Reviews for Shall I show you a True Shield?
RandomGuest chapter 13 . 8/13
Damn this Naofumi really prepared. Teaching hand signs? What is this is the army?
Darksun2002 chapter 22 . 8/4
so basically shield hero but edgier, the first few chapters were nice but the overwhelming edge and Naofumi acting ooc ruined it for me
AiyaKnight chapter 1 . 8/2
Mostly cannon with less care put into world building 1/10
Darth Illest chapter 18 . 7/15
It's completely right, as in i can only agree with Naofumi
Exim Black chapter 22 . 7/1
This is, so far, an excellent piece. Hope you pick it back up at some point.
Ezylryb chapter 22 . 6/19
Holy shit, this story is great. I won't lie, I wouldn't mind seeing some Naofumi/Raphtalia scenes.
Makimass chapter 9 . 6/16
Man I'm disappointed with the MC, he never learned from his confrontations with the spear hero. Just one word out of the Spear Hero's mouth and he's already raging, he's always shouting reminding me of Bakugo. If he thinks the people in this fantasy "world" then take advantage of it..
Liam chapter 21 . 6/12
Shield is the true waifu trust in the shield and the shield shall protect u, trust in it Naofumi
all forms of fluff chapter 22 . 5/31
first time through.

I have enjoyed your take on the whole armor perks that you've added to the story. It's a feature that isn't often explored in shield hero fics. While it seems like it's more to do with the dragon core that he has in his chest piece then a feature of the shield I am still enjoying it. For the most part you seem to be following the cannon story beats, which is kind of expected with a fanfiction, but I have enjoyed it. The only complaint that I can think to make is that this Naofumi doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would put up with the pushy nature of L'arc. Even if the girls pushed Naofumi into taking time off it seems to me that your shield hero would have sat back with his Shadow (Kana) and let the others blow off some steam.

Speaking of Shadow (Kana). How old is she? You continually call her a "Girl" and as English doesn't seem to be your first language I have to ask if you are using the term correctly. Is Kana a young teenager (13-15) or is she a young adult? (18-20). Her introduction story said that she was a child who was taken in and trained to be a Shadow. That has to take time measured in the years, I would personally assume. She is also human, so why is she wanting head pats from Naofumi?

Another thing to note is [The storm that Approaches] is a rather long way of saying [Oncoming Storm]. One sounds like a translation error and the other is generally used to describe a harbinger of doom, defeat, upheaval, or change.

Alright I think that's it. Thanks for sharing this story. It's been fun to read, and I have enjoyed listing to deviltrigger on repeat while doing so.
codywhite162 chapter 22 . 5/22
This was an excellent story so far :) I cannot wait for the next update!
GymNatty321 chapter 1 . 5/19
I am the meat-shield more like I am the bitch.
dragoon109 chapter 7 . 5/15
you do know right that the actual history was that siltvelt made a genocidal war long before aultcry was even there right?
Hiro chapter 19 . 5/10
Sky Tempest Z chapter 17 . 5/6
This twisted pope... how dare you! You're just a mere mortal!
blasterdog chapter 22 . 5/5
Hopefully L’arc takes the news well enough. He seems alright. Nice story
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