Reviews for Family Matters
jenny crum chapter 31 . 7/30
Noooooooooooo, what's he gonna make Derek do, I can't believe he's doing, he's a piece of work and he needs to go down. I sooooooooo can't wait for the sequel my friend, another awesome story girlie
Karen LaManna chapter 31 . 7/30
Ohhhhhh Crapppppppppp! No friggin way! Ohhh my god! How could you do that to meeeee! Of all people, meeee! And, here I thought you loved meeeee! Lol!

Poor Derek! What the hell is he going to do! He can’t do that! That would kill him forever! That is something he couldn’t live with and would definitely kill himself! Wait, I need to be careful! I might give you some extra bad ideas! Hehehe!

Poor Penelope! She thinks she has figured it all out but she hasn’t! How heartbreaking! Can’t these two get a break? Whatever happened to a normal HEA! Ugh!

I hate you woman! What am I going to do with you? I swear, you better not make us wait too long for the answers we all seek and want! Or I will do something not nice! Grrrrrrrr! Wahhhhhhhhhh!
Kimd33 chapter 31 . 7/30
Seriously, I hope it’s coming soon.
Kimd33 chapter 30 . 7/18
Why do people have to ruin their lives.
Karen LaManna chapter 30 . 7/18
Wowzers! What an awesome update! The party and the proposal was sweet, honest and from his true heart! I loved the song choice it was beautiful and touching! Derek was amazing!

The gift from Fran was spectacular and given with such love! I adore a nervous Derek! Hehehe!

I’m sooo glad that they are finally one! The ceremony was special! The only thing is that I would’ve loved to hear their vows! They make the perfect couple!

NOOOOI! What the heck? That is no way to leave us hanging with that daunting pile of trouble looming in the background! Ugh, now I hate you again! Lol!

I just don’t know what to say!
jenny crum chapter 30 . 7/18
Nooooooo, he's turned on that device again, I hope that Derek doesn't try to kill her, shame shame on you and your cliffies woman and you say that I'm bad lol
Karen LaManna chapter 29 . 7/7
OMG! I should’ve known that they had an ace up their sleeve! Yesssss! That’s awesome! I won’t spoil it for others! I also love Baby Girls comment about the third! Lol!

I’m thrilled that Derek got in those last few zingers against that animal! That pig was nothing! Lol! Although, he took extra chances then he should’ve!

The animal is finally dead! I hope Hot Stuff is alright! Great update! Can’t wait for more!
latinaspice chapter 29 . 7/7
Wow! I’m so behind on this story, but so glad I was able to catch up! I need to know what happened! Great job as always!
jenny crum chapter 29 . 7/6
Way to go Penelope, putting that extra tracker on him was genius, I hope that he's alright, please be okay Derek, you have to be so that you can go back home to your baby girl
Kimd33 chapter 29 . 7/6
Thank God he is gone.
Karen LaManna chapter 28 . 6/24
Oh myyyyy God! Damnit! That piece of crap now has our Hot Stuff! I just knew that that cop was not going to be good news!

Poor Penelope! She is going to freak! She knew that this was going to be dangerous and not go according to plan! Yikes!

I hope that Derek has some kind of tracker on him, at least!

I hope this turns out ok! You and your dangling cliffies!

Sorry for delay! Been a little nutty! Loving this! I hate you! Can’t wait for more!
jenny crum chapter 28 . 6/23
Ohhhh noooooo, poor Derek, before his plan could be put into action he was captured, it was a cruel and underhanded trick to pull on him.

I hope that the team finds him soon
Kimd33 chapter 28 . 6/21
Let’s hope he makes it out.
Karen LaManna chapter 27 . 6/7
Wow! The poop is certainly gonna hit the fan now! I know what Derek is planning and it’s not good! Damn!

That is some harsh reality between our couple! I hope things go better than there looking! I’m really scared for both Derek and his Baby Girl!

What an update! I loved the references to Mayhem! I always love it when you do that! I’m on the edge of my seat until next time! Yikes!
jenny crum chapter 27 . 6/7
I can't wait to find out what Dereks plan is, it must be something dangerous, very dangerous and a quiet baby girl is a very dangerous baby girl.

I'm glad that they made up and I loved the shower scene where she was thinking about s'mores lol. I can't wait for more my friend, I have missed you and your work and I can't wait for more
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