Reviews for The Auction
Guest chapter 38 . 11/8
Love this story. Get so excited for updates :)
thebrokendiary chapter 38 . 11/8
Guest chapter 38 . 11/8
OH MY. WOW. I didn’t see any of that coming and am blown away by the excellence of this chapter and the emotions it made me feel.
akshata08 chapter 38 . 11/8
is it okay if I feel bad for Lucy's death?
LastDreamer86 chapter 38 . 11/8
Now i need to sit in a quiet room for at least an hour...

I don't think this is going to end the way I was hoping for...
thebrokendiary chapter 37 . 11/8
petrynronlover chapter 38 . 11/8
Holy fucking shit! Dude that was so intense!
TheLoneRebel's Stories chapter 38 . 11/8
Holy camole, Batman, my heart is in my throat right now.
Bridget94 chapter 38 . 11/8

I knew it! I just knew if Hermione went to the Manor she would be able to get in!

That cliff hanger was delicious. MWAHAHAHA

please please please let Hermione and Narcissa team-up. They would be absolutely diabolical and I love it. I also really want to know where Draco was sent with the Port-key.
I also love that now Hermione has two safe places, Malfoy Manor and Grimmauld Place. Also Blaise and Pansy better be safe too.

Lastly I really really dislike those two generals. they are bringing absolute madness.

Question: does the 'true' order (haha) know that Bellatrix is dead yet? or do they think she is on the run still? cause hahaha idiots. Although no one hides a body as well as a Slytherin.

happy writing can't wait for the next chapter :)
scorp116 chapter 38 . 11/8
Holy shit
krisbianforlyfe chapter 38 . 11/8
Can’t believe I’m sitting here crying over the death of a Lucius Malfoy. I can almost feel my heart break for Narcissa. “Returning home”. Wow. You’ve just gone in and struck deep yet again
alizon10 chapter 37 . 11/8
i am waiting for this chapter plis. I am from Peru and I love your stories. Thanks for everything
RhetoricTurns chapter 37 . 11/8
Amazing story! Been completely hooked. Can’t wait for the next update!
tsunami9967 chapter 37 . 11/6
I just got to this chapter not realizing this wasn’t a complete story and now I’m dying. This is so good. So well written. So true to character. I could easily believe this could be a rewrite and continuation of the last book
ceali20 chapter 37 . 11/6
I just wanna know who the hell they think made that potion if not Hermione?! Theo knew it. You’d think her best friends would! This is so frustrating and we are all at the edges of our seats. Absolutely amazing job. Please give us a happy ending
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