Reviews for A Matter of Apples
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2
Love your stories.
delos13 chapter 1 . 5/15/2019
...and so, before driving from my hotel this morning for a preplanned local trip, I opened my emails and saw notification about a new story from you.

I openned the link to the story but didn't read it. I closed my cell phone and left as planned. Some 40 minutes later (it should have taken me 10 minutes but I got lost again!), I arrived at my destination. I walked around a little, then I settled on the stone stump of the column, opened my cell and started to read your story.

Despite the overwhelming sadness of it, I managed a smile when I got to the point of Hephaistion taking a bite of the rotten apple. The reason for the smile? I was reading your story in Mieza!

Well, please forgive me - I couldn't resist a bit of suspension in the beginning of my review.

Back to the story. I think Mieza was appropriate place to read it and cry. The story is overwhelmingly sad, beautiful and heart breaking! Each of the small vignettes gives small glimpses into Alexander's memories and desperation. I just love the story so much!

I think you combined so well grief of the present with chuckles of the past - Hephaistion denying Alexander over the rim expenses was fun to read and I agree with Alexander - Hephaistion would have never allow to spend that much money on his funeral!

I so, so love this story! I hope you get inspired again soon! You know, it's Alexander's birthday in a few months - surely a cheerful enough occasion for a new story!