativas, más por parte de haters. Solo diré que creo que has acertado bien, ozpin es un incompetente, acepto a una niña por hacer una buena acción, de la cual los criminales escaparon, dejo entrar a una ex miembro de la white Fang y no le pidió información, y está ex miembro en vez de dar información a los federales ya que fue la mano derecha de Adam por lo que debió de obtener información valiosa no? no, no lo hace por qué es una cobarde y tonta (Blake). Dejo entrar a una impulsiva joven que creo un caos en un caverna o club por qué simplemente no le dieron la información que quería lastimando a personas en el proceso. De Weiss no digo mucho por qué es más una malcriada pero bueno, no es su culpa si no de su padre y madre incompetentes, y su hermana cobarde.

Casi todos en RWBY son una basura con problemas mentales o con IQs por debajo del promedio normal. Ozpin literalmente mando a morir a Summer por qué no le dio la información completa, y literalmente hizo que la academia fuera destruida, los directores siempre, siempre deben de proteger a su instituto y alumnos, pero ozpin es todo menos un director, es más, todos los directores de las escuelas de cazadores son una basura en su trabajo. No me sorprende que el mundo no avance y todo solo vaya mal en el canon con tremendos idiotas.

No me sorprende que Noble Six les de de una paliza a todo el que se le crucé.

Tu historia es perfecta, o bueno, tal vez no ya que nada es perfecto, pero para mí, lo es.

Sea lo que sea que te digan los Haters, mandalos a la mierda. Si no les gusta tu fic, bueno, que vayan darle una mamada a los escritores de RWBY ya que esos les dan lo que quiere a cambio de hacer más mierda la historia.

Sigue adelante Bro, amo tu historia, y quiero ver hasta dónde puedes llegar, y cual será la conclusión de esta historia tan Seinen, cuídate, y una abrazo psicológico.
GuestA chapter 1 . 11/29
To Surtr1994
Why would you write a review to criticize a story? With several paragraphs none the less. Do you even know why the author's note is the way it was in chapter 26? It was because another reviewer was being very rude in their own opinion on what should happen in a crossover between Halo and RWBY, like what you are doing right now. Nothing is stopping you from dropping stories like I have without making a fuss.
Conso Anima chapter 43 . 11/29
Not many people get how truly damaged any and all Spartans are-3s would be the worst for that. While I don't always agree with how it went, you can clearly see that here. Particularly as Six partook in his more sadistic tendencies, but also as he very slowly worms his way towards being more human overall.

I can see where you also have Auspicious and Six mirroring John and Cortana/the Weapon too, though. She pushes and prods him, challenges him, but supports him. And she still keeps quite a bit of her more Forerunner nature intact, encouraging research, study, and observation.

Some parts of the story feels like a blender of cynicism and bad angles the show had in storytelling, but it never truly splits horribly far. Ozpin would do anything to a degree to get another chance at ending his and Salem's curse. Yang, before her arm was cut off, was a hot-headed and arrogant person. Yeah, she had times she wasn't, but the idea that being a Maiden would interfere? Sensible. Raven...karma Houdini. Just...sorta made sense.

Also, guild? Rank starting at porcelain? Numerous malicious aura references? just waiting to hear the slip and see Six called Slayer at some point. No goblins for the rest of the title, though.

May not agree with every step, but the story is a good, genuine attempt to throw a damaged (duh, Spartan) Lone Wolf at Remnant.
Surtr1994 chapter 26 . 11/28
Right, so. Right about here is when I decided to not skip over the Author’s Notes, and holy shit was that a mistake.

Pro tip for the future, just in case nobody’s told youdon’t do what this guy did and argue with reviewers. *Especially* don’t do it in a public forum. Regardless of the validity of your argument, it just makes you look grouchy and turns people off of reading your story.

On to what I read of this story to this pointthis is clearly a poorly done bash fic.

Noble Six, despite being a ruthless murdery killing machine with very little human emotion, is always shown as having the moral high ground, while everybody else he meets is either terrified of him or views him as a hero. Despite his apparent robotic personality, he ends up with the equivalent of a girlfriend and adopted daughter, as well as having effectively raised Ren and Noraand none of them rubbed off on him at all up to this point. His tech is superior to the point that Aura is useless against his equipment and weaponry, and then he gets Forerunner equipment, which boosts him even further. He is the only one on the planet considered genetically human enough to use said weaponry, as well, so nobody can get an edge over him. Essentially, Noble Six is a Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues.

Ozpin… I can see how *maybe* he could have been like this fic’s incarnation… in his past. It feels like the author took Ozpin, took away about 30 years worth of personal growth that would have happened prior to the start of RWBY, and slapped the resulting Ozpin into the fic.

The overall structure of the story up til this point has been as thus: 5-6 chapters of Noble Six wandering through the wilderness, turning on Forerunner bases and being a badass, a few chapters of him entering a city to purge it of crime to the horror of those in power, and maybe a chapter of him killing a super-Grimm single-handedly. I skimmed over probably 75% of the chapters up until this point, and I’m not convinced going back over them is going to show me that I missed anything significant.


So, to sum up: author’s attacking reviewers in the notes, Noble Six is an invincible Mary Sue, Ozpin’s short a few decades of personal growth, and the fic is repetitive to an extreme. You get no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
CaptainKenDog2 chapter 43 . 11/25
Great story can't wait for next chapter
G4dgetJunior chapter 43 . 11/23
taylorrajay88 chapter 3 . 11/21
Are you gonna have six defeat the crown who are hiding out in vacuo eventually
Jenkins-224 chapter 19 . 11/1
hafizfaishal1402 that's a good question but in my opinion tyrian or whatever his name was
hafizfaishal1402 chapter 19 . 10/31
Between Tyrian, Raven, Taurus, Ozpin and Merlot, which one donyou think had the worse torture, both physical and psychological.
EndOfTheGlory chapter 39 . 10/28
You know, your work is good. Like, there are some parts that I don't like, but it's like that with most books.
The only thing I don't understand is why don't you fucking ignore haters out there. If you involve yourself with haters, they just become more agitated because they see they got the needed attention from you, sucking all your emotions like leeches.
It honestly seems childish to me. I understand the pride in your own work, I am a bit of a writer myself, but don't understand this constant emotional unleashing you keep displaying after the chapters.
See hater? Ignore the hater. Simple as that.
Hater continues to write comments and continues to bother you? Why the fuck would you care? If he doesn't care to write normal criticism and not childish yellings that you didn't go the way he wanted, it's just wasted time.
SomeGuy chapter 42 . 10/27
I cant wait for more, I've been reading this story since 2019 and I love this story. I don't understand why people don't like it and bash you.
NobleWolf32 chapter 43 . 10/25
this story gave me some goblin slayer vibes, but anyway love your work, keep doing things at your own pace, and hope to see more
ZeroExia chapter 43 . 10/24
The flaws show the difficulty of his life and the lore issues, plus it just leaves room for character building.
ZeroExia chapter 37 . 10/24
Humble beat down is approaching buy your tike now
ZeroExia chapter 36 . 10/24
Okay I’m finally getting to read again damn Wi-Fi company machine going on the death toll, but yeah scientists doing experiments on children and a spartan finds out it’s bye-bye in a unbelievable painful method.
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