Reviews for When All Hell Breaks Loose
DragoonSensei chapter 40 . 16h
I needed this in my life!
This is hilarius!
tododeku26 chapter 40 . 10/16
Poor CAT and Patchy
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 40 . 10/15
As always, very cool job, and a very unexpected twist with David.

And of course Deku wouldn't trust anyone but himself to practice emergency surgery on his body.

Keep the good writing.
tiguylerobot chapter 40 . 10/15
izuku you need to adopt melissa even if she is older than you, she's your spiritual sista
Dear Death father dearest chapter 40 . 10/15
this is cool plz write more

PS your server doesn't work
tododeku26 chapter 39 . 10/6
I just finished 4 hours of homework and I saw this chapters notification and i almost threw my phone. since today was really stressful and your fanfic is so amazing it really helped me to forget about school and shit. So thank you for that
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 39 . 10/6
Great chapter here, and nice to see Izuku and Yagi not just being civil to each other but also bonding so well. Also, very good job with all the scenes, as always.

Keep the good writing.
tiguylerobot chapter 39 . 10/6
tell me izuku will quote a lot, and i mean a lot John McClane, like he do realise it'a die hard remake and he need to be the man. welcome to the party pal!
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 38 . 10/2
As always, pretty good, and yeah, Izuku usually is very honest, but the way he says it makes it doubtful at best.

Keep the good writing.
tiguylerobot chapter 38 . 10/2
Izuku high jack the plane and go take a vacation to Hawaii
tododeku26 chapter 38 . 10/2
GET THE CHILDREN, HELEN, WE GOTTA GO! made me laugh so hard XD
avidreader-everafter chapter 37 . 9/28
I tried to join your discord but it but discord confuses me so if you want me to join I might ask you to explain me it To me how to do that. If not either way I do like your story it's rather odd but in a good way.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 37 . 9/24
Great one. And yeah, Nezu doesn't just pressure Izuku to make him into a better hero, but also to keep him occupied and motivate him into control his personal issues.

Keep the good writing.
tiguylerobot chapter 37 . 9/24
Why I have the feeling he will really but really get along with Melissa. Like fucking twins from another mother
Guest chapter 1 . 9/18
The word you’re looking for in your summary is “portray”, not “betray”. Between that basic failure of the English language and the content of the first few paragraphs of your first chapter, I have no hope for this story.
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