Reviews for Not As I Appear
lacitar13 chapter 1 . 7/4/2003
I honestly should have written a review a long time ago for this story. Sorry I never did until now. This was actually the story that made me get off my duff and start writing DW fics. Okay, so I first I did that one chapter of a story, but this one made me go to Wei Yan. hehehe. So you're one of the reasons for my story. *BIG MAMA JAMMING HUG*

Thanks! (You never know what fic will make someone write or draw or anything.)

Clarinet chapter 1 . 5/4/2003
Interesting short. I don't see much attention given to Wei Yan, which is a pity, since I think he's an interesting character (though I have no idea why KOEI made him into a weird savage).

I wouldn't say there's any Zhuge Liang bashing so far in this fic. I'm a big fan of Zhuge Liang, but from what I gathered in the RoTK novel (and even more in the TV series), he did treat Wei Yan quite badly, and I think personal dislike had as much to do with his actions as any fear of rebellion.

I do wonder when this story is supposed to take place, since after Zhuge Liang's death Wei Yan betrayed Shu and was executed by Ma Dai.