Reviews for Little Moment: Rumble In The Jungle
Welkin chapter 1 . 1/18
This dynamic is a good example of how humans and aliens can get along, possibly even getting into something special! Seeing Max in his golden years is a perspective to read, quite the amazing man. You can just see the seeds that will grow in time, those are just my favorite. And Grandma Verdona, reading about them in these current years, I have never thought I'll get the chance to, it's a side you don't see with older people, only increments of photos, old footage and the places they've stayed at. She got that magical side of her that would be found later with her granddaughter. This is lovely.
RasAlgethi34 chapter 1 . 8/9/2020
I deeply appreciate what you and Shadow are doing with the Little Moments Literary Universe. Back in June/July I remembered Ben 10 and for the sake of nostalgia decided to give it a go after having nothing to do with the series for over a decade. Feel free to disagree with me but I was deeply frustrated and baffled with some of the decisions the writers took, not just with the original series but with the sequel shows as well (according to the wiki since I can’t actually bring myself to watch everything).

Since then I’ve resorted to fan-fiction. So far I’m quite impressed with what the fandom has come up with. You guys appear to have taken up the task of doing these characters and this universe justice, and although there’s a lot of good stuff on this site your stuff is of surprisingly good quality. I like how it acts as a good prologue to Chapter 7 of Little Moments, we get an introduction to Verdona who Gwen learns about later on from her mother. We see a display of Max’s chivalry with Xylene, “his father had raised him to always care for the women he met, to be a guardian” – which is again referenced in Chapter 7 by Lili “her husband …he was too much like his father to ever…”. I’m again impressed with how closely aligned your ideas about these characters and the world they live in are. I also like the amount of research you’ve done with the jargon and historical context. Not too much but just right.

One difference between your style and Shadow’s that I noticed is how you name drop real music groups and celebrities like the Supremes, the Beach Boys and Walter Cronkite. I don’t think Shadow has done that so far, Ben for example plays his Sumo Slammers game on a Gamestation for example. (Might as well call it the GameSphere)

As for world-building I like how you made the Galactic Enforcers into an alien police force and kept the Plumbers as an Earth-centric defense force. That makes a lot more sense than the canon where the Enforcers are just wannabe heroes. I am however confused by exactly how public knowledge of aliens are in the Ben 10 universe. Perhaps the Plumbers are secret to stop people from panicking? How much extraterrestrial violence can they keep under wraps? I guess that’s a problem you inherit from the source material; the show seemed really coy about the idea of aliens being public knowledge. For example, Ben runs into multiple serious Keter level encounters throughout the summer alone but if alien attacks and supernatural happens are so common would Phil Billings really need to use the Null Void to summon aliens? He could have just been a ronin alien hunter instead.

I really hope that you continue writing and find inspiration for fleshing out some of the other side characters and factions. Like I’d love to see you write a one-shot on Lieutenant Steel and the Special Alien Capture Team. I was really confused as to whether or not they’re Plumbers or some new government agency. Then there is Donovan Grand-smith, how does he fit into Max’s life and what happened to his moon resort? Or maybe one explaining the Forever Knights? I imagine that they’re sort of like the Templars in Assassins Creed. I’d like to see someone portray them in a sympathetic light, with chivalry and decorum. Maybe a trebuchet or two…
Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!
Rin chapter 1 . 8/1/2020
Amazing as always. I'm starting to think that the Little moments genre (cuz its practically a genre now) is the "behind-the-scenes" canon that 'Man of Action' and cartoon network didn't want us to know about
Demencia Enid chapter 1 . 8/20/2019
I'd actually forgotten that Xylene existed to be honest. A lot of people always seem to focus on Verdona in these stories. So its refreshing to finally see something that focusing on the other important lady in Max's life for a change.

Will there be more? I certainly hope so. I always thought it would've been really interesting if Verdona and Xylene met in the show, sadly it never happened. At least not onscreen.
bastur chapter 1 . 6/21/2019
Interesting, do you plan to do any writing on Max introduction to the Plumbers?
Audio.Artistic chapter 1 . 6/15/2019 It's a hate-then-love situation? Yep it is. I mean it was.

They're interaction was really funny at first and serious in between, then romantic at the end. I don't know if she'll ever appear again, but I have high hopes. Max does too. And we all know it happened already. By the way, you sew the events with that one episode of Max before joining the plumbers very perfectly.

Max was great in here, as he should be, really. Loyal to the cause and to his friends. He felt angry and that was justified. Because for a second, I was too. How could they just ignore his comrades like used, old pants? If US army is like that, I don't want be part of it. Wait! I can't anyway.
Yes, I felt bad, so bad. But it just made me realize that Max has more self control than I have. He always looked calm and collected, and this here, just proves where he had got that from. Like someone who had seen so much gray in the world that he couldn't be fazed anymore.

Verdona. Yep, that's how Ben and Gwen's life came to exist, or at least how it started to be. And hey! she used her "Magic?" (Seriously, I'm not sure how you guys plan to paly this out. Magic or Anodite Mana.) To guess his name, right?

You did a great work and I commend you for it. I'm also a bit angry at the little moments' fans for not giving your story the chance of a read. Thank your for your hard work. Hope to see more like these side stories, and I would really appreciate it if you could inform us on Shadows59's next chapters, of when we should read your other stories so it would give his story more meaning. You did it once and I liked it.

I hope I wrote this review right and it makes sense, because I'm not sure if my writing is right for someone with French as his second language.
Thor Cosmic chapter 1 . 6/15/2019
Congratulations of making the first Max & Xylene fanfic. A different paths in their journey to the stars, in that of his grandchildren. Oh the Knife, its got a love history (1st meeting moment I mean) & now a family treasure when passing to the next gen. Ah the translator microbes, good times. The helmet was your idea wasn't it. What about the magic diary?

Also, thank you in bringing back Shadows59 from his writer's block and being his friend. Its a cool thing Erico.
Tactical Ochoa chapter 1 . 6/13/2019
Much like with your other Little Moments-related works, you nailed it. Much like with Kiss Me Goodbye, the action was tense and well written. Max and Xylene's relationship development was built up very well as they really came together in order to survive the ordeal that they were in. It's great seeing the surprises that Max had up his sleeve.

I really like what Max went through after the whole ordeal as well. The trauma from losing his friends. The thought of knowing more of what's out there due to his experience with Xylene clouding his mind as he tries to find an answer to what he's looking for. It makes his meet up with Verdona even more fitting. This story really expanded out Max as a character a lot more than the actual shows themselves. Once again, as stated before, you nailed it.
AL chapter 1 . 6/13/2019
Not going to get into politics, not gonna get into the ethics of Human or Alien affairs (and I think we both can have quite a few ways to spin/ argue about supposed superiority while needing collars that kill higher brain functions).

I am going to say this: well done.

I love the idea of a more advanced species looking down and dismissing an arguably less along species from their own point of view, and I cant get enough of the mentality of the post Vietnam Soldier in United states. It is very opinionated as both individuals have their own biases, and that is perhaps the best part.

I simple adore how two beings can ultimately find middle ground in a world that is trying to kill them, and still learn from what is not said.

This is why I love that you write here (or perhaps I'm biased from you bring back and supporting Shadows59), as it really is top stuff. Thank man, and I hope to see what you have next.
shadows59 chapter 1 . 6/13/2019
I've always had the story of how Max first met aliens and Xylene in the back of my mind, but it wasn't until I started the reboot that I found a way to tell at least a little bit of it. It seemed fitting to have Max tell the story of the day that changed his life to Ben and Gwen because they're the only one in the family who would really understand it.

When I wrote it into the Christmas chapter of Little Moments I thought that that's all it would be, a tale told in secret as a present. I never imagined that Erico would take those few words and run with it like he did. He brought the whole thing to life in this in ways I couldn't even imagine. This story has everything that makes Max great. It shows him as the warrior he is, the man who never gives up no matter the odds and who always finds a way to survive, but it does more than that, too. It shows his heart from the beginning to the end in so many ways, from his loyalty to his friends to how he treats the women who end up meaning so much to his life. Erico brought to life everything that makes Max special and made him the Grandpa that we all know and love.