Reviews for Little Moment: The Sorceress And The Knight
Tactical Ochoa chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
Damn. Just...damn. That's one hell of an ending. A great ending but also a sad ending as well. I so wanted for things to end on a better note for the Knight and Bezel but unfortunately, that's not the reality of their situation. As you said and as Stone in the River established, the fall of Atlantis didn't come with a happy ending. It's nice to know that Bezel and the Knight realized their mistakes, but it was too late to fix them. Parrin offered a solution to fix everything, but we all knew from Stone in the River that they would fail. The Knight lost everything. His locket is destroyed and he would never hear his mother's voice ever again. Bezel meant so much to him and she's now gone. He would never be able to see his daughter, Boudica, who in turn would never get to see her mother ever again. Things have been set for the future though. The Charms of Bezel, the time traveling spell, etc. Things will continue to move on and for the better. Earth was rebuilt and the events of the Ben 10 Original Series and the Little Moments series eventually occurred. At this point after Stone in the River and Kiss Me Goodbye, it's now a matter of hoping that Ben and Gwen in the new timeline don't go through a similar outcome. That they don't experience a similar outcome that Bezel and the Knight and Ben and Gwen in the old timeline experienced. That things do turn out better for them.

There's plenty of things that I'm so curious about after experiencing that ending. What has the Knight been up to after he lost Bezel? One theory that I had was that maybe he was the traveler that went back to the past to prevent the war from happening and thus became Paradox. I guess maybe Parrin was the one that actually traveled back to the past. Maybe. What about Boudica and Sacha and the others that fled to Legerdomain? What happened to Parrin and his Coven? If there are plans to cover the aftermath of this story, I'm looking forward to it. If not, it was one hell of a great ride reading through SAK. Impressive job. Stuff like this is why I like the Little Moments series so much. This series just brings so much justice to the Ben 10 franchise. I'm looking forward to continue following and reading Little Moments Rebooted and seeing what else this series has to offer.
delmartian chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
That. Was. AWESOME.

In all the senses of that word, it applies to the whole story as well as the ending. I can only imagine what it took to make it happen. I hope to keep getting insight with re-reading. I definitely will keep enjoying the story. Lots of Easter Eggs, foreshadowing, flashbacks and side references to discover and reconsider.

Thanks for telling the story...
bastur chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
A very compelling love story, with great character and a sad ending.

Great work.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
Again out did yourself with this. Sort of hoping for a prologue but ok if this is the ending. I hate sad stories. Not gonna lie I probably won't come back for this story. But I respect this story for all the things it does for the lore and how good of a story it is on its own. Respect man respect.
Thor Cosmic chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
War, drama, love, fantasy, tragedy & non-happy ending, these are my cup of tea.

Why do you used the sci-fi dimension that turn magic into energy attacks in the later canon series. It's lame as the later series become just another DC/Marvel superhero like universe. Its not. That's why classic standout among other heroes cartoon like Justice League or Teen Titan during that era. I always hated Alien Force and its later series, very abstract, bad, change in tone, & betray the classic lore.

A nice side story though to LM universe especially when Gwen & Ben are not presented. It really caught my attention when the Knight broke his vow. If he & Bezel are back together in the end, it make zero sense after all that happened. Tragic but realistic, logical & an emotional conclusion.

Oh it was Parrin & his coven that make the time travel spell not Bezel. She give her Heartstone away though. It was obvious there is incest & romantic relationship between Sacha & Boudica. The only question is does Bezel know about it, and she does now. Oh they're the same sh*tty council from Kiss Me Goodbye. Of course they are (Sarcastic).

I'm confident that Gwen & Verdona are the descendant of Bezel. Where for the Knight...I'm not such. He have blue eyes & black hair, so couldn't be Ben, but there are some similarity. Maybe a reincarnation, but I doubt it. I guessed we will never know what happened to "The Knight" after this as his name was forgotten in history. However, that doesn't mean this history can't be a foreshadowing in LM trilogy.
shadows59 chapter 12 . 7/18/2020
Sometimes I think that I should hate you for this story because its such a tragedy, but it is the story of Atlantis and there is no other way that story could have ended. You made the world seem so real. Everyone had their faults and their good moments, and you showed how the expectations of the world trapped Bezel and the Knight, who I hoped all the way to the end would find some way to be happy. You monster.

Even the side characters seem real, Bezel's family is everything that the nobles are, right down to the lack of nobility. They're people who are spoiled and act like it and are so much worse than the family that she made. Boudica was adorable, the perfect mix of the strength of her mother and the temper of her father. I'm glad that she won't be alone in the new world. And I have to admit that Perrin was a favorite as her student. I wish that you could have done more with him, but I know how stories go.

And you've done so much world building for the Ben 10 universe. More than making it all a joke like the canon writers keep trying to do. You showed the world that Gwen and Charmcaster's magic just touches on. You even managed to make Ledgerdomain seem like a real place and you never even went there.

Thank you for this. For all the heartbreak, this was an amazing adventure.
Tactical Ochoa chapter 10 . 7/13/2020
War sure did take quite a toll on Bezel. She didn't want for this to happen. She didn't want to be a part of it. Didn't want for her research and achievements be used for this. Logos' conflict with Atlantis led to Bezel doing the one thing that she vowed to never do; to breaking a promise that she made to herself. It feels like she is now worse off than she was before. Same with the Knight. Sloane is gone and so is Danel. Bezel and the Knight are losing everything that's important to them because of this war and because of what the leaders of both Atlantis and Logos are doing. I feel as if both Bezel and the Knight are really starting to realize the mistakes that they've made. It was hard seeing the Knight come to terms with the realization that Boudica is his daughter and how even though Bezel doesn't like the type of person that the Knight has become, she still wanted to be with him.

History seems to be repeating itself here. Logos is using Bezel's inventions as weapons much like Atlantis did. If you don't learn from the mistakes and flaws of others and end up doing the same things that they do, you become no better than the people that you're at war with. From what I can tell, I can see how Bezel could likely give up her support of Logos due to the actions and decisions of their leaders. I think I can see the same also likely happening with the Knight as well in regards to Atlantis given what Atlantis did to Zolim and Jorran's actions and whatnot.

I guess I'll eventually know what will happen when Chapter 10 and the Epilogue comes out soon. I'm really looking forward to it. This has just been one hell of a ride and I'm looking forward to seeing how this will all end. Hopefully on better terms for these two characters and their relationship with each other as well as the children that Bezel had put so much of her life into raising and taking care of.
shadows59 chapter 10 . 7/13/2020
It seems fitting that the first battle of the war is at Banali City. Bezel and the Knight have tried as hard as they could, but they just can't escape the worst day of their lives, and its poisoned everything else. Logos is clearly the good guys in the war and this is a rebellion that's been brewing for a long, long time, but I can't help but wonder how long that will be true.

And I love seeing the golems! I never would have imagined that Charmcaster's favorite pets have been around for so long. Plus burying them for a sneak attack? A brilliant strategy that can only ever be used once.

Which only makes what happens after harder as the losses pile up. Both of them have lost people that they cared about now. Both of them have hurts that can't be healed. I'm just wondering how much they'll lose before all of this is over.

But if you hurt Boudicca it's pitchfork and torches time!
Nate Cook chapter 9 . 5/26/2020
You've really outdone yourself with this, amazing job, really. That being said, holyfuckingshit dem ao3 tags were NOT lying, "Greek Tragedy doesn't have a thing on me" indeed. I'm a completely broken man, and this isn't even a finished story yet.
rowhith1998 chapter 9 . 5/9/2020
Dude I can' story is going beautifully but, this hope and let down from the pov of the characters is painful. I can actually feel my chest constrict while going through the"2nd" fallout and bezels marriage. Yo just finish it dude I'm dying here. You are an amazing writer but please just finish it.
Tactical Ochoa chapter 9 . 5/7/2020
I felt such constant suspense when reading through this chapter. I wanted for things to go better for the Knight and Bezel but sometimes things don't always work out unfortunately. The Knight sure made quite the mistakes in this chapter. Mistakes that not only impacted himself and Bezel but the world itself. His mistakes not only further pushed Bezel away from him and costed him his second chance of getting her back but also contributed to a war sparking out between Atlantis and Logos. I do think there are also plenty of things that Bezel could've done better as well though. Unfortunately, what's done is done and the whole world is certainly going to pay for it. Hopefully, third time's the charm (pun not intended...or maybe it was intended), if the Knight gets that third chance. What a mess these characters are in...and that's not even the worse of it.

I believe I mentioned this before but one of the things that I really like about SAK's setting is that despite being an ancient setting that takes place I believe 14,000 years before the events of the Ben 10 OS, at times, it feels futuristic. Logos and the city of Lux certainly add more to that considering how technologically advanced it is. So ancient yet futuristic. It's so interesting, engaging, and unique.

God, I love this series. SAK and the LM series as a whole is just by far the best Ben 10-related work I've ever experienced. The Little Moments series is exactly what Ben 10 should've been. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of SAK. Once again, great job.
AirenLag chapter 9 . 5/7/2020
Oohhhh boooyyy... oh boy oh boy oh boy... all because knight doesn't know when to listen! Tshwjedydhegwgt...
wrecker159753 chapter 9 . 5/6/2020
i love this story but it gets harder and harder to read i know in the little moments time line the 2 nations distory each other i hope bezzel and her knight have a happier ending
shadows59 chapter 9 . 5/6/2020
Dang it Sloane. Somehow in a chapter of anger and betrayal its was his simple humanity at the end that was the hardest to take. We've finally reached the moment that you hinted at in Stone in the River. The start of the war that ends everything, and it started so small. One moment of weakness between two people who are too proud and too tied to the past to just talk to each other about what matters.

It was great seeing the rest of the charms and seeing what all six can do. They are every bit as impressive together as Gwendolyn hinted at. Seeing the world that Bezel almost built as even more impressive, but it wasn't enough to help anyone move on from the pain of the past. Not even her. I see that there are only a few more chapters of the fall left, but I'm still hoping that the Sorceress and her Knight will find some way out of this.
wrecker159753 chapter 8 . 4/13/2020
this is os beautiful and sad and i cant weight to see more
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