Reviews for Double Back
adelgado04291 chapter 35 . 12/2
Interesting and engaging storyline. I'm fascinated by the detail that you have included. And I'm in despair that I started another story that doesn't have an end as of yet. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one. Hope you are well and will one day finish this awesome story.
Ricee chapter 35 . 12/2
I usually sort HP fics by Completed, so I was really confused when it wasn't done by now
marcinkrycki2314 chapter 15 . 12/2
Ok so from now on Sirius is OC to me... Making him gay was just too much.
Ricee chapter 15 . 12/1
not sure how I feel about him being gay. there's nothing wrong or special about being gay but what's with all the flirting then?
Ricee chapter 10 . 12/1
loved the way this chapter went, little disappointed Minerva didn't demand to see his animigmus transformation but not sure if she knew what it was anyway. does he have two elder wands now? that's gonna be weird. wonder how that's gonna work
Ricee chapter 5 . 12/1
was kinda expecting him to have a deer animigmus form, to make it even more believable
Ricee chapter 4 . 12/1
I thought he had all the hallows? he could just ask his dad. would be cool to check to see if people who died in the future can still be summoned
GinnyLuvr chapter 7 . 11/30
Hnh! Hnh! Hnh! Nobody says that. Hnh!
fucking annoying Hnh!
Guest chapter 15 . 11/28
This was going well until you made Sirius a arse bandit totally ruined the story
ggf1 chapter 1 . 11/19
I reread Spellbound again and read this. So good
heyster1 chapter 32 . 11/18
You've given me a lot to think about with your authors notes. I forgot most if not all of those things you mentioned. I've been reading fanfiction for over 16 years that I don't know what's canon and fanon anymore. Please keep writing.
kittyranma chapter 35 . 11/18
I hope someone figures out that the goblins should have a way to remove a horcrux. Think about it they've been raiding pyramids for a long time. They have seen it all and I really can't see them destroying something that could bring them profits.
BunyipBudgie chapter 35 . 11/18
Its good to see this tale is progressing. Slowly is better than frozen or disappeared.
In regard to the changing of James patronus it is canon that this can alter due to significant life experiences. [I forget the actual wording JKR used].
I can't remember precisely what JKR wrote in canon about the limitations on animagus transformations or how much of that explanation textually would be considered to have been 'dumbed down' to discourage teenage zeal or because of the Ministry or School Boards attitudes.
I've hardly ever read any of the post-publication articles or interviews JKR has used to explain or justify alterations to her original canon. I've not been entirely happy with some - altering family trees etc but I have been quite disgusted at some peoples over-reaction to JKR actually daring to having personal opinions and saying so.
That is the joy for fan writers - we all have the freedom to indulge our diverse imaginations and play in someone elses playpen.
Please keep playing and writing!
kittyranma chapter 33 . 11/18
I don't believe Fleur was cheating as in under age, or she wouldn't have been in the beauxbaton group. Both other schools only brought of age students. Or do you really think they don't know the ages of their respective students.
Dayside chapter 35 . 11/18
Is this story dead?
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