Reviews for Baby Bumble
Lucie chapter 1 . 5/8
Mikaelus chapter 1 . 1/7/2020
If you’ve read my review of A Very Merry Lang-Van Dyne Christmas, then you probably foresaw this review’s coming. If you’ve read my review of Cassie Lang: Matchmaker, then you probably foresaw this review’s contents — foresaw, and likely dreaded.
I make it no secret that I didn’t enjoy the bonus chapter of the latter fanfiction much, though it was hardly for rational reason. It wasn’t written any worse than the other chapters, and while it wasn’t very relevant to the story hitherto, that’s hardly a reason to condemn it. My problem was a more personal issue that can be summed up in one blanket statement; “I don’t see why we — or Scott and Hope, for that matter — need this”. Setting aside my personal feelings toward childbirth, I won’t pretend I don’t understand people’s desire to procreate. While (in my opinion) sex is meant to be a physical expression of love between two people, and marriage is its emotional presentation, children are meant as both; a physical AND emotional manifestation of that same love — both parents’ gift to each other. Were this any other couple I was invested in, I’d be thrilled as both a reader and someone who knows the parent characters well — and yes, there is a difference between the two. In fact, I would be happy as both those things for Scott and Hope (as it stands, I’m happy as someone who knows them, but just bemused as a reader) were it not for one factor; Cassie.
I’ve stated in a past review that I consider Baby Bumble a loose sequel to Cassie Lang: Matchmaker, and for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s true. In that case, Cassie has long since become a daughter to Hope as much as she is to her own biological father, as well as Maggie and Paxton. And if we look at Baby Bumble as a standalone story, no connection to Matchmaker whatsoever, then it still turns out the same. We can see that same connection between these characters by the end of the story; Cassie has two parents in blood, but four in spirit. Even if the events leading up to Hope’s induction to the family are different, she’s still clearly built a real bond with them all, especially Cassie. Whichever the case, I don’t understand the reasoning behind Scott and Hope starting a family when they already have one. As Hope herself told Cassie in the last chapter of Matchmaker, “We have you and we’ll always love you.” On that note, I reiterate; so why is she not enough? That question troubles me every time I read Baby Bumble or the last chapter of Cassie Lang: Matchmaker, and rather spoils both for me.
But okay, I’ll set my personal fondness for Cassie aside and look at this from a purely objective standpoint. This is the story of Scott and Hope’s love made manifest. How is it? All in all… pretty good. There’s a lot to enjoy here, starting with the way the story opens on a rather vague note, not establishing the circumstances too clearly too early on. Heck, coming from the writer of Cassie Lang: Matchmaker, I almost expected this to be a multi-chapter story chronicling Hope’s pregnancy. It’s only once we reach the living room that we grasp the full situation; the only thing being chronicled here is the day to change all days.
Other things to like include the healthy portrayal of Scott and Hope’s relationship, the other characters displayed in kind as well as accurate lights, and the surprise exploration of Scott and Maggie’s past. The latter almost explains everything we don’t know from watching the movies — I mean, is prison really reason enough to file for divorce? What happened to “in sickness and in health”? Anyway, points for that.
But probably the best thing about Baby Bumble is the portrayal of the birthdate itself. This fanfiction captures in excellent detail what it can only be like for expecting parents on arguably the most important day of their lives, from the moment contractions begin to delivery. Thankfully, f-romanoff-13 doesn’t delve too deep into the specifics, sparing us the (almost literally) gory details of childbirth. I’m sure many readers suffering from menophobia or tokophobia will be grateful. But that aside, this story really makes you feel like you’re witnessing it firsthand.
And I think that just about wraps it up. Like most of f-romanoff-13’s works, this one is rather well-written for a fanfiction. If you’ve read my past reviews, then you’ll know how I feel about pointing out spelling errors and such in a fanfic, so don’t expect me to dive into that. But one thing I am going to complain about — again — is the author’s verb conjugation issues. Just as in Cassie Lang: Matchmaker, once or twice, the story is told in present tense, unlike the rest of the story which is told in the past. I’m beginning to think the author starts off writing their stories in script form (hence the present tense) before converting it to a more novelistic format, but it seems some verbs get missed in the act. Still, if that’s the worst this fanfic does, then it’s doing okay.
I suppose only one question remains; do I recommend it? The simplest answer I can give is that overall, it is harmless, but the chief “problem” — the Cassie issue — will probably make or break this one for you. If you’re the sort who isn’t happy enough with Scott and Hope sharing custody of Cassie with Maggie and Paxton, and are desperate for them to have a child of their own, then this story’s probably for you. But me, I can’t reconcile the arrival of Baby Bumble (both the character and the story) with the existence of Cassie Lang (again, both the character and the story).
RYJAN chapter 1 . 7/5/2019
This is what I'm hoping happens in the 3rd Movie, also imagine Cassie dating Harley Keener and them pretending to be parents by using Scott & Hope's Daughter !
Justicerocks chapter 1 . 6/23/2019
Aw this was so sweet and cute.