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Guest chapter 6 . 1/31
super casual shitter here, i might just be missing something really obvious but on ryoken's first turn how did atsusa activate her effect after it got hit by infinite impermanence
Romadrox8975 chapter 6 . 6/19/2021
I get to finish it yeah
scififan599 chapter 2 . 2/27/2021
Okay, I'm writing this review as I read the chapter, so if anything comes along, I'll give you my opinion on it.

First of all, while characters having issues with each other is perfectly fine and expected, there's a fine line between two characters disliking each other and the author using one to express their personal dislike of the other. I'm sorry if I'm mistaken, but Yukemi's early rants about Playmaker reads more like character bashing to me. And while I agree Playmaker's personality in the beginning isn't the best, character bashing isn't something I like to see, as it cheapens the story and the characters.

And about his comments to Hector about Aoi Zaizen: I can understand self-deprecation and self-hate; thinking poorly of oneself is something a lot of people do. But the way he talks also feels like he's putting her on a pedestal, and I feel like that's disrespectful of Aoi; she isn't an unattainable object, she's a person, same as Yukemi. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but his thoughts on her just don't feel healthy to me.

So these Anti-Ignis can grant their users enhanced durability, speed, and reaction speed. I would call BS, but this is an anime fanfic, so what the hell? And considering how his conversation with Yusaku went, I got the feeling the two were intentionally antagonizing each other. Like I said before, hostility between two characters is perfectly fine, but escalating it too quickly or forcing it may seem unnatural and can hurt the flow of the story. Maybe I'm just someone who likes to take things slow, but the things between the two feels rushed.

The rules of this Dominus Duel sound interesting, but I can't say I'm too invested in it. Too many rules and too many different kinds of duels can spread things out too much and devalue them.

Did you call Decode Talker a gundam? Well, it does kind of look like one I suppose. I think I saw an error in the duel during Turn 2: When Honeybot is destroyed, you reduced Proxy Dragon's attack points because it wasn't linked, which I think was because of Cynet Storm's effect? Except Proxy Dragon was being pointed to by Decode Talker, so it should have kept the ATK boost. Not a major error since it would have lost the boost anyway once Decode Talker was destroyed, so it's just a placement thing.

Okay, as awesome as an Extra Link and Extra Link - Full Mode are, I wish you hadn't introduced them in your second chapter. I can understand changing the order in which Playmaker obtains Code Talkers or introducing new ones, but pulling the Extra Link and Full Mode in the second chapter leaves a very important question: Where do you go from here? How do you top this? How do you make something even more impressive than this? I believe that question is why the anime didn't introduce the Extra Link, Link-5, or Link-6 monsters until the ends of each season, as they wanted to save them for special and shocking occasions. I myself try to follow that rule, as I think it makes the occasions when it does happen more meaningful. So unless this story is going to be really short, only about 20 chapters or so in the end, I would recommend slowing things down. Also, since you had Playmaker summon 17 Link Monsters, I'm going to assume there's no Extra Deck cap in play in your story.

So that's my review of Chapter 2. I'm sorry if it seems overly critical, as the duel action was genuinely good and suspenseful; it's just easier for me to point out what I didn't like or what I'm worried about. My biggest advice is to slow down, at least in regards to what each duelist shows off. After all, they are going to have additional duels right? You shouldn't show off everything a character has or can do right from the start; you need to save something to entice the audience with.
Romadrox8975 chapter 5 . 1/25/2021
I read it(start to cry) i did it!
SakushiRyu chapter 7 . 12/30/2020
Onto Chapter 7, where Hydradrives finally get justice; seriously though, that deck relied too much on plot armor... Starting from the beginning, I see you've added some new scenes, nice: the first hints to Yuga's descent to Universe 76 that takes place in the next chapter (a nice lead up to that by the way, instead of just appearing out of nowhere, it feels more fluent now) and then we have young Atsuko and Kyota (sweet, and another great lead up to her appearance at the end of the chapter and the reveal of her affiliation in the next one). After the battle between Killer Quee- uh, I mean Murder Maiden, and Pandor, which avoids the usual "since this is Yugioh, we must duel" cliche, we get to meet Lightning and Windy! Not only does he have Bohman who can leave the network, but Murder Maiden as well, so our heroes better watch.

It was good to re-read Atsuko's development, to which I can also relate since I've done many errors when I started playing this game, some of which she displayed very well in this Duel. You've done a good job yourself, giving some realism to those scenes by having her make mistakes, which then helped her grow not only as a Duelist but as a person as well. And you've picked a good deck for her, might I add, not only because it uses a different playstyle from the Galebringers (thus forcing a change) but because it fits with many factors like Atsuko's VR name, Emerald's name, and her father's deck (as well as her mother's if I recall correctly).

Windy not being controlled by Lightning opens so many doors, I'm really glad you took this route, re-reading it got me excited once more. Can't wait to see what'll happen to him now that he's "free" from Lightning. That said...

QOTC: why do I feel like Darlee and Fee will join them? I don't know, it was a sudden idea that came to my mind (they would go against Kiyoshi, the user of Lector after all, so that might not be the case). Lightning already wants to enslave humanity and complete Bohman, so what comes next is... enslaving the gods or Duel Monster?
SakushiRyu chapter 6 . 12/30/2020
Ah, yes, I remember this chapter very well, if you get what I mean. It's well balanced between jokes, plot, and epic moments, so well done. The Duel takes the cake, with its intense backs and forths and crazy OC cards, putting it one step above the previous chapter's Duel in my book (as you know, I tend to dislike one-sided fights, but it did a good job at revealing Kiyoshi's strength to us, so I'm not saying I hated it. Honestly, it actually needed to go the way it did, how else should we understand he's THAT strong?). And this is why I'm drawn to stories like these, where characters are way stronger than their canonical counterparts or the plot goes a different way from the anime, it's like a breath of fresh air; I think we can all agree we don't want to read something we already know, if not, what's the point of a fanfic? Now I can't wait to see what treatment our original cast will get, heh heh.

I still can't read Betsune's chants without thinking of Antinomy's haha. Ryoken's chants were beautiful as well, you've handled them both well in this chapter, not just Duel-wise but as actual people, it was nice to re-read Ryoken's development. I liked the interactions between Betsune's monsters and herself, it's kinda obvious I'm a sucker for those by now. And now, let's see what's happening in Lightning Land...

QOTC: It's nice to see other writers' take on the World Legacy lore, as a fellow writer who uses it as well. And your approach is definitely unique, so I'm interested in learning more. As for the other Incarnations, it's obvious we'll have Ib, Ningirsu, Auram, and Lees, then maybe Darlee, Fee, and Galatea (after all, she does become a character of her own in the official lore).
SakushiRyu chapter 5 . 12/29/2020
So after fifteen months, the one who updated in the times we now call "COVID wasn't a thing back then", makes his official (since I've beta-ed your chapters) return! I'm happy to see you're back to posting new content for your other readers as well, who've been liking these new chapters as much as I did when I first read them.

And we start with Kiyoshi flexing on Sokudo, eh? Gotta love how one-sided and similar to an actual Yugioh Duel it was. And the designs of the Monsters he used are so cool, especially since there's a story tied to them, which I know you know I love. I'm already waiting for the final Duel of the season where Kiyoshi will have a serious fight with one, if not both, our protagonists. Now let's see, if this Duel was so long and technically only Kiyoshi played, how long will that Duel be if both, or all if they're three, players will be doing stuff? *Me, nervously sweating because my eyes are in danger*

Jokes aside, as I've probably told you already, this chapter was more focused on plot than Dueling, seeing the length of the second half of the chapter. Oh, and reading Sokudo exploding for the second was as unnerving as reading it for the first time. No wonder he wanted to leave Hanoi, things will only get crazier from now on. Master Pax's interaction with the Knights was well done in my opinion, it's how you would expect a deity talking with humans, and I enjoyed reading his interaction with Lector, too; if you've read the newest chapter of Redux, you should get a good idea of how much I love interactions between Duel Monsters, especially if they're in the same deck. Also, nice to see an IRL Duel, in the anime we only got two if I recall correctly. Like I've already told you, a good start to this arc!

QOTC: your introduction of the Summoning Methods was nice, involving other countries and such, going outside of Den City (which I think was the only location the entire anime was set in). And this deck suits Kiyoshi well, not just story-wise, but also gameplay-wise; "the more Summoning Methods you master, the stronger you are" is one of the anime's rules (and was in ARC-V, too), so for Kiyoshi to have all of them denotes him a powerful and dangerous opponent, fitting since he'll be the final antagonist of your season 1.
Edgar chapter 6 . 12/29/2020
Lol Atsuko perverted
ZarcEternal chapter 7 . 12/28/2020
Okay never thought i say this: But man Hydradrives rocked that duel. Yeah they are shit and only plot gave Bohman so many wins. I mean he opened 3 Boosters in most of his Mirror Link Vrains Duels.

Regarding your question: Well we have Lightning, Windy, Bohman, Murder Maiden, i believe Haru, so to end the image of Orochi we would need two members for the seven heads ( if Haru is counted as one,and not as lackey), Well I believe this King of Terrors (Yuri is that you?!) underlings will be the remaining group members ( so OC of the multiverse ). Cannot think of any names.

Happy new year to you, and I hope to see you continue both stories with the beginning of the next year.
Super Shadow 2018 chapter 7 . 12/28/2020
I am conflicted about Bohman because of his deck , which thank god you modified. Most people think that Playmaker Cyberse Deck is trash, but sadly that honnor belongs to Bohman in anime. Sorry f for not being specific . I meant Ryoken Borrel monsters that should talk with Betsune's monsters . Oh well, its water under the bridge as they say. BTW, your protagonist from Arc says that no monster can compare to Bile Throat , but what if his opponent monster was Chaos Emperor Dragon Envoy of End ? Thank you for the answer ! I appreciate your oppinion .
Happy new year !
ZarcEternal chapter 6 . 12/24/2020
Oh my god, the cursed Sky Strikers make their debut, like you I really hate them with passion, because I am a casual player but my friend (hardcore player) always destroys me with his deck.
Regarding the QOTC: Do it! I love the lore of all cards and especially love it if Konami makes literally a novel of lores just to create new card series. I absolutely would love it seeing more lore being incorporated into fanfic.
Now regarding the chapter: The duel was really great, dynamic and had many twist I seriously couldnt imaging. The humor was also great at the end, cannot wait to see what Betsune does to Mister "Waifu Pillow" if she catches him with them. But what was that ending?! The Knights getting attacked?! And you ending on possible the worst cliffhanger possible?! I seriously continue soon. But for now,

Merry ZARCMAS (the true holiday)
Super Shadow 2018 chapter 6 . 12/23/2020
Definatly enjoyed the duel, but i was dissapointed that there were no talking Borrel like in Donjusticia story. As a answer to your question, adding card lore it is a inspired ideea. But all this past Tenryu thing is confusing when you could focus on the duel monsters talking. But i kinda get it why you did not do it . Since it takes time to make a chapter with a duel, interractions would take even more than that. If you could find me somebody willing to help me with Soulburner vs Playmaker, i would definitely do a better job with the duel. By the way, how would you like me to close the duel ? Extra Link or Firewall Dragon Darkfluid ?
Take care of yourself, merry Christmas and may the force be with you !
SoulMatter chapter 6 . 12/23/2020
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hol' up.

That prologue is SUS! Is that from the Book of Apocalypse, from the Bible!?

Prologue aside, duel between Revolver and his other sister, yada yada- Sky Strikers!?

*Vietnam (AKA Dueling Nexus) Flashbacks*

Thank you for the horrible trip down memory lane that is facing Sky Strikers. Aside from the cursed archetype, the duel was quite engaging, and kept me on the edge, wondering who would win.

Aand, Ryoken has Gumblar. Hello, Deus Ex Machina. Nice to meet you. NOT! Extra Link Gumblar is OP, at least Extra Links require a shit ton of resources to set up.

The lore dump was something I have been already expecting from your stories, so I wasn't affected much. One hell of a cliffhanger, though.

Now, to reply to your reply to my review.

Yeah, I also enjoyed our correspondence through PMs, it helped me a lot in growing as a writer. I have recently found a writing style that suited me, and figured out what I was doing wrong.

I was trying to force chapters with a very high word count, which was very taxing on me. Now, on my BNHA fic on Ao3, it is 4-5k words on two chapters right now, chapters which I managed to write in around ten days.

It also helped me learn how to write a Yu-Gi-Oh! story, and what should I do in regards to OC Cards. So, yeah, talking with you was definitely an experience that helped me grow.

On the subject of True Dragons... Tbh, while the archetypes don't really synergize, as you said, they are connected through Master Peace, so it's hard to have one without the other, which is why I figured they'd appear in the story, if not on Dr. Kogami's deck, then at least in some other form.

They're also somewhat fun to write, what with the "Tributing Spells and Traps for a Tribute Summon" gimmick the True Dracos share. Also fun to have on your side, as well. I remember a tag duel I had, dunno if it was on Dueling Nexus or YGOPro, where I was using Raid Raptors and my partner was using True Dracos. We absolutely owned that duel, and at one point, Metaltron with its full invincibility to effects and Ultimate Falcon with a material for the End Phase effect were on our field at the same time. Good times.

Anyways, I'll be awaiting the goodness your next chapter will bring (While figuring out how Tenma can kick an Eldritch Being's metaphysical ass in his starting duel)!

Peace Out!
Bladelord chapter 6 . 12/23/2020
That ending was something. Hmm. That man seem familiar.

New character or someone from DOT?
TheBlazingButterfly777 chapter 6 . 12/23/2020
Road to Heaven World Legacy lore. Interesting.
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