Reviews for Fantastic Foxes of Zootopia: Series 1
Berserker88 chapter 70 . 10/25
Catano is really taking this hard, the poor girl. It's nice to get this glimpse into her mindset, worrying about how much her personal biases are really affecting her. A very realistic mindset to have as well, given the political atmosphere.

You know, I was almost starting to wonder if Dave and Basil had been cut out of the action purely for the purpose of keeping suspense. I like that we're actually seeing their personal investigation bear some fruit instead of just being "that thing going on in the background that may or may not actually go anywhere". As far as THIS story is concerned, it probably won't, but more ominous foreshadowing of future events is always appreciated.

Still pleased by Officer Jones continuing to get shat on, even if the repercussions might spell trouble for a certain new fox. ;)
Robert Escher chapter 70 . 10/23
Great stuff as always... Nice to check in with Dave and Basil. :)

And yeah, Cussing Cuss is a pretty accurate translation... HAHAH! (I know this only because I've played Shadow of Chernobyl).
Blkdragon7 chapter 70 . 10/23
Nice chapter. Good ground covered and I appreciate the moral dilemma you've set up for Kii
Berserker88 chapter 69 . 10/18
Very intense opening with Vern being stalked by (presumably) Fidget. Really kept me in suspense all the way until the end as I kept expecting him to get jumped again suddenly and it never came. If my suspicions are correct, this seems to cement Ratigan's involvement in the whole debacle. I would assume because of his connection to the Mr. Big case, but it sounds like he already lost that one, so I'm not sure what the purpose would be at this point. Hrmmm...

I swear, the worst kind of nightmares are the ones that start off relatively happy and end relatively happy...for everyone except yourself. Even though he knows how many mammals are out there helping him, it's only natural for Kris to have a deep-rooted fear like that in his subconscious. At least things with Matt seem to be going better, but it looks to be a long road ahead still.
Robert Escher chapter 69 . 10/16
Sniffle... made me all sad and stuff... Also, I found a great book with 100 things you can make out of a dead Hippo. :)

Also, that last bit was just wishful thinking...

Blkdragon7 chapter 69 . 10/16
Good chapter. Pacing was spot on. Kris is such a good guy.
AlexanderMugetsu chapter 68 . 10/11
Ah ha ha; a Road To El Dorado reference.
Berserker88 chapter 68 . 10/10
Looks like another big setup for more action next time, or in the case of Carmen's appearance, a very big setup for more action eventually. As Willaim says, we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg for now, but as Finnick says, that should all come second to the very tangible threat of Kris's imprisonment right in front of them. So I suspect we won't get too much more on what exactly is going on during the course of this story/season, aside from whatever is needed to save Kris, and I'm just fine with that. More to look forward to unraveling in the future. :)

But I do need to make note of that call with Kris, which was adorable and precious and exactly what he (and the audience) needed right now.
Robert Escher chapter 68 . 10/9
Curiouser and Curiouser... So digging it J Shute. :)

GranGabrie chapter 68 . 10/9
OH EM GOODNESS This is going to be a big one, Nick and Judy calles and the operation going foward, Also interesting how you tied Kabae's past with the curren plot.

Now seeing even more people getting i volved and another party joining the case this Arc is getting to EPIC leves of awesomeness

Cant wait for the next chapter, and the next, and the...
AlexanderMugetsu chapter 67 . 10/4
I've never heard anyone interpurt The Fox In The hound in that way.

Save for R34 artists, of course. . .

Also, yes to Director Ton getting involved.
Berserker88 chapter 67 . 10/2
Wait, so is "The Fox and the Hound" this world's version of "Brokeback Mountain"? Indeed, I suppose that's one way you could interpret it, though I'm curious what the plot would be like here. XD

It's finally happened. Kris is now a part of a prison gang conspiracy, albeit a very light one by the sound of things. Of course, there's still plenty of room for something to go horribly wrong here. I felt a little uncomfortable at the soap dropping scene, but I'm still glad you addressed it, and showed that most of these inmates have lines they won't cross, with karmic justice being doled out for the ones that do. All things considered, Kris's first day went pretty well.

On Catano's end, less so. Really thought she was making good progress with the Calramas, but the realities of the situation are starting to hit. The deep-rooted fear and defensiveness they feel isn't something that's going to go away with one little talk. Actions speak louder than words and it looks like it's time for Catano to prove herself TO herself.

Glad I finally called something again with Ton being the replacement drinker. That is going to be one interesting conversation as it seems Ton has finally found a worthy opponent in the jerkass department. THEIR BATTLE SHALL BE LEGENDARY!
Robert Escher chapter 67 . 10/2
I... I think I like that pig. :)
Berserker88 chapter 66 . 9/25
It seems my initial assessment of what was going on with Agnes was a bit off, and not exactly in a way that makes her look better. But given how she acted in the movie, I'm not totally surprised. At least Ash is being responsible enough to not take advantage of the situation and try to get her to be an actual girlfriend. Good on him.

That lesson scene was rough. I guess when you have a prison full of juveniles, you get situations not unlike those you'd see in high school. Just with more tasings. Looks like Kris and Matt are finally starting to bond, which is...hopefully a good thing.

Lots more references at the end I see. I saw Slylock Fox and was like "Really?", then saw freaking Carmen Sandiego and was like "REALLY?" Definitely curious how those two are going to be used in the future. XD
Robert Escher chapter 66 . 9/25
Really? Carmen Sandiego? Pnk... Pfft... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Nah, it's all good. Thanks for the update as always - great work.

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