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Lydwina Marie chapter 1 . 4/24/2017
This is adorable! I love this kind of story, and you did a wonderful job!
Mirlasse chapter 1 . 6/14/2015
I really agree with that point on Daeron - he seems to be remembered only as, like you said, a creepy stalker who betrayed Luthien. He genuinely loved Luthien and was afraid for her, and I understand his telling Thingol of her intentions. He certainly was not a Maeglin. Anyways, great story, and the twins are adorable! I love your characterization of them. :) I like the setting and descriptions as well.
Ponytail Goddess chapter 1 . 5/24/2007
Very beautiful. I love the ending.
Imbecamiel chapter 1 . 6/8/2004
Great story!I really enjoyed it. You explained the history very clearly - which is a good thing for me, since I haven't finished reading the Silmarillion yet. I really liked the way you portrayed all of the characters. I especially liked seeing Celeborn, since he's not includd in very many stories. You did an excellent job. Keep writing!

Banba McCuill chapter 1 . 11/30/2003
I love this lesson and it does tie in well with Nilmandra's History Lesson, as you noted.
"It depends on how you look at it." He is not Celeborn the Wise in name alone, is he?
I adore your rich use of description for trees and other natural things of the earth. This seems to be a constant attribute to each story you write.
Also, I like your simple explanation of the Great Journey and how the Teleri began to break off into small settlements. Very clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation.
Did Celeborn really have a brother, or does it not say? Perhaps I'm looking for the wrong references. (This can happen quite easily). *Grins sheepishly.* ;-)
I love your character Daeron, who seems to be a purist of nautre and heads bravely into the unknown! I long for Celeborn to find his 'lost' friend.
Summed up, I do so like Celeborn's version of what it meant to love and fight bravely for Middle-earth along with feeling a great pain at the abscence of acknowledgement when the story is re-told from the Noldor point-of-view. It is sad that they would still think of their kin as Moriquendi. :-( That must be quite hurtful to Celeborn.
Raven Aorla chapter 1 . 9/22/2003
Another great story by a great author. I love how well you have characterized three characters only briefly mentioned by Tolkien. I especially like Celeborn's sense of humor.
Sphinx chapter 1 . 7/9/2003
Well, since finally risen from the Land of the Undead again, I do hope that it allows me to read your stuff now. *glares severely*

Of course, I *could* have read them at your site, but then I wouldnt be able to review...and well, that wouldnt be so nice. SO I decided to wait until I could. Hope I was right!

This was such a lovely story. I have *such* a soft spot for Elladan and Elrohir, and when you couple that with Celeborn...*sigh* A topic not touched upon very often, and as you said, many people only tend to bring their Noldo heritage into the limelight. Another example of Celeborn being conveniently forgotten.

The bit about Galadriel and the twins asking her about destiny was priceless. So, so very well done.


Sorry I didnt reply to your last email. Life's been so hectic around here I havent had time to catch up to you with that. I will in a day or two. Thanks very much!

Off to see if the server will let me into either one of your two longer stories...
Lirenel chapter 1 . 6/15/2003
Is that the end? I hope not, I really like this story. I feel like Celeborn, that the so called 'Dark' Elves were a whole lot kooler than the so called 'light' elves. Please keep writing!
Rebecca19 chapter 1 . 5/13/2003
write more of this! It's wonderful, and I've always felt that the Noldor were a little too full of themselves and their history anyway. I love the stories of Doriath and the Teleri that stayed behind.
Marnie chapter 1 . 5/9/2003
Thanks for the review, KC - I couldn't contact you any other way than this ;)

This was going to be a stand alone piece, but your thoughts have sparked me off wondering if I should do a sequel now. So thanks for that too!

Marnie :-)
KC chapter 1 . 5/8/2003
Ah. This was wonderful! WE do not hear enough from either the master himslef, or from FF about Celeborn and he has always been one of my favorite characters! And he is correct, the stories are slanted towards the Noldor's point of view. I always wanted to find out more about the Princes of Doriath, the Nandor, Amdir and his followers... I'm glad Celeborn is giving them a voice. Beautiful imagery in here as well, the ice melting in shapes of little feet, Celeborn drawing the "picture" in the frost, the golden leaves of the oak tree.. very nice!


what's next?
Dragon Confused chapter 1 . 5/6/2003
Wow! Just found this and it's lovely.


It's so nice to find a different and such a beautiful little twins story!

Stardust60 chapter 1 . 5/4/2003
A *wonderful* story with Celeborn spending quality time with the twins and telling the history of the Teleri to the Elflings.

I love the fact that Celeborn gets a chance to shine in this story and to share with his young grandsons. The storytelling was fascinating, especially about the disappearing Elu. Your story (great tie-in with Nilmandra's story!) make the history of the other Elves interesting and alive.

The warm and funny interactions between Celeborn and the twins were precious. It was cute how the twins took to traveling through the trees so readily and naturally.

I look forward to learning more about the Sindar in your next update. I never heard of the Green Folk etc and hope you will tell us more!
TreeHugger chapter 1 . 5/3/2003
LOL I love the image of Elladan running with his breakfast as he is about to leap at his Anadar (good word btw). Celeborn is not considered one of the wise for no reason. ;)

I love this contrast between the twins: Elladan all bluster and energy, Elrohir shy and thoughtful.

I always wondered about when elves would take their rest. They must needs do some things in the daylight, and yet other beneath the moon. Yet with younglings they would have to impose some sort of schedule. At Rivendell, since they entertain all manner of guests, I suppose that sleeping at night would be the only way to do it, since Men and Dwarves...and Hobbits sleep at night and are up and about beneath the sun. I liked Elladan's reference to being like bats or orcs. Funny! :)

Oh boy! Yes, I wonder how Celeborn will take hearing that his grandson's are being given the Noldor POV of history. Wood Elves are different, and calling them Dark Elves isn't very nice. Having a preference for Silvan's myself...I think this should be quite interesting. :)

Ah, yes! He is the wisest. How can two people view the same thing and yet see it in a completely different light.

Oh boy! This IS going to be interesting. I am sure Oropher clashed severely with Celeborn on the Noldor debate...if you care to call it that. I almost feel sorry for Celeborn hearing such words spouted from the mouths of his own grandsons. But since I know he will handle it in the best way possible, and teach them something to boot then I won't feel too sorry.

Hmm...I believe you are very right in saying that the history of the Elves of ME was written with a Noldor slant. I know you have said that before, but you really brought it across to me here. Thank you! That is a wonderful insight! Now I will be reading the Silm in a slightly different light. Thank you again! :)

Putting the old resentments aside with the ease of long practice...Wonderful, telling snippet of a sentence. Celeborn, for all his being outspoken, shows that he does possess great tact, and there is something so very sad in this statement as well. It is not always easy to bury what we feel simply because we must so as not to make trouble.

Again you contrast the twins wonderfully. Elladan brash and sure, yet making a great deal of noise, Elrohir tentative yet taking to it naturally in time.

"...The truth was, we did not really want to go. My Anadar, who was born there, told me Cuivenien was beautiful, and Middle Earth was beautiful - new and shaded and full of stars and strangeness. And wide, and wondrous, and silent. There were no voices but the voices of the elves, no singers but us, and it grieved us to go away and let the Enemy fill it with clamour, to give up our homeland without even fighting him for it." That was so beautifully written, and I think that explains their reluctance to leave better than anything I have ever read! You have moved me to tears!

I had to LOL at what the twins think of Ananeth and her mysterious answers. I do have to agree with Celeborn, knowning in advance is not a good thing in many cases.

LOL to Elladan. Yes, Celeborn is as tall as a tree. I like that.

I also like the fierce love between the twins as Celeborn is telling his tale. You can see that Elladan is the more protective of the two.

I hope that you will write that tale one day...about the return of Elu Thingol. I love what you have written here in brevity. It would make a wonderful tale!

It IS very romantic! I don't expect the twins at this age to understand that, and I was very amused that they thought she must have kidnapped Elu for some sinister purpose. :)

Mushy! Of course, it is mushy, Elladan! LOL

...but it took a mature mind to prefer this tale of faithfulness and love to the Noldor's more showy history of betrayal and overweening pride.

Is there ever going to be a conversation between Glorfindel and Celeborn? You and Nilmandra could write it together! It might be most enlightening!

:( Poor Daeron! You know that hurt my heart when the first things the twins said was that he snitched on Luthien! :(

SHoot! you have made me tear up again! I hope that Celeborn can find Daeron one day before he too leaves ME. Another tale for the telling? That would be very nice.

I love the ending of this. The starlit memories linger, yet he has the sunlit faces of his grandchildren before him. Yes, autumn holds the scent of winter and endings, yet beyond that lies life and the spring. Wonderful!

This was a magical chapter, mellon-nin! You amaze me! Thank you so very much!

Elenath sila am le!
Faerfaen chapter 1 . 5/3/2003
this is really really awesome! and I know Nilmandra's 'History Lessons' is awesome isnt it? I was so happy when i saw this fic! O) update again soon!

**~ Dy *~*
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