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NaiomiHikari246 chapter 47 . 6/11
I loved this story so much! I am sad to see it end but glad they have a happy end! chapter 1 . 6/11
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Debbie Hicks chapter 47 . 6/3
2: Maise 3
Gunner's Pov then mauled but as changed then gained powers then Bitten best friends her/the young ones with Ava then too late chained see who turned you tell us myself was Telekinetic exploding my powers good illegally tell us pain take care of them get them tore freely both lefty to die then it happened was turning the Cullens/them nuked with us/them tore freely brought them see they have more memories him bitten then found us/them began to focusing my mind tore them fled with her two then brought the dead then us/them so weak frailer sickest frailer turned Alice I Don't think he's breathing so them
tore see more Newborns blasting freely then it came too late brought here what it happened killed then lost from here then woken palest then phased then was existing so them my throat was ravaging my throat is killing me Alice he needs to drink blood then in time was not human at all of it chained toe thirteen finally was not living brought there what phased dead good then it was too late too soon lost from here.
airpv chapter 47 . 6/4
thank you so much for giving us jasper and maisie! it’s so hard to find stories that are so considerate in the details and i’ve definitely shed (more than a few) tears during the last chapter. i will definitely be rereading jasper and maisie, but thanks for blessing us with your writing. (:
Guest chapter 47 . 5/30
Since the beginning I follow this amazing story. In Twiligh Saga, my favorite character is always Jasper. and then I met Maisie thanks to you. Their relationship is tremendous and I'm upset for saying goodbye. Thank you for your imagination and introducing Maisie world.
Amore2210 chapter 47 . 5/30
Hi it has been a long time since I checked in this story and I love your for finishing this! lol the add-in Spanish phrases and sentences made a lot of senses now that i have been learning the languages for a few months :D
soidontforget chapter 1 . 5/30
This has been a wonderful story to follow along with and read - you write characters, scenes, and storylines so well! Thank you for finishing it! I'd selfishly love to see where you see everyone ending up, but also get it if you want us all to use our imaginations :)
Rose1414 chapter 47 . 5/30
This has been an awsome story! Thank you for writing and finishing it!
Phenix55 chapter 47 . 5/30
Still awesome story.
Do not hesitate to do one shoot of their lifes if you feel like. I know for sure we will all read them happily
Thank you to have embellished Twilight stories
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 46 . 5/17
Ok late chapter hurted this chapter stabbed me in the heart! 1 o’clock in the morning crying I’m my bed type of pain! I’m NOT ok! This is not ok like gahhhh I love my brother to tears of tis we’re to happen I would be crazy ass mess.

As much as it hurts I’m ready for the next chapter!
Debbie Hicks chapter 46 . 4/25
47. Chapter Forty-Seven Gunner then suddenly ALIEN RATTLESNAKES mauled Closer to death tore aortas the bitten her/Bella/Best friend/Young pons tripped who turn you myself began showing very alien powers gifted turned illegally take care of him/them surrendered tope Beaten bot then was dying then too late it was spreading took far gone then Nothingness three alien venom had a painful side effect had a wild thirst blood good brought you there toe fiver four/then then ripped from here then reappeared to the Denali had a uncreatable thirst slivery snow-white Borg drone skin then so the three with they too late was Chained see who turn you lies then With you screaming blew with them torn then torn freely Sliced then heart stopped beating then woke as a Newborn forever so they Alice who did myself was in dripless-tsars who was but herself gasp Alice they did it In heat then was sick needed my wife gasp then was with ruptured organs was dying the Venom so her/they were changing we watch then nuked then woke again groan my head is going topsy wildest crazy began moving thing with the mind Cunner yes you have Telekinesis written up my powers Eleazar Excuse me hers was a Self-Defensive mental and physical shield Edward yes here is his gift he's Telekinetic my throat was very dried out burning up like crazy then first hunt like them then used my powers so her/them never was alive too late was not human at all adapting from help nuked with each both then torn freely brought the see new addictions converting as Vegetarians good dead torn Freely they cut from here it came was no longer alive herself used the Vulcan mind meld focusing her powers she's gifted so are you young man so they have powers then in time and space was not mortal imprinted by her my existence was totally frozen in the door of time was hungry but was overstuffed no thank you if you please burp then the very first time crafted clothes from here to look from here gasp We gathered witnesses decided to Cosplay from a Anime then the newspapers reported of us existing from here was not mortal don't turn into a Gremlin me they are the worst beings in history belch they have Green blood a-ha Carlisle Ker-snapped his fingers a burst of light huh I have The powers of a Q Esme yes you have it they were Star Trek's people gasp yes oh my god Bree counseled me so her was teaching her to counsel oh my god we have news he have powers awaken so they then newspapers raging.
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 46 . 4/25
Well this chapter hit me right in the feels. I definitely appreciate that Gunner was honest with Ava about what is going on when it comes to Maisie. The only depressing silver lining for Maisie's situation is that she can possibly visit her parents and sister on their death bed because who will believe them that their long lost (dead) daughter appeared looking the same as the day they last saw them...
Rose1414 chapter 46 . 4/25
This made me cry. I din't cry easely but my grandfather recente passen away and this came just really close.

Very well written
My Eyez Are Watching Everyone chapter 46 . 4/24
PBA sucks! I have the want to tear up but no ability to do so. This chapter hit hard because earlier today my uncle passed but it was a great chapter.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/30

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