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TheBlazingButterfly777 chapter 4 . 7/25/2019
Oh this atsuko have a sister
SakushiRyu chapter 3 . 6/28/2019
The writers when they made Firewall: "Firewall is so good and cool that it'll be Yusaku's Ace BUT he won't use it at all! Then, when Firewall becomes OP in the actual game, it's going to be banned! We're the epitome of evil!"
I think the writers make those similarities as means to nod back to the old series, and when you're a fan who notices them, you surely get excited.

This chapter was cool with intense back and forths, you couldn't tell who'll win until Heavenly Mode appeared. Like, that card is sooooo OP... better ban it like Firewall! XD The concept of Tenryuus and the Heaven-attribute is very interesting. They aren't an individual Type and Attribute, but sub-categories. The idea to fuse a human with a Duel Monster came out of nowhere! But it wasn't a bad touch. Yukemi's backstory explains well why he hates tech and has a superiority complex, good job.

Light haired man with a chess board next to him in an office? Jean-Michel Roget confirmed!? XD It wouldn't be surprising since you connected this to an Arc-V plotline. Good luck with the next chapter and life in general!
SakushiRyu chapter 2 . 6/28/2019
Back at it with another revieeeew! Here straight after reading your latest review of Overdrive, (and I'll try to keep it short, I'll give a much more detailed response in my next chapter) good luck on your exams and, talking about the offer, I began making Kioku's Cyberse/Dragon deck on Dueling Book, so if you have an account there, when I'm done, we could have a Duel. I'd like to see how it turns out, especially due to the things you pointed out. I might add the Creeper deck, too, we'll see. A quick heads up, if you want to download Percy, be ready. It takes a looong time to download.

That said, onto your chapter!

Yukemi's character gets even more interesting in this chapter. His inferiority complex only applies to girls... it's easy to figure out if you look at his conversation with Yusaku and Shoichi. He's way more sure of himself and outgoing, while with Aoi he was scared just to say 'Hi'. Also, "she is a Raigeki while I am a Fissure with a discard two cost at best" is the best line I've ever read from a YGO character. XD

So, onto the Duel. I would say Yusaku has a fair point for not letting Yukemi enter their team, he always showed a side which doesn't want to involve outsiders into his 'revenge'. Transcode is actually the best Gundam in my opinion, its effects are very useful for a deck like his. The way he completed the Extra Link was fascinating, not doing the usual U or V, but a... strange... L_/ something like that, you get the point. And it makes sense for him to do an Extra Link, his deck's all about that! Maybe he'll do one in the anime... like in the final episode or something.

I feared this Duel, seeing how long the turns are, would be boring, but instead managed to capture my full attention. I don't know what makes it be like that, so this is great writing. The idea of Dominus Duels is interesting, gives even more variety to the Duel. I liked the symbolism with Shoichi and the Kusanagi card; he doesn't mind Yukemi on the team, and the card which has his name is protecting him.

If I'm not mistaken, this takes place even before Go vs. Playmaker, and seeing he already has Link Bumper, will he obtain a different Link Monster with Storm Access in that Duel (since it's Link Bumpter he gets then)? The same applies to Transcode in Playmaker vs. Revolver 3, and Topologic Bomber in their first Speed Duel.

This was a great chapter! Keep it up!
Lindia Fullmoon chapter 1 . 6/18/2019
This story is interesting so far. Love the humor about the broken generic cards being used. As for your OC Cards, can you also describe the card Art it depicts? At least when a new OC card is introduced. Maybe you could make a monster card named Timaeus.

I honestly prefer 4000 life point Speed Duels. Master Duels, I’m fine with 8000 Life Points.

Anyways Keep up the good work.
LordMammon chapter 3 . 6/18/2019
Taking it from the top once more. This duel. Jesus Christ, I know duels and turns of this length aren't particularly uncommon in the actual card game but this is really the first time I have seen a duel of this length in Fanfiction and much less one that has been able to hold my attention for a prolonged length of time. Which in Layman's terms means that I think the duel is very well crafted and well done. Basically the best one I've read.

As for what happens in the duel itself, it is naturally a back and forth affair, with Yukemi casually taking time out of this very busy duel to bang his head against the wall because of Firewall Dragon's effect. I mean, if you have a card that can activate its effects on a permaloop it's just not much fun. If I remember correctly there was a card combo that included Substitoad and Mass Driver which resulted in an FTK if preformed correctly.

Then there's the big twist/reveal/unexpected moment when Heavenmail suddenly gains this new monster from out of thin air which not only has a new attribute but is also a new type of monster. Then he goes and merges with it O_O. Naturally that was very surprising but not a jump the shark moment because if you consider the franchise as a whole, it happened in GX, 90% sure it happened in 5D's at some point, ARC-V and the original series, it has already happened before. But for my opinion on it, I think it's a great thing and the merge was great. However, it makes me think about that voice that spoke to Heavenmail during those moments and released that ability to him.

That brings me to the end of the chapter for the time being. This Heavenly Guard is comprised of characters from your other fic with the ritual character Yuga being the Head-Captain which I assume means he's the one in charge. Now to get to the names which may or may not be important. Zomiel is only a vowel change away from having the name Zamiel, the name of the demon huntsman but it can also be written as Samael which is related to the Qliphort. Given the other names too Theumiel, once more a vowel change away from being related to the Qliphort. Zadkiela, being a manipulation of an Archangel as well. All of this makes me think who the one speaking to Yukemi is.

Right, back to before that section when Yukemi and Yusaku are conversing. Having Yusaku have a PTSD attack over the fact he was in danger of losing is something so obvious that I'm surprised that the show itself hasn't touched on this matter. And it is also a good reason to explain why Yusaku always has to have control over the situation.

When they finally spill to each other it is touching in a completely platonic way. The reason for why Yukemi hates technology is perfectly logical. This was actually a common fear when automaton in planes was first placed in the systems. In fact, the first demonstration flight of the new technology did actually result in the plane crashing into a forest during a fly by. It's also sad in the way that Yukemi has this kind of survivor's guilt alongside his inferiority complex, considered so worthless that it inadvertently kept him alive while his family died. Honestly, it's a wonder that something more morbid hasn't been revealed to have happened to him yet.

Moving one from that there is a very touching moment where Yukemi comforts Yusaku after a nightmare. But, of course, it has to be ruined by AI. Classy, at least he got his vengeance over his naming.

And that's everything. I do mean when I say that this is the best Vrains fic on the site.
ZarcEternal chapter 3 . 6/16/2019
Okay do your fanfic dimension now merge or am I just as confused that the Heavenly Commanders have a Yuga and Alexandra?! I know you and your crazy ideas so it isnt really far fetched to believe you merged them somehow. Now onto this "short" chapter, still took me an hour to read, but it was really enjoyable. The OP, BS Main Card was revealed today and you couldnt let the chance escape to rend about Firewall. So cannot wait to read more
Insertname chapter 3 . 6/16/2019
My problem isn’t “OC beats main protagonist”, It’s the fact that Heavenmail got three Tenryuus in one duel. I get these are long duels, but Playmaker doesn’t use storm access three times in one duel. Also, nice subtle but at the same time not subtle at all jabs at how overpowered Firewall dragon is.
Kyred chapter 3 . 6/16/2019
One: Bravo. BRAV-motherfucking-O. Amazing. Wish I could write half as good as you.

Two: I loved when Yukemi (hopefully correct) just banged his head on a wall over a op effect. I feel like that would happen in real life as well, since certain cards can screw you over. Such as yugioh nexus, I play the bot and most times loses to burn decks, blue eyes, and altergiest. Last deck, imo, is highly optimal in playing style and locks the opponent down big time. I just got back and can barely win against it most of the time.

Three: No. No. No. is what Yusaka was thinking when Heavenly mode was coming out.

Overall, great job and keep going.
Seraphina chapter 2 . 6/7/2019
I'm kind of cheering on Yusaku for this duel. Not only will it prove he's better than Atsuko, which is a bonus, it'll give Yukemi a chance to try and pursue Yusaku and find out more about him and why he's fighting the Knights of Hanoi. Also, this duel is isane with all of the formations and summons! I had to reread this a couple of times to keep up.
LordMammon chapter 2 . 5/30/2019
Well, it would seem that since you swear to make our eyes dry through the chapters, I'll do the same through the reviews. Although I'm pretty sure that it's a win-win both ways.

Let's take it from the top, shall we? Yukemi venting to Hector at the start of the chapter about Playmaker, pointing out Mr 100% win record for what he is. That line "I know and am an expert at everything without even trying, nothing you have is good enough to impress me, and even when I'm put against insurmountable odds I'll still win, just because I am that awesome" certainly made me laugh when I read it because of how accurate it is.

Next to that is that self deprecation of his chances with Aoi. I don't know why but equating the whole concept of love as "She's Raigeki and I'm Fissure" is just so hilarious to me, although it has very dark undertones when it comes to how Yukemi considers himself in relation to people. He seems like a person who both has a superiority and inferiority complex, that person who believes that he is simultaneously better than others while his self-esteem is down in the depths of hell.

Won't deny that having Yukemi find Yusaku out as Playmaker so quickly wasn't a little irritating. But that's not a knock on the story or anything, it's a personal opinion rather than a critical one. That whole mysterious game of identities can only be played for so long before you have to reveal them so I suppose that getting it out of the way. I'm just one for the mystery of who's who and figuring it out who they are piece by piece. At least the way Yukemi found out wasn't some bullshit reason that I've seen turn up before. Naturally of course, Yukemi goes mad with power when he learns this and becomes a real evil bastard, then again who wouldn't?

Yukemi with Naoki went perfectly as expected with Yukemi cursing the gods and fate for having Naoki turn up, Naoki is the punching bag of literally everyone so I'm sure that he probably hears these things and doesn't really care.

When it comes to him with Yusaku, that's where it gets more interesting. Yukemi trying to abuse his power over Yusaku being met with a stonewall of uncaring. Maybe if Yukemi wasn't such a motormouth with words coming out of his mouth at about the speed of light then he could've been able to abuse that power more. Now? What's the best way to convince someone over to your side? Of course! It would have to be using a mental link between you and an AI and then stabbing yourself in the hand, causing the blade to dislodge and nearly hit the other guy. I mean, it's all perfectly reasonable. To be honest, I laughed again when Yusaku called Yukemi a shit duelist in layman's terms, that's exactly how I envision Yusaku seeing other people.

And of course Yukemi owns a sword. I don't think anything else would be fitting.

This whole Dominus duel format is really interesting, really putting meaning to "He who strikes first wins." Dominus is a term that was used during the roman empire meaning leader or master. And speaking of that Latin/Greek usage. I've figured out the name to the project file from the first chapter although I won't outright mention what I think it is.

I'll admit that on Playmaker's first turn of the duel I felt my brain malfunction from how many link summons he was making, if you didn't keep track of it I would've been so lost. And naturally it only fires my brain further with the Extra Links, I didn't expect that happening in the least, not this early on anyway. Thank Christ that the duel will continue into next chapter, I might have died otherwise. If this is how strong he is in the first few chapters than it's going to be insane by the end of the story.

Right, looks like I've said everything I can about this chapter, I enjoyed it and once more typing this review has taken me roughly equivalent time to make. By the by, I also posted a Vrains story a few days ago, I'd appreciate it if you could check it out, if you do, just go to my profile and click the one that says "V2" in the title. I don't care if you don't but I'd like your opinion on it, I want to improve on my own ability and I think your stories show how good at this you are.

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter, whenever that comes out. I expect to have my eyes fully dried out though.
SoulMatter chapter 2 . 5/30/2019
Holy fuck, even if I saw a rough sketch of a part of this duel, it still managed to blow me away. Ha! Looks like I have to step up my game, my friend. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading the renewed first chapter of Dusk Revolution, even if it is shorter than the former one. And if you didn't read it, well... Then, read this part of the review after reading it.
Insertname chapter 2 . 5/30/2019
Huh. That was... strange. there are no fanfiction that I know about that makes Playmaker this overpowered, but I like it. Nice chapter, though. I’m just sitting here wondering how many episodes it would take for the anime to complete this duel
ZarcEternal chapter 2 . 5/30/2019
So Revolver and Playmaker will have a greater arsenal of Aces (given the fact that Noctis talked about Topologic, even if that monster was created in his debut duel). Cannot say I hate that they become even more OP, I just find it strange that Playmaker is such a dick to Yukemi and duelists st all. Also you make me read this chapter (I just hoped for a new chapter, so I couldnt wait to read it) and then you make a "to be continued"?! The first times my eyes arent dry as f and I am complaining ;) God I am a stupid diva ;) Well I hope to read more of this story in the near future and hope you also get over your writers block for Twilight (You stopped at a crucial point!)
Kyred chapter 2 . 5/30/2019
No... no... no! I was hyped for the new chapter, i was hype even more for the chapter, and then the duel conclusion will be in the next chapter... oh well.

Great chapter though. First the meeting between both protagonists(correct me if I am wrong), then a new type duel between them and playmaker doing what was used once in 2 seasons. I cannot wait for new chapters. Tgis is getting interesting. Amazing job.
SakushiRyu chapter 1 . 5/27/2019
I love this story! XD It's so... 'different' from all other VRAINS fanfics so far that it's unique. Yukemi isn't another Lost Incident victim, he isn't a dark character due to his past, he isn't a prodigy in tech- he's just a youth who hates tech and loves every girl he sees. Like... no other story dreamed of doing that so far.

The plot so far is OK, we have Anti Ignis and all that, I can't wait to see the interaction between your OCs and the anime's characters. The Duel was also cool, the LP 8000 thing makes sense and it's not a bad addition. The Duels can be longer and we explore more of a character's deck and power. Believe it or not, I agree with your point: making a whole archetype for one card is amazing. I wanted to make one for Apollousa too, but I won't, seeing you already did so.

That said, this chapter was VERY long. I had to start it to take a break. XD Also, Ryoken has a sister? Count me in! Can't wait to read more from this.
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