Reviews for Harry Potter and the Magical Guardian
Crusader Nightshade chapter 2 . 5/15
u see, I'm interested in the story but it's not keeping my attention. don't get me wrong, your a good writing, but it's not my cup of tea.
OrdinaryAvgGuy chapter 34 . 5/14
This just occurred to me. If Sirius needed to be cleared by a mind healer after long-term exposure to dementors, shouldn't the same proof be required of those who were subject to some type of mind control (such as the Imperious curse) for a long period of time? BTW, excellent story.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/26
This story has gotten very boring and repetitive, the way it is blindly following Canon.

There are so many butterflies here, yet once again we're just reading a direct copy of Canon.

Shake it up Author, be brave!
Deathtrooper900 chapter 43 . 4/16
Great story, I love the premise and l can’t wait for you to finish book 2!
Last Harper chapter 43 . 4/15
The last chapter ended oddly, not really a cliffy, just an "oh well I'm done".
Last Harper chapter 22 . 4/12
Just a question about the UK. Do they not use the Rod of Asclepius or the Caduceus in reference to the medical services?
Primalparadox8 chapter 19 . 3/21
I'm out. This is really good in a lot of ways but the whole "dumbledore stole money and trashed propertys" only to see no problem with him casting God knows what on Harry and even getting him inside runic arrays is stupid beyond belief.

With Harry in array Albus could literally do ANYTHING to him yet he's already been proven to be as untrustworthy as possible and everyone involved allows this? They would ALL have to be clinically brain dead to do so. So I'm out, I put up with allowing a few spells while it was a medical emergency despite the impossibly of Harry, his friends and his family thinking that would be a good idea but putting Harry in arrays that no one but Albus understands? No way never happen, utterly suicidal behavior and no way in hell would any witness with anything but hate towards Harry alow it from someone not so trusted that they'd put their life in his hands.
Primalparadox8 chapter 17 . 3/21
Rather huge plot hole here, or all the characters are stupid. So Albus just admitted he could find the trolls exact location so he wasn't worried about sending the students straight to their dorms. So how did students get to the trolls first and why didn't any teachers show up till it was over?
ej-83 chapter 39 . 3/18
am surprised that fawkes did not stop him from doing that to ron..makes me wonder if fawkes had turn dark due to his bond to dumbledore..oh well
K1P1 chapter 42 . 3/15
loving this story!
adelgado04291 chapter 43 . 2/25
Absolutely fantastic! Very engaging, nice plot twists and yet managed to stay pretty true to the original narrative. I have glanced head and saw that your two is not yet complete. But I'm still going to get started because you have a great gift.
Cateagle chapter 4 . 2/24
*snicker* It seems that Petunia's alias is going to prove most useful, far more useful than she ever expected.
angel1983 chapter 43 . 2/21
Ok where to begin... You are an amazingly talented writer. I don't know how much of what is in this story about the magical world is made-up, the book has very little information on the world itself and I don't know if JKR left anything else elsewhere but even if it is only a tenth this is truly genius. The only thing I found a little disappointing and this is not criticism because I absolutely loved the story is Dumbledore's characterisation. He feels on the edge of evil closer to a not-so barmy Voldemort... I'm not sure I like him like that
Matt chapter 16 . 1/28
It's an ice cream sundae, not sunday.
SeraphimBlue chapter 39 . 1/28
It all comes down to Dumbledore thinks he is God and anything he does is right, no matter who it hurts or kills.
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