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HarryPollard chapter 35 . 16h
Honestly its such a shame stories like this get abandonned yet shit like Harry Crow gets to be around completed.
I adore this story, and if the author ever checks i want you to know that i would die for this to get finished.
Necromehanic chapter 34 . 2/28
Ultach chapter 35 . 2/22
Thanks for changing to the proper JKR spelling of Moony, dropping the annoying use of the synonym surname.
Being now over 2 yrs since your last update I assume you have shuffled off this mortal coil or your your muse was assassinated.

PS, yep I really am a sarky git, not just your impression!
Ultach chapter 19 . 2/22
Buy a dictionary. I recommend Chambers 21 Century or Oxford English dictionaries. Look up the terms WAIN and WANE. One is a noun, the other is a verb. WAIN cannot have ING added to it. WANING however is the active use of WANE such as Dumbledore's influence WANING.
Next thing to look up is MURDERERS. That's the people who commit MURDERS. They are not committed by MURDERS.

They are committed by MURDERERS.

mkay chapter 11 . 2/20
"confirmed Snivellius was a Death Eater" - First, it's "Snivellus", not "Snivellius. Kindly try to get such things right. Second, "confirmed"? What the hell are you talking about? That Snape was a Death Eater was known and on public record since 1981. It wasn't secret at all and there was nothing that needed confirming.
And why do you write "The Ministry" and "The Minister" with an uppercase T? The "the" isn't part of the name of the Ministry of Magic or Minister for Magic title. Therefore lowercase "t".
divvycrip chapter 35 . 2/19
Really like the way this story is going. I am so looking forward to where you go next with it. There are so many plotlines open at the moment. It’s brilliant
Guest chapter 35 . 2/2
Another year, here's hoping we get more someday, I love this story
barryc10 chapter 35 . 1/28
Love the story so far and I hope you get your muse back to continue it.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/25
I facepalmed at the Veela on Veela and women to make a pure Veela. No halves or quarter crap please.

Why would a human woman even make a pure Veela when a human man wouldn't? Wouldn't it just be Veela on Veela if you're making them hermaphrodites for whatever needless reason from the sound of it?
Guest chapter 32 . 1/24
The potion does make sense if he was possessing a baby. Perhaps one he used a dark ritual on to empower. Maybe even straight from a pregnant woman.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/24
Finally said that Tracey joined their group but even now she was left out of his declaration and directly cut from being considered part of their group in front of her and the rest of the school by his own words.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/24
I never understood why stories had it so potions don't work on non magicals. Its the potions that have the magic in them that cause the effect. You don't have to have magic in you just like a regular table doesn't to be turned into a pig. Magic affects anything and potions are magical.

Enchanted items too. If enchanted to act with their own power or using another source. Then a non magical should be able to use it because they're not supplying the magic.

In fact I've never heard of potions brewing requiring funneling magic through their wands or stirring. So technically Squibs and non magicals should be able to brew if they can get their hands on the magical ingredients.

Unless its the magical properties of the wand itself somehow that helps? Which maybe they would need one but wouldn't need to be able to use it. But with all the different types of woods and cores I have my doubts that's the case.
Respected Wanderer chapter 19 . 1/26
All the Julia stuff takes me out of this otherwise well written fic. No point to it other than lets spend 15000 words to justify Harry having more than one wife.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/24
In my head canon it does work around magic. It just doesn't work at Hogwarts. Potentially partly due to the amount of magic being a serious magical point with powerful wards. But mainly because of it being a huge castle with an anti lightning ward to protect the kids outside on the castle, its grounds, or on brooms from strikes.

The anti lightning ward screwing over electronic devices.
Guest chapter 21 . 1/24
I doubt Hannah wouldn't also be with them and more so Tracey. Her being with the others in Slytherin rather than Daphne?

Don't understand why she or they wouldn't have been invited. Fairly sure Tracey is a half blood as well making it very unlikely aside from her being Daphnes best friend which I guess she isn't in this story since they weren't together on the train.

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