Reviews for Demon Skylark
Banri Dakeshi23 chapter 8 . 5/22
Please continuepuppy dog eyes*
Gesso Hikaru chapter 8 . 5/18
This story is absolutely amazing. I can't believe I haven't read this sooner! And the ships here are so cute~ Gaia/Kyoya and Fon/Viper for the win! Also, I wonder if the other Arcobaleno would be reincarnated here as well? That seems to be the pattern, but I could be wrong! Great job making this amazing work, I really love it! The plot,the events-PERFECTION! If Suna is singing praises to Kyoya for doing a wonderful job in improving it,then I'm singing praises to you for making this-a masterpiece of a story!
4597boss chapter 8 . 3/25
I liked seeing their reactions, and woud love if this was continued.
Eluvia Umbra chapter 8 . 3/1
Love it~!
simmingdae chapter 2 . 2/19
i had to check if the author had made it very clear that gaara is female in this fic but i hadn't found any warning. i usually don't mind genderbending in fics but i'm not that fond of her name. nor am i fond of hibari's narrative tone here something about it bugs me. which is a shame bc i wanted to like this fic since i've been craving for hibari fics where he causes disciplined chaos in other universes.
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 8 . 1/26
Well, this would drastically change the Akatsuki attack.

Kyouya vs. Kisame, not sure the latter could win the war of attrition.

Sasuke vs. Itachi. Similar to the canon Lee vs. Sasuke fight. Itachi might be able to see him, but could he react fast enough if he had to contend with "Gai without his weight" like speed?

Gaia vs. Sasori. Bad matchup for the latter. Especially with how crush happy Gaia is.

Whereas Deidara would have the misfortune of having to go up against Viper and Fon.

Between WW2 AA gun batteries and possible aircraft, he won't be safe in the air.

Once on the ground, there are Fon's Storm flames to contend with as they keep disintegrating his explosive clay. Oh and Fon trying to cave his skull in as well.

So yeah, no capture for the Akatsuki.


As for any other teansmigrats. Takeshi is a faint possibility as a samurai.

But the more likelier one might be Chrome as Yakumo Kurama. The weak body echoing her injuries in her previous life.

Don't see the rest fitting in though. Hayato might be an Iwa explosive corps ninja, but Kyouya doesn't particularly like him. So I don't see him hanging around.

Aetherium21 chapter 2 . 1/4
This story would have been immensely better if it wasn’t a crack fic
SumeragiByakuren chapter 8 . 12/11/2020
Please update this story soon _
Jelisa Johnson chapter 8 . 11/17/2020
I enjoyed this very much. It was well written, hope to read more in the future.
Animeloverforever1127 chapter 4 . 11/4/2020
I wish it was mukuro!
Or at least mukuro shows up.
Wait! What if he’s Itachi!
mallarieTwinkies chapter 8 . 11/2/2020
this story is amazing
wildtrance chapter 8 . 9/24/2020
This is such glorious chaos... I love it. And I want ten more just like it. Excuse me as I go through everything you have written or favorited.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/21/2020
atualize por favor
Tenma Kirin chapter 8 . 9/10/2020
Continue, pls!
Thwyla Stellar chapter 8 . 9/10/2020
Lololol Konona stealing Kyouya's work ideas
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