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lafauxpas chapter 21 . 11/19
It’s amazing! I love it all! I hope you continue
HasABeard chapter 8 . 11/5
Their notion that using animal blood gets a place without animal and human blood gets a place with people, combined with their earlier musing about blood diseases with the treatment of giving blood, makes me think they should at least find the idea of mixing the white blood cells they have to take out of donated blood with animal blood to get talking animals a worthwhile experiment
Books85 chapter 19 . 10/18
Pizza is your "whatever works..." kind of food. So if you want ham and pineapple, I don't have to eat it. Life is too short to try to tell other people what to eat on their pizza.

This story is so far out in... what? Imagination? La-la land? Don't even know how to describe it. It is certainly a nice thing to read when you have been reading angsty monoliths and your brain wants a change, though. Thanks!
Ryszarius chapter 21 . 10/14
Oh man this story has had me grinning and laughing throughout it so far, I love it. It's been a good read so far and I look forward to more to come! Keep up the good work and thanks for writing!
NarutosBrat chapter 12 . 10/10
You know, I wonder if they've already found Narnia. Depending on when in the saga it is, either that super cold and windy place they opened, or the one they created at the beginning of ch.11 could be it. After all, the latter one sounds a lot like the place Xander built his cottage in Sons and Daughters of Sineya, and that actually was Narnia.
I agree with Jesse and Xander, if Lea Thompson was my mom, I'd have probably been my own dad too.
Difdi chapter 21 . 9/21
Two things about their plans that spring immediately to mind.

First, the main problem with buildings on islands isn't getting blown over in a hurricane, it's getting flooded in a hurricane. Stone buildings, especially low-to-the-ground ones like igloo designs aren't immune to that.

Second, no humans doesn't mean no people. They're assuming that a lack of human blood means no elves, demons, etc. But even without intelligent life, there's still problems - saber toothed tigers are extinct on Earth partially because of humans, for example. Lots of prehistoric animals are dangerous enough to give even a Slayer pause, even without being all that smart.
Lizzy chapter 21 . 9/11

Could I possible have you venture them into the Forever Knight or Alucard Universe and have either or both Lacroix or Alucard mentor and or adopt a few or them?


The expression on the faces who know these two when they respond to the question or demand of whom so and so is and get a response of.

My son or daughter.
WBH21C chapter 21 . 9/10
So very well done!
Kerrain chapter 21 . 9/10
So will Elan go to school? She could polymorph into a younger age. I want to see Queen C try and verbally cut down a Silver Dragon. Great update!
user51s2r chapter 21 . 9/10
Keep this story going, it is fantastic! 1000 author/muse/omake hugs!

my favorite omakes are the Mayor and the Mindflayer ones!
user51s2r chapter 1 . 9/9
reading this story yet again, AWESOME STORY!
hvm2k2 chapter 21 . 9/9
I wonder if the Council will eventually find out about the kids and send someone to check things out. Has Giles finished his retraining by this point in the timeline? Or maybe they send Merrick since he's supposed to be keeping an eye on Buffy.
Hatata chapter 21 . 9/9
I feel like I've said this before, but I wish Tricky Dicky's storyline was Canon for this fic, I'd *love* to see how they Black Ink. him to his doom bwahahahahaha! Thank you and Fyrewolf for this update!
Riniko22 chapter 21 . 9/9
Thank you for the chapter, it has been a while, but I had been thinking of this story and hoping for more, looks like my wish came true.
CMVreud chapter 21 . 9/9
Wonderful chapter. And the Omakes are just the cherry on top of a gallon of whipped cream on a galleon of chocolate ice.
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