Reviews for Maester Wolf
Banana chapter 38 . 10/21
Maester Wolf is one of the most shit over hyped stories that has ever existed. It is so bad it’s on par with Robb’s Return. I have read bad fanfic but nothing this fucking trash. Honestly the fact that people hype this fanfic so much when there are so many fics better than it hurts. Overall one of the worst fanfics ever created. Fucking Trash ~Banana
spartanonxy chapter 18 . 10/22
This truly reads like a "Why you should not piss in a engineers cereal" type story. And it is WONDERFUL.
Grrarrggh chapter 17 . 10/21
I like your story and think most of your comments when it comes to different character's martial and political actions are smart, but for one. If the Targaryen's listened to their dragons there would be very few people left alive in Planetos ;)
Wakefan chapter 37 . 10/20
This was an amazing story.
Well done.
Over9000 chapter 15 . 10/18
10 chapters and almost 1400 reviews. That's awesome! This story is amazing, I am constantly checking in to see if the next chapter is out. Can't wait to read about what the Tyrells do now that Jon's secret is out. God, what's going to go down in King's Landing?
Waiting patiently and patiently waiting for the next chapter.
ChiDead chapter 38 . 10/14
A beautiful read can’t wait for more
Kuman chapter 38 . 10/10
Jon Snow in chapter 1: Oh Boy! I can't wait to learn in the Citadel and become a Maester. Boring lectures? sign me in!

Jon Snow in Chapter 36: I will burn anyone who harms House Stark. Just like I burned the Mountain to a crisp and chopped him to pieces...Winter is Coming.
s.glugovski chapter 33 . 10/9
It is possibly just me being forgetful, but aren't Karstarks meant to be far away from the Stark forces for the sake of the hunt after Jaime?
DJBasedDog chapter 15 . 10/7
Looking back on this I strongly suspect Tywin ordered the hit on Tyrion. He probably wanted to get rid of him so bad
Mugetsu16 chapter 26 . 10/3
I fucking knew it. The moment you mentioned Jon being in the center with the weaker troops, my mind immediately flashed back to Hannibal and his brother taking to the center at Cannae. This feeling was further strengthened when you mentioned a crescent, and both the strong troops and the cavalry on the wings.
s.glugovski chapter 31 . 10/3
Somewhere in the chapter you have "Street of Street" instead of "Street of Steel", I guess. But otherwise, great chapter as usual
occasionallywrite chapter 38 . 10/1
THIS is what I've been looking for! Your writing is absolutely incredible! This is by far the greatest GOT fanfic-one of the greatest fanfics period. I am recommending this story to everyone.
Fyr RedNight chapter 37 . 9/30
That was a brilliant and fantastic story.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Igniferroque chapter 17 . 9/29
If Jon travels to Essos in Book 2, it might be a nice touch if he informed Talisa’s family of her passing. Perhaps bringing them a letter from Rob.
Noy chapter 38 . 9/25
What an incredible story, you truly are talented.
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