Reviews for Ice-Cold Roses
Natalie chapter 4 . 2/23/2016
Wow, that was good and sad.
The Grim Wombat chapter 4 . 1/4/2003
That was so beautiful. R/H, of course, makes it even better, but WOW. Good good fic. With 86 reviews here, I'm not sure I can say anything they haven't, but this is excellent.
Bohemian Bostonian chapter 4 . 9/23/2001
AWWWWW! that was so sweet and so sad! ::sniff:: i love it!
Me chapter 1 . 7/23/2001
I ripped the rose! I did it! Waaahahahahahhahahhahahaha! Yes, I ripped the picture in your locker! WWWAAAHHAHAHHAHHAHHA! And If I had the chance to do it again, I would! Gladly!
Ppt1 chapter 4 . 6/27/2001
Love the ending...("a wild rose bloomed as if by magic"). "As if by magic," ha. And, while I'm at it, thanks for reviewing my stories so frequently.
Ppt1 chapter 1 . 4/13/2001
I love the last they make up or not?
illusions2525 chapter 4 . 3/21/2001
~eep~ wow that was good. ... sad ... :'( but great!
rachel chapter 4 . 3/21/2001
awwwwwwww... That was so sweet i think i'm going to cry!

LOVED IT, I'm crying!
Goddess of Fire chapter 4 . 3/20/2001
oh my god that was beautiful! it was so sad tho! it was so beautiful tho! god i'm crying i loved it!
Goddess of Fire chapter 1 . 3/20/2001
that was really good write more soon please!
nagini3 chapter 4 . 3/20/2001
OH! Poor Ron. This is well written, but too sad 4 me!
Hermione L. Granger chapter 1 . 3/5/2001
Aw-that was so sad. And I loved the fact she redrew the rose-on my birthday. GO ME! Anyway, that was awesome, a very good "conclusion" to the story-now I'm off to read the next "conclusion" Keep them up!
Mandy of the Amoeba chapter 1 . 1/14/2001
Yes, I'm reviewing my own story, but I DO have a purpose in it...I just want to mention that I know neither Harry nor Ron ripped the rose. I know NOW...I didn't know at the time. I wrote this fic the day the rose was found, and it wasn't until the next day that I found out. I would just put this in the disclaimer, but I don't want to take the fic down. And for those of you that are reading this and thinking "What the heck?"...well, don't worry about it. Ne Ne and Web Writer Witch know exactly what I'm talking about.
Ne Ne1 chapter 1 . 1/14/2001
*cough* I've been trying to hold this in, but i can't any longer. Neither Harry nor Ron ripped the rose.
Shroomlet chapter 1 . 1/7/2001
'She's not afraid anymore...' *sigh* What the heck are you talking about, 'this is the crappiest part of this little trilogy'? I think it's the best. And we all know my opinion is most importent, ne? Ah, well. *sniffle* Very well done.
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