Reviews for The Auction
Cal8907 chapter 39 . 11/23
Just wonderful!
Guest chapter 39 . 11/23
Wow! That was so unexpected. I thought she was pregnant. I love the twist! Definitely worth the wait. I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
Noah2193 chapter 39 . 11/23
I love Lucius so much in this series... waiting for Draco now ... 3
JodiMarie2910 chapter 39 . 11/23
*jaw dropped*

I had a feeling Lucius had passed the manor over to her; glad to know my hunch was correct!
Guest chapter 39 . 11/23
Solo puedo decir gracias por tan genial historia.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/23
Always get so excited for a new chapter, I’ve been following forever. Continuing to love it 3
Amanda Elizabeth Gagnon chapter 39 . 11/23
and now I need to go back and read the ceremony! I love it.
Brochi chapter 39 . 11/23
Hahahaha brilliant. Just brilliant.
Kyonomiko chapter 39 . 11/23
Ack I love lucius so much. And well done hermione with the smear campaign. I’m so excited for another chapter so soon!
petrynronlover chapter 39 . 11/23
God damn you’re so brilliantly talented. Yet again you’ve blown us away. While I was shocked to see that you’re putting in another chapter I am so incredibly thankful that you still plan on ending the story in two weeks. I have loved this journey and I promise you this series is the only story that’s made me a complete psycho. I’ll talk to anyone whod listen about your writing. I never read WIPs except for your stories. So I cannot wait to know the ending!
frekles chapter 39 . 11/23
Wow! I am continually amazed at the talent that went in to creating this intriguing, wonderful story. It makes you think, it makes you laugh and of course it makes you cry. It is the best! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Cryofseagulls chapter 39 . 11/23
Wow! I didn't expect that, for sure! I thought Lucius had simply performed a binding ritual between Hermione and Draco, to make sure one of them survives and secures the Malfoy fortune. But adoption? (Is it even the right word to describe what happened?). If Draco is alive (and I believe he is), he'll be surprised that the one woman he would consider to marry is his sister, LOL. And what about Hermione's real name? Does it mean she's not, in fact a Granger? Can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 39 . 11/23
Good chapter but I don't understand why you make Lucius like a hero with Hermione feeling all guilty about him dying. If anything, I'm with the Weasleys (hope you didn't make them as villain and Malfoys completely innocent in this story). And I couldn't blame Ginny for not feeling guilty about Lucius. I hope you didn't make the characters that with Voldemort be pitiful and innocent.
Windzhy Kazuma chapter 38 . 11/23
Sorry but I imagine George being angry... kinda Hot
comebackrunning chapter 39 . 11/23
I'm so glad Narcissa is safe! She really didn't do anything wrong. Now we just need Draco back!
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