Reviews for How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Duststorm chapter 27 . 9/7
"Twenty minutes later, when Mrs. Higgins returned, Racetrack wasn't with her."

Oh my god, the first thing that crossed my mind was- 'Did she eat him?' Heehee!

But I love the confrontation between Race and his mum. It seemed so... REAL. Even if you prooobably won't read this review, I love it, and all of your other fanfics. And the Jack/Davey! Damn, I love this fanfic.
Bri chapter 1 . 9/19/2017
Cool! I love going to summer camp myself and it's fun to see my favorite character in my favorite place!

I saw your email and I thought it was a school email at first and I wondered how you would ever remember a number like that and then I really /looked/ at the number and-well played, B, well played.
mydearestships chapter 40 . 5/14/2017
This fic is truly amazing. Brought back so many amazing camp memories. I screamed when I recognized the song from my camp... and promptly started singing. Long story short, I love your writing so much.
TheDcComicsNerd chapter 40 . 6/16/2016
Okay, so I binge-read this the last couple of days and absolutely loved it! It's definitely one of my favourite Newsies stories! And the ending totally had me tearing up. Let me explain: the summer camp that launched my love of horses when I was little and I now work at (which I'll actually be heading off to this weekend) sings the song "Linger" at our closing campfire at the end of the week (which always makes me cry). The moment I read the title of the last chapter, I just knew you were going to end with "Mm-mm this is goodnight and not goodbye". Despite my best efforts and trying to be prepared, though, I still got teary-eyed. (Which is good. Your writing made me emotional which means "ya done good".) Overall, this story has just been amazing and still holds up despite being over a decade old. Great work!
midnight1899 chapter 40 . 4/16/2015
I love this fic. I've gone back and re read it a bunch of times across the years. You're such a talented author. I hope you are still writing. This fic makes me wish I had a summer cmap experience like this. Is it based off camps you went to?
arosequartz chapter 5 . 9/3/2013
Hey theater people aren't weird, I'm in theater and I'm a regular person! It's just an assumption...anyway great story.
SweeyJay chapter 1 . 6/7/2013
inspired me to write a summer camp story. I cried at the end, by the way.
alien babydoll chapter 1 . 11/7/2012
I. remember the Tiny Toons thing...
Shot Hunter Sureshot Higgins chapter 40 . 10/13/2011
Wow I can't believe I missed the last ten chapters of this story. I just found it and might I say that it was truly amazing. I loved every part of it.
The Afterlight chapter 40 . 7/30/2009
So I think I must have reviewed this last time I read it - and my flailing at you via email recently, and in that LJ comment thread a few months ago, rather must have tipped off that I'm fond of it. ;) But talking about it recently - and about the fic I've got underway - had me thinking about it again, so of course I had to reread it.

Every time I read this fic, I wish I'd gone to camp. Especially this camp, but camp in general; my one abortive attempt was a French immersion camp, the summer after my grade six year, and that lasted all of three days. (It's the only time I've ever been homesick, actually; a year or two later, it wouldn't have been a problem at all.)

I love everything about this - and reading it for the first time over here, rather than reading most of it at the Refuge like I normally do (before forgetting that it's not finished over there! At least, last I recall it still wasn't.), I got to see your shout-outs and author's notes and suchlike that I never saw over there. It's nice to know that other authors go, "OMG I hate this subplot why I am I writing it?" the way I do when I'm writing. (Psst. The subplots didn't suck!) I love the Jack/David; I love Specs and Dutchy, and their friendship with Bumlets (and his massive flailing with the singer-girl); I love that Sarah got out of the way halfway through the summer. (Er. Not that I'm less than fond of her as a character or anything.) I love, y'know, everything about this.

I most especially love Spot in a tutu.

Well, maybe I love the Jack/David stuff a little more than that. ;)
webcomix chapter 39 . 12/10/2008
Oh crap, and I also forgot to mention that this has also been the only fic that I have been able to actually see in my head. As in, all others have been sort os surreal, and played out in my mind in a very comic book-like way, but this flowed naturally, like a movie. Like I could really see Davey and Jack talking to each other, unhappy Sarah doing kitchen duty, Race and his parents arguing, and (most of all!) Specs & Dutchy squabbling in the car whilst Bumlets watches in amusement from the backseat. It was like I could hear their voices. It's hard to explain, so I'll just give up describing it and just say: it was realistic enough for it for me to see it that way. And I have never done so before with any other story, even those written professionally.
webcomix chapter 40 . 12/10/2008
Holy cow. You know, I have my music final exam today, and I stayed up til 4am last night - not studying at all (currently cramming right now), but reading this amazing, amazing fic.

Definitely the best I've ever read, and that's counting every fandom. (Even if I've only ever really gotten into Les Mis and Newsies, and the occasional dabble in Harry Potter, so I don't know if that's much.) But seriously, I really enjoyed how every character has layers and is rendered realistically.

ESPECIALLY Sarah. I've always thought she is (typically) depicted unfairly in fanfiction, so I really appreciate how you showed her as a normal, not evil yet not angelic, teenage girl. This is usually unlikely, but I became VERY fond of Mushy Mush here (chapter 36! Oh, the adorableness of it all!) and I also really liked how you defied the stereotype with Race's personality - somehow, it does make better sense for him to be a mediator rather than an instigator. Blink's playful and energetic nature really suited him as well.

One of my best friends - who, by the way, has never watched Newsies and had to ask me who was who after I sent a cast photo over - has also really fallen in love with this fic, because the relationships and personalities of these characters have been portrayed so naturally. Prior knowledge of the film makes this fic really fun, since we can sense upcoming situations due to personality traits, but even without it, it's still enjoyable. You have a really nice writing style and once again, I just have to say - BEST. FIC. EVER!
jokerpoker chapter 16 . 10/25/2008
Wow Race is pretty damn deep. I hope somebody realises what an awsome guy he is.
RoxxorzBoxxerz chapter 40 . 8/20/2008
Awesome, can't think of anything to say really. It's just too good for words. ]
Syntax chapter 6 . 7/5/2008
This story is completely adorable, but theres something niggling me that I thought you should know - you consistently mis-spell the word "counselor". Sorry hun, but it sticks out terribly to anal people like me, lol.
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