Reviews for 47 The Long, Harsh Road
kirosyamcha chapter 1 . 9/24
so will there be any mcu other than dreams? or is it purely dreams about mcu characters and the 7 years of Hogwarts? which give harry life experience im sure and will probably change his personality a bit.
Lolbit Frayer chapter 57 . 9/21
Hey, I just realized somthing. Fawks is called Guy, there is Guy fawks, then Guy fox,
Eli freer chapter 111 . 9/21
ksecc1 chapter 67 . 9/23
Thanks for writing Ron’s POV. I love hearing his insights into Harry. On the one hand, he knows Harry/Loki better than anyone but his mother. On the other hand, he’s clearly bewildered. But used to it.

I love the Thor and Loki duo.
NineYetis chapter 112 . 9/23
Ok, you did an excellent job driving hope parallels I completely missed. Good job. 5/5
ksecc1 chapter 57 . 9/22
Poor Harry. He never does get a break, does he? And compound that with Loki’s karma (?) and you get utter disaster. Mixed with brilliance. But right now let’s go with utter disaster. Poor guy.
ksecc1 chapter 52 . 9/22
Aaaand here is Ron’s POV. It’s like you knew what I was thinking!

Truthfully, I love reading Ron’s opinion of Harry’s insanity. He has so much time to be used to Loki’s chaos. And he seems both unphased and deeply worried when go is Harry’s partner in crime.
ksecc1 chapter 50 . 9/22
I kind of wish Ron’s POV was something we got to see after each year. I know why you did it in chapters 21-23ish. But I loved to hear what he’s thinking. I’d love to see more of it. (Although I think you’re in to year 5 now.)
ksecc1 chapter 49 . 9/22
I keep being drawn to the way Harry is different and the same from book Harry and Loki. It’s like he’s stronger and more fragile than both. He’s certainly more bad ass than book Harry. And better able to reason and think on his feet. And in some ways he’s more secure. He truly believes his mom loves him and he’s more confident in many of his actions. But he’s also a lot more tormented and certainly has the Thanos Achilles heel. When compared to Loki, he actually seems less self destructive. More stable. But of course little Harry Potter doesn’t have quite the same arsenal of a Norse god/super villain. Of course, both seem to be a bit clueless about people in some ways.
ksecc1 chapter 36 . 9/22
Such an interesting problem space. How much is Harry? How much is Loki? It makes sense that Harry wouldn’t want to be subsumed by Loki. And Loki has lots of bad-to-horrific memories and a history of poor to dreadful judgements. But. Loki can’t all be a negative persona best locked in a box and forgotten. He has a lot of skills and good memories and good traits. But how does Harry/Loki deal with that can of worms. I’m glad you’re not making it simple.
ksecc1 chapter 33 . 9/21
Also. I love stories about Thor and Loki. I just feel like they balance out each others’ weaknesses well. Of course, they often seem to be trying to kill each other. But still.

Ron and Harry are such fabulous partners in crime.
ksecc1 chapter 28 . 9/21
It is so satisfying to see someone take care of Loki. The poor guy’s life is a disaster. Of course, he certainly makes things worse for himself. But the arrogance seems to be well and truly beaten out of him, which seems to be one of his most irritating and self destructive habits. (The dialog that is born from his arrogance is pretty awesome though. I kind of miss the nuclear grade snark.)

So, again, thank you so much for writing this. I totally enjoy watching Loki’s character evolve.
ksecc1 chapter 18 . 9/21
Your characterization of Loki Harry is fascinating. He’s got Loki’s angst and some of his snark and skill. And all of his self hatred. Boy is he a hot mess. Which makes sense. It seems like the Dursleys were worse with all the starving and solitary confinement. Maybe because Loki is more physically durable? Which would just make them see him as more of a freak and double down on the punishments? Have a kid in that abusive environment and then has him remember Loki’s fall from grace and’s like you’ve got all of Harry and Loki’s low points wrapped into one ball of horribleness. It makes me wonder how on earth he’s going to make it to the end of the HP canon, let alone deal with Thanos.

Thanks for writing this. I love picking through characters’ motivations.
LuciferRedeemed chapter 111 . 9/18
I love the chapter!
Faranon423 chapter 14 . 9/18
...Ron is Thor, isn't he.
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