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Timi chapter 6 . 4/18/2022
Stat points?
HighF chapter 9 . 4/14/2022
Interesting story. To bad the author gave it up.
picking-up-story-from-abadoned chapter 1 . 4/8/2022
animegodofgreed chapter 3 . 3/20/2022
this shit is ass. the mc is a fucking simp Hes dumb ass fuck and he used one of his only fucking potions on a girl who tried to fucking kill him.
ivanganev1992 chapter 9 . 3/8/2022
So Will went in low tier of super heroes weaker than
Zanna Zatanna . I wonder how would go.
bascospc chapter 1 . 2/20/2022
a bummer this author is not posting anymore..
Damobea chapter 1 . 12/20/2021
Really hope you decide to start this one again, it is great.
im not enirely sure he chapter 1 . 10/31/2021
If anyone who uses the inventory like the guy from "Everyone Else is a Returnee" it would be really OP, his is basically just being able to remote collect the items, apply the inventory weight to anything, etc.
Ahtu chapter 2 . 8/11/2021
Please explain this: "well the princess you king helping me out a little?"

I can not decipher it.
Reader chapter 9 . 7/20/2021
Zatanna shouldn't be that strong and the Gamer should have been better than that. I understand that Observe can be blocked because it's still just a skill and the MC would obviously get overwhelmed when she suddenly manipulated time, but the Gamer should have already starting to adapt once its omnipotent conceptual power interacted with Zatanna's immense magic power. A bunch of skills should have already been generated from their short encounter especially from her telepathic messages, when she manipulated time, and from the tracker. Was Zatanna's magical existence so much stronger than the Gamer; overwhelming its conceptual powers until it couldn't even able to generate its supposed response?
JD27 chapter 9 . 7/20/2021
TODO Review DC Gamer story

When I first read this story, I had no idea that The Gamer was a preexisting thing, a webtoon about a guy who gets a video game interface and powers. I also didn’t know that this game mechanic trope had flourished into its own genre. I’ve since read a number of webtoons with this trope, including The Gamer, Solo Leveling, FFF-Class Trashero, Lazy Dungeon Master, and Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Save the Dungeon. In other words, I’ve become well aware of the kind of story that usually surrounds the video-game-mechanics-irl trope.

I’m amazed and delighted to say that this story still stands out, both for its quality and for its creativity. Sure, I’ve read some smutty ones like Love Parameter, but they usually have trouble juggling the casual relationships with genuinely romantic feelings or a genuinely shy relationship. I think the only one I’ve read that included this type of leveling mechanic in a modern world like our own was The Overachiever’s Black Tech System (something like that), and that was absolutely terrible with its pacing and the fact that the character in question was never demonstrated as meaningfully struggling beyond normal everyday work discipline.

What keeps this story so interesting is as follows1) The protagonist actually lived in a dangerous place prior to developing powers.

(2) Because the danger is just normal life, there is no need to hide the dangerous situations from friends and lovers (although the extent of powers can still remain secret). This lets relationships grow naturally beyond the secret life, as opposed to the original The Gamer comic where the protagonists life is completely subsumed by supernatural activity.

(3) The leveling progression is slow enough that people without powers aren’t necessarily left in the dust, allowing for more equitable relationships, and for normal master/apprentice training to occur.

(4) The protagonist has clear emotional needs not satisfied by casual sex. These emotions aren’t influenced by the game mechanics, allowing for a normal (if assisted) romance with Barbara.

(5) The protagonist struggles controlling his sex drive, creating nice internal conflict of wanting a romantic partner, but not wanting to lose the friendship and genuine romance in the process. This is particularly relevant because Barbara is obviously interested, and would probably easily succumb to the Lust Aura.

(6) The lovers are not so numerous that they lack individuality. Despite how much they all enjoy Will, they are not all described as sex fiends. Instead, they each have clear priorities, and Will might be high on the list, but not at the top. Talia Al-Ghul in particular demonstrates that the Lust Aura is not an automatic “sex now” button, which does a much better job giving female characters agency than you would expect in this type of story. It also implies that Barbara can probably resist, which would be good for their romance.

(7) The world of DC comics is so absurd, filled with beings with godlike powers, that it hasn’t stopped being dangerous to the protagonist, not just “still dangerous” in the abstract senselike in the original The Gamer where protagonist realistically has to seek out danger to come across his enemiesbut pervasive spontaneous danger, where any bend or alley could lead to a genuine supervillain.

(8) The protagonist is not a straight arrow, goodie-two-shoes, and therefore can create conflict with both heroes and villains. His very nature at this point strongly pushes him to a morally gray area, and his more criminal lovers will no doubt keep him there. Gotham is well established as a place where black-and-white ideals of good and bad can’t survive.

The only concern I’d have moving forward is the relationship with Barbara. Will’s lovers seem almost dependent on him at this point, so it doesn’t seem like a clean split can happen there. However, Barbara has been depicted as incredibly straight-laced, so it doesn’t seem like she should be ok with becoming just one of Will’s lovers. Likewise, Will doesn’t seem to want to reduce her to just another person craving him physically, so he probably also wouldn’t be ok just adding her to the list. I’m sure it can be done well in either direction, I’m just not skilled enough to see the steps to get there.

Also, the ID sections can be a little tedious. Lots of action with minimal stakes or emotional investment. As long as the Gamer Mind is on the table, it doesn’t seem like solo training is going to be very interesting, so I’d recommend only describing it explicitly for foreshadowing/Checkhoff’s gun purposes. Group training or master/apprentice training is a different story, since that can also develop relationships and group dynamics at the same time. Well, that’s for dramatic effect; nothing is off the table for comedic effect.

That’s about it. I really hope to see this story continued.
porbojid chapter 9 . 7/17/2021
Sajuuk chapter 1 . 7/16/2021
Hello lol
Good story
I have read up to chapter 9 in one go.
Please have Will find the tittle of book that age skills book in the library.
For example some book for meditation, for martial arts, for swordplay, for politic, for battle, for magic, for making weapons and costumes, for crafting, for runes and different langages, for informatic, for whatever you want in your story.
If you want use naruto book for bloodline skills book, taijutsus skills book, fuinjutsus skills book, ninjustsu skills book, genjutsus skills book or senjutsu skills book.
Make your wish.
For sword play use book like story art online, bleach, the ninja turtles or those historic story of samurai and ninjas battles.
You can use Harry Potter, High school dxd, dungeons and dragons, world of warcraft, The Irregular at Magic High School, solo leveling, second life ranker, kill the hero, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or other magic or isekai story for magic skills book.
That with zatanna teaching would make Will a powerfull magic caster.
I really hope we will read Will reflection about money (not a problem with ID create), futur possibility choice (vilain, rogue or héro ?), building or finding gear in ID create for his costume...
Use really and fiction work to open a lots of gates for Will future.
Will is a gamer so fucking begin the finding like the gamer make in his story.
Magic, martial arts, alchemy, golem, gear, skill, item... begin to farm.
Also please have Will make a mission or qu'est with batgirl, find the from party fonction ans speak with Her of his problem of relationship and incubus blood with Barbara.
I really want Will be not seing Barbara reaction when he tell her zatanna is making advance to him because he is not interrested in the American witch.
Also can we see Barbara having a little compétition for the spot of girlfriend of Will.
Another point is we see only about Will in this story, what about Batman, Robin, Jim and Barbara ?
And what do talia and zatanna think or plot for Will ?
When would we see Will take out the people who destroyer his appartement ?
When will the MC learn alchemy, curse, enchantement, wards, potions, conjuration, transfiguration or other magic skills ?
Hope that Will would have some good training with zatanna !
So write a lot, go wild and have fun !
Ps : you can respond to my review if you want others ideas.
Ps 2 : or is this story abandonned ? or a need of a time off ?
Grim1298 chapter 9 . 7/5/2021
It’s a shame that this hasn’t been updated you have quite a lot talent with your ideas both on this and naruto the gamer I enjoyed them both and have recommended my friends to read them
motilz chapter 1 . 5/26/2021
please continue, this is really good
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