Reviews for The Chariot
Diet Coke Addict chapter 20 . 3/11
I enjoyed your story very much and look forward to reading the sequel. You write Draco very well.

Maybe at the end of chaper 20 add an author's note about the sequel? That way there are less WTF moments.
Plainj117 chapter 20 . 3/1
Aurora1991 chapter 6 . 10/30/2013
i really like this story so far, but i have to ask, why did you make zabini a girl? did you just not know he was a boy, or was it on purpose? it just sounds so wrong reading "she" when talking about blaise...
Guest chapter 2 . 7/25/2013
me chapter 20 . 5/30/2013
WHAT NOOOO where's everything else?! no. omfg i can't even. brb. catatonic right now
Guest chapter 20 . 3/21/2013
What the fuck. No. I refuse. That is NOT how it's supposed to end. You can't just rip my heart out and let me cry all night. I hate you and I hate this ending.
Rana chapter 20 . 3/4/2013
KatStar chapter 2 . 2/2/2013
I know this was written before HBP and you probably don't even read these reviews anymore, but Blaise Zabini is a guy. I'm not complaining, though- girl Blaise is funny.
Annamera chapter 20 . 1/17/2013
Is this how your ending it? No happy ending? I liked it but it did make me sad, but it was good. Very well written.
Guest chapter 20 . 12/23/2012
nooooo. why?
i hate the ending.
i hate it
I HATE IT! chhange it
chnge it now
you NNEDDD to change it!
Kialandi chapter 20 . 12/13/2012
1) Unexpected end. I loved it.
2) Gosh, Harry's so stupid.
3) So is Draco.
Kialandi chapter 9 . 12/13/2012
My god.. So corny it makes me wanna vomit.
Kialandi chapter 4 . 12/12/2012
Wait.. Isn't Blaise Zabini a BOY?
Guest chapter 4 . 11/3/2012
ya leí esta historia varias veces y me encanta!y tu forma de escribir también, pero hay algo que me molesta muchísimo y que podrías haber aclarado. Blaise Zabini es un HOMBRE wiki/Blaise_Zabini ase es el link de una pagina para que te informes. por si las dudas, aunque me imagino que le cambiaste el sexo al personaje para que la historia tenga mas sentido. te felicito por la historia, la leo de vez en vez, me gusta muchisimo. un beso
judi chapter 20 . 10/28/2012
i think it's pretty cool you let it end like that!
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