Reviews for Phoenix Insurgent
Red's Melancholy chapter 14 . 10/18/2021
I feel like you make every scene over the last like 6 chapters so over dramatic, that it loses all potency and become cringey.
Home World Security chapter 14 . 10/11/2021
Great story so far. Hoping to read more chapters soon.
ThelittleKing chapter 14 . 10/7/2021
Great chapter, I was happy to see an update. Great world building, I'm looking forward to them hearing about Harry.
Perseus46 chapter 14 . 10/7/2021
This story is incredible, I seriously cannot wait for what is next. I'm just curious on what will Harry do, atm he is really sideliend to the action.
Perseus46 chapter 11 . 10/7/2021
I love how fanatic Harry is becoming, really puts a spin on his character.
Inoeth chapter 14 . 10/5/2021
Nice to see this story alive. Great update once again. I can't wait to see how this story progresses.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/5/2021
I loved this update!
ta.shrivastava chapter 14 . 10/4/2021
Nice way of differentiating between the two villains.

Also, glad to give you the 200th review, at the time of this writing.
Bosmer1701 chapter 14 . 10/4/2021
Unless you have this story so meticulously planned out and have the time. I have a feeling this story is going to get abandoned, especially with only 14 chapters in 2 years. You have one side of the war with Albus, another side that is the Ministry who wants to defeat Voldemort, and a quasi third side that is Harry. With Albus and Gellert you have the choice of him going to the dark side the longer this plays out. The Ministry becoming more paranoid on who to side with. With Harry either becoming the savior or becoming the next dark lord. Lastly, please stop make the good guys complete idiots.
Uday Sra chapter 14 . 10/4/2021
KingPlotBunny chapter 14 . 10/4/2021
i got to be honest i laughed when McGonagall said she wouldnt just stand by and do nothing considering thats exactly what she does through out the majority of the books Umbridge tortures students all it takes is a few threats and she backs down, Voldemort sends death eaters to take over the school and she bows her head, Harry comes to her with problems or warnings and she ignores them either way this is looking more and more interesting Harry does have a solid point the Ministry is corrupt and nobody else seems to want to fight Voldemort McGonagall doesnt seem to realize the only reason Voldemort never spread to the rest of Europe was because he was stopped (by a fluke of magic) before he could otherwise yeah you probably would have seen armies clashing both magical and muggle
isyhgia1993 chapter 14 . 10/3/2021
Great story! The resurrection stone is truly overpowered. Forgotten knowledge at your disposal, can summon inferi at a whim, guard yourself against dementors. Would like to see Gellert and Harry interact and his reaction when he sees death's invisibility cloak.
De5hak chapter 14 . 10/3/2021
I am so glad you have not abandoned this story. Another great chapter. Looking forward to further updates.
HMRoberts chapter 14 . 10/3/2021
I-I-I I couldn't stop reading! I literally coyld NOT stop! Oh my goodness, Wordsmith... what a tale you are writing!

I have, literally, read thousands of HP fanfics over the many years they've existed. Pretty good, bad and worse for many. But there have been a very, very few that I would say have grabbed my gut, my mind and my heart as much as Phoenix Insurgent has.

Characterizations, story-arc, flow, tone, dialogue, emotives... it's all here. It's ALL here! Truly one of the most magical(sic), imaginative and enthralling fics I have ever encountered. As a writer, myself, I am firmly in utter awe of your creation and am stunned at it's brilliance.

I am not one to blow smoke up anyone's backside. Far from it! But, believe me, you have a masterwork on your hands!

Bravissimma! Brava!

I can hardly wait for the next installment. Until then then, I am...

Your (NEW!) Constant Reader,
Heidi Roberts
stevem1 chapter 14 . 10/3/2021
Very good chapter.

Why is it when characters are instructed to stab immediately, they don’t? They always rally later and then complete the action, but it would be a nice change of pace if: 1) they stabbed it immediately; or, 2) they fall to the horcrux.
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