Reviews for 47 The Long, Harsh Road
lipssiettv chapter 104 . 4/24
so one is pretty, interesting and a dream. the other a pretty trauma bond?
lipssiettv chapter 89 . 4/24
YES! I like Luna waaaay better than Ginny!
lipssiettv chapter 87 . 4/23
I love how fiercely protective he is to his mother. That's why Ginny makes no sense. He would want an elegant, beautiful, wise, powerful, regal woman. and Ginny is neither elegant regal or wise which are the 3 most fundamental pilars of Frigga.
lipssiettv chapter 84 . 4/23
Mionie and Jane share many core attributes so that one at least makes some sense
lipssiettv chapter 84 . 4/23
I genuinely cant see Ginny with Loki like at all... i guess no fic is perfect, but this one was so damn close. at least I remember a note that said u dont write romance, so hopefully it is easy to ignore an implied relationship
lipssiettv chapter 81 . 4/23
i can't care any less about Ginny
lipssiettv chapter 78 . 4/23
good call
lipssiettv chapter 75 . 4/23
best book end so far! Bet my baby will hit his growth spur 2 now that he will have an actual year of food.
lipssiettv chapter 73 . 4/23
I love how Hermionie is always wrong about the real life important stuff.
lipssiettv chapter 55 . 4/22
once the boggart training begins would it make sense a dementor was the biggest fear? no, right?! it gotta be Thanos...
lipssiettv chapter 32 . 4/21
get a new wand for Thoron! I wanna see if its also a yidrassil thingie
lipssiettv chapter 29 . 4/21
why didnt Lokarry demand a house elf to bring him 2 or 3 meals a day?! why must he starve. he needs to eat so he can grow! feed my baby!
lipssiettv chapter 9 . 4/20
Lokarry is 100 Slythering, but since the ship has saled I am hoping for Ravenclaw. I just can't imagine Loki enjoying living with a bunch of rash, nosy, self righteous people...
lipssiettv chapter 2 . 4/20
awww my poor baby in his cupboard, with dreams for company and comfort. Hang in there Lokarry
pwrmom2 chapter 169 . 11/12/2023
Absolutely loved this
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